-C27: itai yo, sensei-

Colonello x Tsuna

Summary: Normally, Colonello never felt guilt or anything remotely like that about hurting someone with his guns, and especially during training. Too bad for him, his temporary charge has the world's most dreaded weapon of all: the Vongola Bambi Eyes.

Wide, watery and glimmering eyes met unamused blue ones.

"C-C-Colonello," Tsuna stammered, sniffing pathetically as he continued to disinfect her wounds with a seemingly uncaring hand. "I-it hurts!"

The blond shook his head, giving her a sharp glance. "Suck it up."

At his blunt answer, the brunet continued to give him a watery-eyed look… before she realised that his hands were moving over her clothing, tugging at it.

Her eyes widened. "C-C-Colonello! S-stop!"

Colonello's eyes narrowed on Tsuna. "What? You have a laceration on your thigh, so I need you out of your clothes." He then paused, hand resting on her thigh. "Though if you want to keep bleeding out, I'm perfectly fine with leaving you to deal with it yourself—"

Tsuna turned her wide golden eyes on him. They seemed to glimmer under the light, the tears in her eyes only accentuating the glow and sending sparkles everywhere.

He stiffened at the sight. Reborn had warned him of his student's secret weapon: the Vongola Bambi Eyes.

Oh god. The horror stories Reborn had told him: everyone had succumbed to those eyes. Hibari. Rokudou. Skull and Viper/Mammon/Creepy-Hoodie-Dude-Girl-Thing. Hell, even Talbot had fallen for those eyes! One little flash of those sparkly, adorable little eyes, and no one could say no to the owner of said pair of eyes; even should she ask for the world. All you could do was nod, and ask "how high, O Mistress Of Bambi Eyes?"

But guess what Reborn? Colonello, the Arcobaleno of Rain was not going down without a fight!

"That won't work on me, Dame-Tsuna!" He crowed, smirking as he grabbed his sunglasses from his pocket and putting them on. "You'll never be able to get me with those-!" His words failed him as he stared at her in astonishment.

The sunglasses didn't do anything to hinder those eyes.

All he could see were those trembling lips, and those watery, glimmering eyes of liquid caramel. Tsuna sniffled, and all Colonello could do was wonder how she looked so damn cute like that.

"I-itai yo, sensei!" She wailed in the most pathetic way, inspiring some guilt within him.

Well, guilt and…

He snapped, lunging towards her.


It was a couple of days later, when he and Reborn were in a café, that the raven-haired man started to chuckle mockingly at the blond. Reborn smirked sideways at him, the fedora hat covering the majority of his eyes (though Colonello knew that those eyes would be filled with wicked amusement).

"I knew you wouldn't be able to resist her."

"Shut up." Colonello muttered as he raised his cup of coffee to his lips. "Or I'll shoot you."

Reborn's lips curled into a sly, coy smile. "And subject you to her eyes again for hurting her favourite teacher? I think not… I'm not that cruel to my student."

Colonello's face turned a dark red.

-1827: hibird-kun-

Hibari x Tsuna

Summary: No, Tsuna was no jealous of Hibird. She was only annoyed that her boyfriend would pay more attention to a bird than her.



"A-ano… W-would you l-like some h-hamburgers?"


"… Hamburgers?" Tsuna repeated almost desperately.

Kyouya's dark eyes didn't even waver from the yellow ball of fluff in front of him, who was chirping happily to a tune. "… Hn."

The brunette sniffed self-piteously, curling up on the couch inside the Disciplinary Committee's office. Sure, she understood that her boyfriend had a secret soft spot for all things cute and cuddly (like herself, not that she liked to hear it), but this was getting too much for her to handle.


She understood that Kyouya, though an excellent fighter and academic, was not the brightest of people when it came to understanding people's emotions. Nor was he very understanding of her annoyance when he ignored her in favour for a bird when he made it perfectly clear that he declared Tsuna his omnivorous mate. When at first, she was completely terrified of him.

But really. That puff of yellow-ness was annoying her—and she could feel her cheeks heat up at the thought of being jealous of a bird.

What was happening to her?

Tsuna huffed as she sat up, crossing her arms over her chest.

"… I'm g-going home, then, H-Hibari-senpai!" She announced loudly, standing up and making the couch scrape against the floor as she did so. Kyouya ignored her (again), tickling Hibird absently.

She could feel her lips quiver slightly, but she blinked back her tears of frustration and rushing out of the room.

Baka Hibari-senpai!


It was only after an hour or two that the prefect noticed that Tsuna was gone, once he stopped entertaining Hibird.

"… Herbivore."

There was no response. It was silent in the room.

Hibari frowned, looking around for the idiotic herbivore. Hibird fluttered towards the window, chirping a soft tune.

"… Hn. I'm going to bite her to death when I find her…" He crossed his arms, standing up and stalking out of the room.

He had an herbivore to hunt down. He made his way out of his office, grabbing his tonfa.

Hibari made his way to the second floor.

… She wasn't in her classroom.

Hibari made his way to the rooftop.

… She wasn't on the roof.

Hibari roamed the school grounds, biting some crowding herbivores to death for being too loud.

… She wasn't in the school at all.

Hibari was pissed.

"How dare that herbivore leave the school premises without informing me!" He growled, adjusting the grip he had on his tonfa. Once he found her, Hibari was going to bite her to death, drag her to his sanctuary, bite her again, and then finally tell her what an idiot she was.

Because she was an idiot. And it wasn't because he was worried: wasn't worried about the herbivore. Not a single, miniscule, microscopic bit.

Suddenly, a thought struck the herbivore, and his eyes widened. "Rokudo!" He hissed, clenching his fists in fury.

That herbivore must have stolen his herbivore! He quickly made his way through his city of Namimori, furious that the herbivore had trespassed into his territory. Not only did that herbivore utterly humiliate him, but he was stealing his property now! He would put that herbivore into place, and show him just who was the real carnivore!

As he prowled towards Rokudou's hideout, he completely overlooked the unusually pouty face of a certain herbivore walking by him.


Tsuna gasped as she looked at Mukuro's bruised and bloodied face.

"M-Mukuro!" She stammered, quickly rushing over with a pile of medical supplied. "What happened? Did s-someone attack you?" Tsuna paled at the thought of an enemy strong enough to cause Mukuro injury coming to attack the Decima Vongola, who was, truthfully, very weak. And stupid. (By the way, this was what Tsuna thought Reborn's thoughts would've been like.)

Mukuro managed to chuckle, even as he recoiled from the alcohol she was applying liberally to his cuts. "Nufufufu… in fact, someone did," he said, nonchalantly placing his hands on her hips. She didn't even notice, being too worried for her Mist Guardian.

"W-who? Did t-they tell you who they w-were?"

The Mist Guardian grinned, making the cut on his lip split open, causing blood to well up again. "I'm not going to tell you, Vongola~" He purred, even as Tsuna panicked over his cut.

His heterochromatic eyes gleamed as he gave their silently seething observer a cocky smirk. Ah, Kyouya-kun was furious~ He looked so adorable like that. Just to make the self-proclaimed 'carnivore' even more furious, when Tsuna finished patching his cuts up, he brushed his lips against her cheek.

"Thank you Vongola," Mukuro drawled, lips beside her ear. Tsuna shivered as his warm breath entered her ear.

"I-it's nothing," she quickly said, shaking her head.

The Mist Guardian smirked. "Well, it's time for me to go." Without waiting for her reply, he let go of her hips, disappearing in a flutter of sakura petals… some of which Mukuro intentionally had land in her hair.

"… Herbivore!"

Tsuna squeaked, stiffening when she realised who was at her doorway.

She was so dead…!

-802759: incompatible-

Yamamoto x Tsuna x Gokudera

Summary: Of all the people who had fallen in love with Tsuna, she just had to pick the two most incompatible(?) of people to be with.

"… Gokudera-kun?"

"Yes, Jyuudaime-sama?"

"… What do you think about Yamamoto-kun?"

Gokudera's eyes widened in shock, and he spluttered, turning red. "E-eh? H-he's a baseball idiot! He's not worthy to lick your boots- er, shoes, nevertheless be your Rain Guardian!" He proclaimed fanatically, trying to get his Jyuudaime-sama to understand what he was trying to say. "He's got the brain of an idiot, and is-"

Tsuna frowned slightly. "… S-so you're saying I'm an idiot? I get w-worse test scores than Yamamoto-kun…"

"OF COURSE NOT!" She squeaked at the loud yell, eyes wide with terror.

Gokudera was heaving for air. "JYUUDAIME-SAMA IS NOT AN IDIOT!"

"Hahaha… Who's not an idiot? Are you talking about yourself, Hayato-kun?"

The silver-haired teen spun around when he heard Yamamoto's casually lilting voice. "YOU ARE, YOU BAKA-YAROU!"

"G-Gokudera-kun! S-stop swearing please!" Tsuna quickly said, flustered as she gripped Gokudera's sleeve. "I-it's not very nice!"

Yamamoto grinned, slinging an arm around Gokudera and Tsuna's shoulders each. He easily ignored Gokudera's muffled curses (he was trying not to swear where Jyuudaime-sama could hear him). "Na, Tsuna-chan? Wanna go to the amusement park?" He asked, ruffling her hair.

She had a pleasant blush on her cheeks that endeared the baseball player. "W-well, I was spending the day with G-Gokudera-kun," she said, slightly sadly. She really wanted to go to the park… but she didn't want to leave Gokudera by himself…

However, unluckily for her, Gokudera had taken her words the wrong way, and his figurative dog-ears and tail drooped. "If Jyuudaime-sama doesn't like spending her day with me, you don't need to!" He proclaimed, looking depressed at the thought of Tsuna not liking to spend time with him. "Jyuudaime-sama should just go with the Baseball-Idiot-"

"Nonsense! You're coming with us!" Yamamoto grinned.

Tsuna beamed. "S-so we're all going together?"

"Yup!" Yamamoto ruffled both of their hairs, Gokudera spluttering at the action. "Let's go then!"


Arms laden with prizes won by Gokudera and Yamamoto, Tsuna had a healthy blush on her cheeks as she followed her two best friends around. Though the amusement park was filled to the brim with people, the trio had mysteriously found rides and game booths that weren't too packed to go to.

Yamamoto's eyes sharpened when he noticed a sly gleam in a certain disguised baby's eyes. He'd have to thank Reborn for the opportunity: the Arcobaleno had all but shoved him tickets to the amusement park, threatening him to take both Gokudera and Tsuna there, even though it was the busiest time of day for the park.

However, his thoughts on their circumstances came to an end when Tsuna began to talk.

"T-thank you for taking us here," she murmured shyly to Yamamoto, even as Gokudera rushed off to win a teddy bear for his Jyuudaime-sama. Yamamoto laughed.

"It's the holidays! We're supposed to have fun, right?" He grinned.

She nodded quickly in agreement, smiling.

They both fell into a comfortable silence, waiting for the third part of their trio to return. Gokudera made his way back soon enough, holding a giant teddy bear triumphantly.

"Hah! I got a bigger prize for Jyuudaime-sama!" He boasted to Yamamoto, who just laughed again, good-naturedly.

"Great job, Hayato-kun!"

"Hmph, you're supposed to be jealous, you Neanderthal."

"Do you even know what a Neanderthal is?" Yamamoto asked curiously.

"Y-yes! Of course I do!" Gokudera looked offended.

Tsuna smiled, watching as the two bickered one-sidedly, before a pink object caught the attention of her eyes. "… Rabu… Comupatabirichi mashin?" She slurred the katakana together, trying to make it sound remotely English. However, Gokudera perked up.

"Love Compatibility Machine?" He asked, confusedly.

Yamamoto laughed loudly. "Let's try it, Tsuna-chan!" He ruffled her light hair for the umpteenth time, making her blush for the umpteenth time. Gokudera huffed for the umpteenth time, frowning at Yamamoto. "Let's hope we get 100%, ne?"

Tsuna blushed darkly.

"As if you and Jyuudaime-sama will get a 100%! I'll be surprised if you two get above 5%!" Gokudera proclaimed.

"Then why don't you and Tsuna-chan try too?" Yamamoto laughed. "And then, you and I can try," he added teasingly, smirking uncharacteristically.

Gokudera flushed. "A-as if I want to be compared with you!"

"Worried, Hayato-kun?" Yamamoto grinned.


"T-then let's try it then?" Tsuna asked.






The three of them stared at the tickets they got in confusion, shock and embarrassment.

"… Tsuna and I got 89%..." Yamamoto said.

"… Jyuudaime-sama and I got 87%..." Gokudera continued, his voice strained.

"And you two…" Tsuna's eyes were wide as she held up the ticket with the names Yamamoto Takeshi and Gokudera Hayato.

"Congratulations, you two have got PERFECT compatibility! 100%! May your love stay strong for forever~ 3"


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