I was on fire. That's all I could think, the burning ache making any other thought impossible. Then I felt it, a light touch on my cheek, and in a split second all the pain was gone. A soft voice full of sadness said, " I wish this was our time, but I know it is not, but I could not sit and let you die. I'm sorry, we will meet again in another time and another place. Goodbye, my love, my life, my Rosalie." As quick as the touch was gone, the pain was back, and I screamed in agony. I felt something being put around my neck, and a soft kiss on my lips as a strong wind blew away any trace of the woman that spoke to me. In the distance I could hear footsteps drawing closer, and a male voice speak of a change, but I was to lost in the fire that burned through my vains to understand anything after that. My last thought before the fire claimed me was of the woman that spoke to me, and why the sadness in her voice hurt me more the fire burning away my life, and giving me a new one.

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