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Marvin swore as he flipped his mobile closed.


Just what had gotten into Harvey? It was like he'd left America a miserable, depressed bastard eager to please and arrived in London a new man.

Running his hand through his thinning hair, he swore again. What the fuck was he going to do about the Samuelson account?

Calling Harvey again the next day with a better offer, he was desperate... and turned down.

"You're right Marvin," he said. "I need some time in London to sort myself out."

He cursed the day he'd ever said those words.

"And I'm finding the process isn't as painful as I thought."

Oh shit. He knew that tone. Like countless clueless man before him, it would appear that Harvey Bright had found a girl.

"Well, when you're done with the woman, care to come home?"

There was a pause, Marvin waiting impatiently.

"You know what?" came the contemplative reply. "I don't think I'm ever going to be done with this one. Goodbye Marvin."

Hung up on for the second time in 24 hours, Marvin threw the phone clean across the room.


"What?" he shouted, turning to the unwanted interruption.

"Samuelson's on line two."

He sighed heavily. "Thank you Naomi."

Reaching for the handset, he swallowed. Time to face the music.

Even he could see the irony in that statement.