"You know," Miku started as she swirls her straw in her cup of slushie, "I didn't think you were a very nice person when I first saw you."

Luka stares at her so hard that it makes her eyes look even closer together than usual. It makes Miku giggle.

"Don't look at me like that." Miku says, flushing a little.

"Everyone always says that," Luka frowns, putting down her fork as if she lost her appetite for the piece of pie that she had ordered a while ago,"Everyone always tells me that I look sad,mad or depressed—someone who's not worth getting close with."

Miku was taken back by the older girls' response, sure she was being honest but she didn't actually mean it that way. She was just planning on teasing her bestfriend.

"I'm sorry Luka.." Miku sincerely admitted.

It took about ten seconds before Luka started laughing and three seconds for Miku to realize what was happening.

"Why are you always doing this?" Miku whines, throwing her table napkin at Luka

"It's because you're so easy!" Luka said, clutching her stomach, still laughing.

Miku puffs her face, trying not to laugh at her friend's silly antics—or to encourage more of it.

"You're so cute when you're flusted Miku," Luka grinned as she pinched at one of Miku's cheeks slightly,"You know I only tease you because I really like you right?, and because you're really cute when you pout your mouth."

"I hate you sometimes," Miku says with an exasparated smile on her face

"You love me," Luka says, playfully elbowing her side, "and you know that I don't care what other people think of me and what other people think of you because you and I both know that it's not true."

And then she links her arms through one of Miku's and kissed her cheek. "Also, because I really love you Miku." She adds sincerely, then they started walking away leaving Miku all flushed.