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-r2718: mafia in shining armour-

Reborn x Tsuna x Kyouya

Summary: Tsuna always hated people fighting—and especially if it were Hibari Kyouya or Reborn doing said deed! Of course, it was only her luck when she found out that they were fighting… over her.

A terrified scream rang throughout the manor. However, said scream was a normal occurrence in the Vongola Manor, so all its occupants ignored it in favour of continuing with whatever they had been doing before they had been disturbed.

Tsuna whimpered as she was backed up into a corner, shrinking in on herself in an attempt to keep the tonfa and bullets from hitting her. Too bad her boyfriends (yes, in plural, because they were both territorial, mean, scary, wears-too-much-black and dangerous) liked to fight too much, and didn't really care if she got hurt in one of their battles.

It just gave them a reason to 'coddle' her.

Tsuna trembled in terror as she recalled The Incident.

Oh, god, it had been terrifying to experience – Hibari had managed to hit Tsuna in the gut with his spike-covered tonfa, creating a huge, deep, bloody laceration on her abdomen, causing Reborn to have a fit. While Tsuna was traumatized for life over Reborn's expression of utter wrath, Hibari was still sore over what ensued; though from then on, he didn't really question Reborn's authority. (Much.) Luckily he was the Sun Arcobaleno, so her injury had been fixed quickly, but…

She still had a fear for showers and flannels and (she shivered) shower caps.

A yelp escaped her when Reborn and Hibari started to come too close, causing a tonfa to graze her cheek. Just as a red streak appeared on her face, glowing sakura petals and darkness suddenly surrounded her. Mukuro? She thought, nonplussed.

She let out a scream when pale arms wound around her waist, pulling her away from the momentarily stunned fighters and out of the room.

"Kufufufu… aren't I a knight in shining armour?" The illusionist chuckled enigmatically as he continued to tug her down the hallways. Behind them, Tsuna could hear the enraged yell of 'herbivore' behind them, and the ominous clicking of the safety catch of a gun.

Tsuna whimpered.

She was so dead.

As she continued to whimper over her soon-to-be-ended life, she didn't realize Mukuro's other arm had slithered around her waist, and that his hand was slowly slipping down into inappropriate areas. Well, she didn't realize until Hibari roared in fury.


Tsuna let out a loud scream when she felt Mukuro's hand palmed her hip, fingers indecently close to her nether bits. A loud gunshot rung throughout the hallway (the brunette squeaked reflexively), causing Mukuro to chuckle with amusement as the bullet grazed the offending hand.

Reborn's cool voice was then heard. "Mist Guardian or not, I will shoot your hand off, Rokudo."

She wailed softly, trembling against Mukuro.

She was so dead… even though it wasn't even her fault!

The chase continued on for a couple of hours, not-a-few more gropes and a hell lot more screaming, before Mukuro was left as a bloody pile of flesh and bones (actually, he'd just barely escaped by the skin of his teeth) and Tsuna was taken away to be punished like the stupid herbivorous Decima-to-be she was.

As Tsuna was dragged kicking and whimpering from the corridor they were in by a smug-looking Hibari, Reborn following with a smirk on his face, two incredulous green eyes watched them leave.

Gokudera wondered momentarily whether he should save his Decima-sama from the two black-clad fighters, but decided that if Reborn was the cause of it, it was fine. Hopefully. (Yamamoto and his stupid grin quickly distracted him from his Decima-sama's situation however—damn that baseball freak!)

"Baka-vore. Why didn't you fight back?" Hibari hissed as he slammed her down against the bed.

She squeaked, amber eyes widening into near-comical proportions.

"Hieeeee! I- I- I-!"

Before Hibari could shake her up even more, Reborn's hand shot out to grab Tsuna, pulling her away from Hibari and into his chest. Buried inside the warmth emanating from the thin dress shirt, Tsuna could see the hitman had a calm smirk on his face – though that smirk sent chills down Tsuna's back.

That very smirk meant that Reborn was pissed.

Not only that, but in astronomically pissed.

"What have I told you to do when Mukuro tries touching you, hm Dame-Tsuna?" He purred, fingers digging into her arms almost painfully.

Tsuna whimpered, trying to shrink in on herself, only to feel Hibari's chest against her back and his warm breath against her ear. She let out a gasp when sharp teeth nipped at her earlobe, causing an involuntary spark to rush down her spine. "Y-you told m-me to-" She took in a sharp intake of air as Reborn's fingers left her arm to grip her hips. "To u-use m-m-my Dy-ying W-Will Fla-ah!" Hibari had bit down viciously into her shoulder, causing her to jerk against them.

"Shut up, herbivore," he hissed. "Stop making unnecessary sounds." She whimpered in fear, even as Hibari began licking the wound as if to make up for his violent action.

Reborn chuckled darkly, eyes gleaming as he pushed her shirt up. She let out a stuttered gasp as cold air licked at her skin, oblivious to the fact that his eyes gleamed wickedly as he lowered his head, his deceptively velvet-like lips touching the skin of her stomach.

A tremor wracked her frame.

"R-R-Reborn," Tsuna protested weakly. She squeaked when Hibari – who didn't look too happy with being ignored – suddenly grabbed and restrained her wrists. "H-hieeee!"

Hibari's lips brushed against her ear again. "Didn't I tell you to stop making sounds?" He hissed dangerously. Her eyes widened when she felt his hands sliding down her back, pushing her shorts down to expose her panties. A dark flush then spread across her face when Reborn's eyes met hers, his hand resting on her thigh suggestively.

"This is what you get for your idiocy, Dame-Tsuna," Reborn purred, eyes gleaming as he began shedding her clothes off with no regard to where he was throwing her garments (Hibari hissed when her socks unintentionally(?) hit his face).

Tsuna wondered momentarily whether she could protest against this.

… Only to remember that they wouldn't listen in the first place.

She let out a soft sigh of resignation at the thought, even as she felt their lips and hands descend on her.

Sometimes, Tsuna hated being the Decima.

-18D27: he's mine!-

fem!Kyouya x Dino x Tsuna

Summary: When Tsuna gets sent face-first into his rather prominent arousal, Dino knew he was S-C-R-E-W-E-D. Literally and figuratively. After all, Kyouko hated sharing her herbivore… especially with the stupid omnivorous Sawada Tsunayoshi.

Dino was fairly happy with his life.

He was a successful mafia Don; he was young, rich and handsome (yes he was!); and he had not just one but two gorgeous women in his life (though one of them liked to try to kill him everyday). And said women were both a part of the higher echelons of the Vongola family to boot!

… Though that was somewhat of an understatement.

After all, Tsuna and Kyouko were Vongola Guardians, and the former was the actual Donna of said Famiglia.

He chuckled softly as he stretched out on the couch, eyes soft as he watched his two women work up a sweat going at each other like animals in heat. In a strictly non-sexual way. (Though he actually would give up his entire fortune to witness Tsuna and Kyouko go at each other like animals in heat.)

((What man wouldn't enjoy watching two highly attractive women going down on each other?))

Dino's lips curled into a lewd grin as Kyouko lashed out at Tsuna with a glowing tonfa, a feral smirk on her face.

Oh yes… What he wouldn't give to watch them…

"Stop running away, omnivore!" Kyouko hissed.

Tsuna didn't reply—well, at least not verbally. Her eyes glinted as she raised her hand, palm facing the Guardiano Della Nuvola. Kyouko's eyes widened slightly in amusement, and the woman just managed to jump out of the way as fire spat out from Tsuna's X-Glove. The blond wondered vaguely whether he should intervene.

If he didn't, then Kyouko would force Tsuna into fighting her into utter exhaustion, leaving them unable to do anything else (which would hinder his plans for satisfying his libido); and if he did, Kyouko would just insist on fighting him into utter exhaustion, leaving them unable to do anything else (which would also hinder his plans on satisfying his libido).

Neither sounded great, but the former, at least, had some entertainment value.

Especially since Tsuna's clothing was slowly being ripped apart, while Kyouko's was being singed… He gulped softly when he suddenly felt an all too familiar heat flash through his body, causing the front of his pants to twitch suspiciously.

Dammit. Why now? He thought almost desperately.

Dino let out a disgruntled sound, shifting on the couch as he averted his eyes from Kyouko's nearly exposed chest. And it was just getting great – Tsuna and Kyouko were now just getting physical with each other.

If he didn't know better, he'd think that the two vixens were trying to seduce him.

Hey—maybe they were!

He grinned in a dopey manner. He then let out a(n un)manly yelp when a small figure crashed rather painfully into him. To be specific, they crashed rather painfully into his crotch, where a rather prominent arousal was being sported rather noticeably.

There was a moment of silence where Dino was staring at Tsuna with wide (and pain-filled) eyes, Kyouko was glaring at the two, and Tsuna was, well, having her face in Dino's crotch.

Suddenly, Kyouko let out a furious scream. "You bitch! GET OFF MY HERBIVORE!" She tossed her tonfa aside as she stomped towards them in an inelegant manner, causing Dino's eyes to widen slightly.

Did she just…?

Tsuna slowly lifted her face from his crotch as Kyouya made her noisy approach, and the blond wasn't too happy to see a devious grin appear on her face. The Decima quickly seated herself on Dino's lap, pressing her pert backside against his arousal. Dino let out an involuntary moan as she ground down against him.

"He's mine," Tsuna purred, the orange glow in her eyes causing alarm to bubble up within Dino. What was she planning now? However, all his thoughts dissipated into thin air when she rolled her hips unsubtly, sending pleasure coursing through his veins. ((Hadn't he got rid of all his excess teenaged hormones already? He was twenty-seven dammit!))

Kyouko looked – for the lack of a better word – pissed. "He was mine first, herbivore," she growled, fingers flexing as she neared the twosome. "Bronco! Stop hanging over the slut and come here!"

Too bad for her (and for Dino), Dino was too far gone in pleasure. The blond let out a whimper as the Decima Vongola continued to grind down on him; his hands moving to grip Tsuna's waist, as if she were the only thing keeping him rooted.

"Nn…!" Dino let out a breathy groan as Tsuna twisted around, teeth nipping at his skin as her hands began tugging his clothes off.

A fire seemed to light up Kyouko's eyes as she suddenly ripped Tsuna away from the blond, tossing the brunette to the floor as she moved to take Tsuna's place on Dino's lap. The Cloud Guardian quickly threaded her fingers through his hair, gripping it tightly as her other hand moved to rest on his chest.

"Cheating herbivore," she murmured dangerously. "I'll bite you to death!" And she meant that quite literally.

Tsuna watched her Guardian with bemusement as Kyouko's lips descended on Dino, her nips not gentle at all, causing red (and often bleeding) bite marks to appear on his skin. The blond panted softly as mewls escaped him. The warmth of her thighs against his hips distracted him from the near-demonic light on Kyouko's face.

Suddenly, Dino let out a pained cry. "Ah!"

Kyouko's lips curled as her fingers tightened around his arousal, threatening to crush it. "I'll kill you!" She hissed.

"Hey! You aren't the only person who's going to use that!" Tsuna's eyes were wide as she tried stopping the raven-haired beauty from destroying the Cavallone Don's penis. "And if you break his-!" (Dino let out a whimper at the prospect – it was his body, shouldn't be get a say?)

The Cloud Guardian gave Tsuna a dark glare from the corner of her eye. "Shut up, herbivore," she growled. "I'll kill you next!"

Tsuna paused. Before a smirk appeared on her face.

Dino whimpered in pain and terror when Kyouko's fingers tightened again.

"You won't be able to have sex then," Tsuna cooed, eyes gleaming with a secretive light. "Do think there will be any other man willing to fuck such a cruel and violent woman?"

Kyouko's eyes narrowed slightly. The answer she then gave sent Tsuna and Dino into shock – and for the latter, it also sent his mind into the gutter. "I have my tonfa to keep me company – the loss of the Bronco won't affect me that much, herbivore," she purred.

Dino wondered whether getting even more aroused in such a situation was a bad thing—but the image of Kyouko writhing in pleasure as she forced her tonfa deep into her core was so libidinous.

He was pretty sure that if he ever saw her tonfa from now on, it would cause the lower parts of his body to stand at attention.

Tsuna blinked slowly, completely flustered at Kyouko's words. "Eh…" She stammered as she tried finding words to say in response to what her Guardian had said. (This- well, she'd bet her position as the Decima Vongola that Giotto hadn't had to go through anything as awkward as this!)

The raven-haired woman had a smirk on her face, finally releasing Dino. (He let out a silent sigh of relief – at least she wasn't going to break his mini-Bronco!)

"Stupid herbivores," she crooned. "Always needing a carnivore to lead the way for them…"

Dino let out a startled yelp when Kyouko was suddenly thrown off him, Tsuna's smile filled with satisfaction as smoke wafted away from her gloves. "But he's still mine!" She stated challengingly. There was a moment of stunned silence before he whimpered softly, realizing that the two women were going to start fighting again.

His poor, poor arousal…

-5927: epicurean italian-

Gokudera x Tsuna

Summary: No one ever mentioned to Tsuna that eating could get so messy… Or that Gokudera-kun could make it (and be) so, well, sensual.

A moan left her lips as Gokudera lapped and sucked at her neck.

"G-G-Gokudera-kun," Tsuna stammered weakly as she felt something warm, sticky and wet slid down her exposed back. "That's u-unhygienic!"

The Storm Guardian just smiled cheekily at her once he pulled his lips away from her, acting as if he hadn't just poured syrupy caramel sauce down the back of the Decima Vongola. He then said in an innocent voice: "But we shouldn't waste food, Jyuudaime-sama! You told me yourself," he added with a smirk.

Her blush spread down her neck as she felt Gokudera's lips and tongue slid down her spine, lapping at the sugary liquid sensuously. Gokudera literally purred as his fingers trailed down her skin, sending shivers up her spine.

"Mia Decima… "

He nipped at her shoulder blade, causing her to gasp, arching her back.

Oh, she just knew Gokudera was going to take this further than she'd dare think.

-mammon27B: daymares-

Mammon x Tsuna x Bel

Summary: The Varia were always hands-on in their teaching methods – and when Tsuna gets terrified over every single movement during the night… Well, you get the picture, right?

Tears streamed down her face in the most unbecoming manner as she clutched the petite illusionist against her equally petite frame.

"… Get off before I make you pay, Vongola," Mammon stated clearly, uncomfortable at the close proximity her body was with his. A frown quickly appeared on his face when all Tsuna did was bury her face even more into his stomach, a shudder wracking her body.

Was it another nightmare? he wondered in disgust, the corners of his lips tilting downwards as she smeared tears and snot into his cloak.

Stupid Vongola.

Not only was the Tenth Vongola Don a woman, she was also weak in body and mind. Xanxus would have made a better Don in his opinion – and that wasn't just because he was paid well. He was everything Sawada Tsunami was not: a man, strong, fiercely protective of what was his and a great leader. (Though he had to admit that the Vongola was extremely easy on the eyes, and that he'd made so much money selling pictures of her to all her admirers.)

He grabbed a book from the table by the bed and smacked the Vongola's head with it. She woke up with a startled cry; her golden eyes wide open in shock. (Now, if only the gold was real… He'd be able to tolerate her a lot more.)

"I'm awake, Reborn!" She exclaimed, having been conditioned to wake up as soon as something hit her.

A sneer appeared on Mammon's face. "I'm not Reborn, idiot Vongola!" He should just sell her to slavery – then he wouldn't have to deal with such idiocy, and her pathetic life would be so much more productive… Why did the idiot prince tolerate the Vongola again? Oh, right. Idiots attracted other idiots.

The Vongola's eyes widened even more. "Eh? I- I'm sorry!" She squeaked.

She looked like Bambi, with unruly hair and eyes that were sparkling with an innocent light that was both surprising and unexpected from the boss of a powerful Famiglia. (However, those sparkles couldn't have happened unless she was using Mist flames—which she wasn't. He would know. He'd have to study the phenomena later…)

Mammon wondered vaguely how much he would get selling pictures of her like this. He was pretty sure that Reborn himself would pay a couple of grand, if not millions, for a picture of his student in only a baggy t-shirt, a creamy shoulder revealed.

"You're the Decima Vongola," he hissed, shaking away his money-lusting thoughts for a moment in favour of lecturing the idiot Vongola. "You shouldn't be terrified of nightmares of all things!"

The Vongola's eyes were now sparkling with tears. "B-b-b-but they were so scary!" She whimpered.

Mammon's eye twitched from behind his hood and hair. Someone should kill her – and soon. Otherwise, he'd take her out himself. He took in a deep, calming breath. "Mu… alright then," he murmured, lips curling into a sadistic grin. "I'll just have to teach you that there are scarier things out there!"

Her eyes reflected all her terror when he suddenly shot Mist flames at her, her lips parting into a shriek.

It was an hour of two later when Bel entered his bedroom, still high from his latest kill and clean of all his victim's blood. His lips were curled, clearly envisioning what he would do to his principessa (oh, he just loved seeing her writhe underneath him as he slowly brought them both to completion)- only to stare at said principessa in confusion as she twitched and squirmed on the bed, eyes wide open in terror as she screamed against the gag around her mouth.

Beside her, Mammon calmly worked through various scrolls, his head – for once – not covered by his hood.

"Why is mia principessa…?" Bel floundered for a word, mouth opening and closing in the most dignified manner.

Mammon barely looked up from his scrolls, having anticipated Bel's question. "Mu… She's learning." He said offhandedly, ignoring the way she arched her back suddenly, causing the bed to rock.

The blond frowned, before sitting down beside the Vongola to shake her lightly. "Stop the illusion, Mammon."

"Pay me and I will."

"Impertinent commoner! The prince will not pay you—"

Suddenly, the girl let out a terrified shriek, interrupting the blond and causing Bel to look down with a Cheshire cat-like smirk appearing on his face. Wide, fear-filled brown eyes stared at blond bangs, and tears dribbled out of the corner of said eyes.

"Ushishishi… the principessa is awake now?" He cooed, pulling her into his arms. "Tell the prince what you've been seeing~"

Mammon suddenly smirked when the Vongola let out another shriek, writhing as she tried escaping his grip. Gibberish words slurred together, further emphasizing the Vongola's utterly extreme fear. "Mu, I may have shown her illusions of you during one of our assignments," he commented offhandedly with sadistic pleasure.

From what the Arcobaleno could see, Bel looked very astonished. And astonished Bel was. Mammon quickly pulled a camera out to snap a photo of Bel's face, a soft, greedy cackle escaping him.

He'd get so much money for this!

-basil27: aisu-

Summary: Basilicum loved ice cream just as much as Tsuna loved him. Too bad for her, he's such an oblivious kid. Even though he's older that her.

Tsuna blushed as Basil held out a spoon laden with an icy treat in front of her mouth.

"Sayeth 'ah', Sawada-dono," he said, smiling widely as he watched her (rather adorable) expressions.


Cold cookie-flavoured ice cream was placed promptly inside of her mouth, and she let out a delighted mewl, tongue moving against the quickly melting treat.

Tsuna watched Basil from the corner of her eye as he quickly scooped up another spoonful, this time eating it for himself. She wondered whether he knew that was an indirect kiss, but considering her father was somewhat of an airheaded bastard of a teacher… Probably not.

Her eyes widened when he suddenly touched her chin, making her tilt her head his way.

W-what is he d-doing? she thought frantically.

Basil smiled sweetly at her, ignorant of her panicked thoughts.

"… Tsuna-dono?" He began, his too-pretty-to-be-male (hey, it was true!) eyes fixed on hers.

Tsuna's mouth suddenly felt dry at his form of address (he'd never called her Tsuna before!), and her eyes flickered between his blue, blue eyes and his lips. "Y-yes?" She stuttered in a whisper, as if trying not to break the fragile atmosphere.

"Thou hast ice cream on thy cheek," he murmured; thumb brushing her skin lightly when he leaned in, lips barely touching her cheek.

Sh gasped softly when he licked her, the warmth moistness lingering as Basil pulled away, smiling innocently. He quickly returned to his ice cream, happily licking away at his spoon. She wondered how she should feel, since Basil pulled away from her fairly quickly.

Tsuna then wondered how he'd react if she demanded he kiss her properly.

And soon after that, she wondered what he would do after he kissed her…


Her face turned red, and she shot to her feet. "… Basil-kun, you're so m-mean!" Making her think of such embarrassing things!

She turned around, running off back into the house, leaving Basil behind looking utterly confused.

"What has just happened?" Basil blinked slowly, before turning to look at his melted ice cream sadly. Women were most confusing!

In the bushes, a disguised Reborn watched his baka-student run off, before his dark eyes went back to the boy she just ran from. Looks like he'd have a new student to teach—

This time, in the matters of love



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