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Iris was walking rapidly down the street as she talked into her mobile. Laughing at something Miles said, she failed to watch where she was going and promptly bumped into a tall man walking in the other direction.

Turning the mobile into her chest, she immediately apologised. "I'm so sorry si- ... Jasper?"

Indeed, the tall man looking down at her was Jasper, her one time hopeless man crush.

"Well hell Iris," he said, smooth as ever. "What's it like working for the enemy?"

Iris shut her mouth long enough to speak into the phone. "I'll call you back."

Hanging up the phone, she swallowed and composed herself. She was a grown woman in a relationship with a lovely, normal man.

She didn't need him.

And so grinned as she responded. "Oh you know, it's a new challenge. And how about you?"

He brushed off the question as insignificant. "You know me, I make do."

Yeah, her mind said internally. You make others do. She showed none of her inner thoughts though as she nodded her head politely. "And how is Sarah – it was Sarah wasn't it?" she queried. "The woman you married."

"What?" asked Jasper distracted, and she had her suspicions he had been looking down her shirt. "Sarah? Oh yeah, Sarah's great."

There was an awkward silent moment and it was in these few seconds that Iris had a blinding realisation of just how much she had changed. Normally she would have jumped to fill the gap, but now she was waiting quite patiently for him to speak and carry the conversation.

He actually looked flustered!

"So," he began again, swiftly back to his charming self. "What are you doing this afternoon?"

She could read between those lines any day, and part of her was miffed. He didn't even ask what she was doing tonight! Did he really think she would have sex with him in the afternoon. What idiot did he take her for?

Mentally she berated herself. Perhaps she might have been open to that a year ago.

"Ah Iris?" She realised that she had been woolgathering as she looked back at Jaspar again.

"This afternoon?" she repeated. "Well, I've got a story in Covent Garden, a meeting with a source in east London and then I've got to be home by 7 as my boyfriend is cooking me dinner."

"Boyfriend?" She couldn't resist the urge to be smug, but was actually offended at his incredulity. "Good for you Iris," he added in a patronising tone, even patting her on the shoulder. "So..."

Whatever might have happened next – which was never going to be anything anyway – was interrupted when a tall blonde woman (that was most certainly not his wife) walked toward them and then draped herself over Jasper.

"There you are darling."

Iris just laughed. "Goodbye Jasper."

She had changed, but clearly Jasper hadn't.

Jasper walked Iris walk away, her mobile at her ear once again. "Hey hon, you'll never believe what just happened."

She was the girl that actually got away, and he had to say that his writing had suffered for it.

He was brought back swiftly to the present, such complaints leaving his mind as his afternoon's plaything let her hand slip down his body and skim the belt of his pants.

Time for some shenanigans.