Updated June 1, 2014

You swayed your hips and stole the breath

That I was taking

I touched your lips and held your hands

When they were shaking

Chihara Sendoh suspects that her son is the biggest sex stud in Ryonan High.

Akito Sendoh has long established that his son is the biggest sex stud in Ryonan High.

Jun Uozumi thinks that their newly-appointed captain, with his unfailing abilities and unshakable cool, will surpass all his predecessors. Coach Taoka believes his ace player to be a rising star, unstoppable, unbreakable.

But they don't know. They don't see.

Sendoh Akira is the biggest porn star in school, with the most epic of records and the juiciest tales and the emptiest of eyes. In basketball and everything in between, he has failed no one. Save for himself. He has surpassed everyone, leaving every rival behind to choke on dust, only to wonder where the ribbon should be. If there's a ribbon he should be running into at all.

Sometimes, when Ryonan Basketball Team is on one of its almost unheard of, always longed for breaks, when it is raining and fishing is impossible, the search becomes unbearably persistent.

It's on these breaks that Rukawa Kaede knocks on the door, steps into his space and shares the air he breathes, Sendoh doesn't hesitate. When Rukawa's mouth finds its way to Sendoh's neck and electrifies the numb nerves underneath, he jumps out of his skin. When Sendoh realizes he likes feeling alive, his famous unshakeable cool falls apart. And when he trembles, the bastard actually slips nimble, ivory fingers through the windows of his. The world starts spinning.

Sendoh Akira is on his way to the top, and with a prodigy hot on his heels, it's bound to be one hell of a ride.