He Was There

Chapter 2

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"Lex," his voice coaxed softly, his hand brushing her rich brown locks away from her face.

"Mark," her lips created a sweet smile, eyes fixated upon his face. It was 4am, and they lay nestle under the covers. Now, in that moment, everything to the both of them seemed perfect. They had not rushed things, there had only been nurture. The type of nurture that they had spent so long pining for and now embraced with no regrets. In that moment, they were in bliss, and the rest of the world faded around them. It was only them.

"You first," he grinned, softly nuzzling his nose against her neckline.

"This is the way things are supposed to be, between you and I. Why has it taken us this long?" she giggled slightly in amazement of reality. They had spent the last year and a half in denial, convincing themselves that it was over, that there would be no more togetherness between them. Fate had changed that. Fate brought them back here, back to this moment.

"It's a little ridiculous isn't it," he chuckles back, his expression warm. "But now, it's back to how it should be."

His arm caressed her own, as his fingertips traced patterns around her embrace. The warmth of her body projected onto his own, creating a strong reminiscence between the two forms. She had not expected it to go as she planned. Sure, she still saw that look in his eyes, the child like smile that spread across his face whenever he was with her. Less than twelve hours ago, whilst her thoughts pondered back to their relationship, never had she thought that things would progress once more. To have him wrapped once again in her embrace. What existed now was what she wanted most, what he wanted most.

"I love you, Mark."

He reached for her hand, and brought it up to her chest. The rhythmic beating of her heart suppressed all background noises.

"I love you too, Lex."

Sunlight passed through the shutters of the window, a prompt that it was now morning. The two forms were still coiled together, each one not wanting to let go of the other. It was the sound of the car pulling into the driveway that roused them from slumber. Drowsy, and unsure of what was happening, Mark whispered, "I thought you said they weren't due back until later?"

"They weren't," she remained in that moment between sleep and awareness, before registering what was happening. "Oh, no."

"Lex, what is it?"

"Derek, Meredith, Zola, they're back! And you're not supposed to be here!"

"Slow down, there's no need to panic!"

"But, I mean, oh God, this isn't how I wanted them to find out!" She paused. "Quick, go to Alex's room."

"You're not serious are you? Come on!"

"Do I look like I'm joking?"

Her brow had creased, he couldn't help but chuckle. Even when she was frustrated, she was cute. He planted a quick kiss on her forehead.

"Okay, I'm going."

"Hey Lexie, we're home." Meredith's voice chirped coming through the door way, with a sleepy Zola bundled in her arms. There was no response. "Derek, can you check the counter? Perhaps she's gone to get milk."

Confusion grew on Derek's face as he searched the counter. "No, nothing. You sure she's not still asleep?"

Zola suddenly became restless, excited about something she'd spotted. "Mark."

Meredith looked at her in shock.

"Mark," she repeated again, this time pointing out the window. There, on the side of the curb, sat Mark's car stationary.

"Derek," Meredith whispered in sudden realization.

"Why are we whispering?"

She gestured to the car outside and a look of surprise came across his face as the facts registered.

"Mark's here?"

"Here, take Zola," she passed the small girl to her father, and headed towards the stairs.

"Meredith! What are you doing?!"

It was too late, Meredith had began ascending the stairs, being careful not to cause a creak from the floorboards. As she reached Lexie's room, she didn't think twice before opening the door. The feelings of suspense slowly left her system as she stared at the bed, only to be occupied by one.

"Good morning, Mer," a groggy voice came from the bed. "Back already?"

"Yeah, the block was becoming boring for Zol. I hope you didn't worry about the milk. We ended up picking a carton up on the way home."

"No, luckily I didn't. I got a little busy..."

Meredith hoped that she suppressed the grin creeping behind her cheeks. "Want some coffee?"

"That would be wonderful," she replied, with the impression that her half-sister hadn't yet learned the truth.

Making their way down the stairs, Lexie froze in her tracks as she saw the scene playing out before her. Derek was on lounge entertaining Zola whilst a cheery Mark resided in the kitchen, brewing a pot of coffee.

"Mark," Meredith tried to act surprised. "Look at you...here...so early...in the morning."

"Morning Mer, Lex." Her heart skipped a beat at the sound of her pet name.

"Good morning, Mark," she replied back with a childish grin. "Sleep well?"

"Like a log." His grin was wider. "Best I've slept in months! Must be Alex's mattress."

"You stayed over?" Derek's voice perked from the couch.

"Yeah, dropped by last night. Callie and Arizona kicked me out for some 'alone time'."

"Oh-" Meredith's voice made a reappearance.

"Anyway, Lex was nice enough to put up with me for the night. Even if it was Alex's room for offer."

"So you two...were under the same roof...and things were okay?"

"Oh Mer, stop acting like a detective. They're grown adults." Derek flashed a smile to the younger Grey.

"Okay, okay." She grabbed her coffee cup and sat next to Derek, leaning into his embrace.

"I'm think I'm going to take mine outside. Wanna join me, Little Grey?"

"Why not!'

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