Chapter one

Bella's POV

"I probably should warn you…" Edward said, turning to face her.

"Please do."

"When I say they're all excited…I do mean all of them."

"Everyone?" Bella choked. "I thought Emmett and Rosalie were in Africa." The rest of Forks was under the impression that the older Cullens had gone off to college this year, to Dartmouth, but she knew better.

"Emmett wanted to be here."


"I know, Bella, Don't worry, she'll be on her best behavior."

She didn't answer. Like she could just-not- worry, that easy. Unlike Alice, Edward's other "adopted" sister, the golden blond and exquisite Rosalie, didn't like Bella much. Actually, the feeling was a little bit stronger than just dislike. As far as Rosalie was concerned, Bella was an unwelcome intruder into her family's secret life.

Bella felt horribly guilty about the present situation, guessing that Rosalie and Emmett's prolonged absence was her fault, even as Bella furtively enjoyed not having to see Rosalie. Emmett, Edward's playful bear of a brother, she-did-miss. He was in many ways a really good friend…just very very terrifying.

Bella glanced up at Edward. "Let the festivities begin." She whispered.

He nodded his agreement and with a smile on his face he pulled back the large front door of the Cullen's house.

The mess of her brown hair blew around her face in the cool night, the wind catching its lightness and throwing it in every direction. She felt the tickling whispers of its touch gently caressing her neck, her cheek, her lips. She pushed away their presence and breathed in the icy air. Her lungs protested against the penetration but somehow it sent warmth throughout her body.

For about an hour the party had been over. Cullens disappeared to their rooms, Edward to the forest. He needed to hunt. Bella's presence was getting too strong, he claimed, pushing her away with a gentleness that wouldn't have harmed a butterfly.

"I just need a quick hunt." He had whispered into her ear, the cool stone of them pressing against her lope. "I'll be back before you know it."

She had let him go willingly. She had wanted fresh air anyways.

So now she stood in the night, a shadow in the darkness, hidden some hundred yards from the Cullen house. She wanted to be completely alone, and knowing the vampires within the house could hear her every move made her slightly uncomfortable in that moment. The party had been beautiful, but in a way slightly crowded. She just needed a few minutes…

And that was when the sounds of ecstasy penetrated Bella's senses, the noises echoing deep in her mind. She froze, her body coming to a complete standstill. Something was wrong. The voices sounded too familiar…

She cast her gaze out, pushing through the darkness, roaming along every tree.

"Stop it." a feminine voice giggled, and then Bella placed it. Rosalie.

Bella was confused. She knew exactly where Emmett was: back at the Cullen house, tucked away quietly in his room.

"Is this any better?" came the reply.

No, Bella thought, no, no, no. It can't be. But it was. For in that very moment her stare locked onto two beings pressed to the ground. It was Edward. Her Edward.

Bella turned away, her mind confused, hurt, pained. But she didn't allow one tear to fall. No, she had something in mind. She wanted Edward to hurt just as bad she did and she knew just how to do it.

Bella picked up a quick stride, passing over roots and rocks without tripping once; a great feat for someone like her. The Cullen house was coming into view, the clear yellow lights shining through the glass windows, pouring over the neatly trimmed yard, grazing the tall old oaks that stood out front.

She pushed her way to the front door, shoved through it, ignored the curious stares of Carlisle and Esme on the couch, and climbed the stairs swiftly.

She didn't pause. She didn't falter. She was going to do this.

With still fingers she pushed open a bedroom door at the end of the hall. Inside Emmett sat in a computer chair, his stare holding onto the video game on the T.V.

"Bella?" Emmett paused the game, set down the controller. His expression was confused. He had no idea what was coming.

Bella gently entered the room, looked at the beautiful muscular man, calculated what she was going to do.

But it didn't take long to figure out. She was in front of him in seconds, leaning forward as she collected herself into his lap, situating her legs to hang off of his hips.

He was startled. He leaned forward to stand but Bella placed a small hand on his chest and with precision she pushed him back down.

"Shhh." She hushed, bringing a finger up to trace his lips. "Just shhh."

She grabbed his large hands, placed them around her small waist. The length of them almost encircled her stomach completely. She liked the feeling of them there.

"Kiss me." She demanded.

He looked at her astounded. "What?"

"Don't tell me you don't want it." but she wasn't going to wait any longer. If she did she may back out. So, with a faked passion she pressed her lips against his. Emmett's lips were as cold as Edward's but something was different. Emmett's were not gentle as he responded to Bella, as he pushed his tongue into the confines of her mouth.

He did want it, Bella realized on the whim. She took confidence in this and pushed herself closer, meeting with him.

Emmett stood in one fluid movement. Bella took advantage of this and wrapped her legs securely around his large waist. He seemed to stumble forward, catching himself and her with a hand shooting forward against the wall. Bella's back was pressed forcefully against it.

"Let's get out of here." She whispered when Emmett's lips had broken away and started to trace her throat.

The last thing Bella wanted was for the Cullen's downstairs to hear. They had already heard too much.

Emmett was across the room, pulling open the window, and in one solid leap they were on the forest floor, splitting through the darkness.

It was only seconds before he stopped, but Bella knew they were far away. She could no longer see the lights of the house, could no longer hear the river that flowed nearby to it.

She climbed down from Emmett, turning her back and walked a few more feet. The nerves were back. She was trying to push them away.

"Come." She whispered, but Emmett was already there, his breath light against the back of her neck. His hands were at the bottom of her dress, his long fingers sliding up her thighs, bringing the fabric with him.

He looked up at her, questioning if this was alright.

She held her arms straight in the air, signaling for him to continue.

He pulled the fabric over her head. It floated to the ground next to them. And then he was against her, pushing her into a tree. The bark was rough against her naked back. It brought her an odd pleasure.

Emmett was no longer cautious, no longer questioning what they were about to do. He ripped off his shirt, ignoring the tearing of fabric as he did so. In that moment it didn't matter. Bella could tell this. He was engulfed in her. How was that possible? But she didn't have time to wonder because Emmett had swooped her up into his arms and placed her on the moss covered grass. He pulled himself over her, his ribs grazing hers, his flesh leaving gooseflesh in the wake on Bella's stomach.

That night they did something they could never take back, something that would tear a hole in the Cullen family if it were ever discovered.

But Bella couldn't bring herself to care, because as she lay there, naked in the grass, Emmett laying beside her fathoming that she was asleep, she only had one thing on her mind.

She had used Emmett Cullen.