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Chapter 6

-"This is a spectacularly bad plan on so many levels Mikey I' m surprised you can't see that."

Birkoff took a great sip of a cold beer. For the last hour he had been hearing a story so unbelievable that he started to wonder if Michael had spiked his put the beer mug back on a wooden table, a surface that was covered with engraved initials of previous guests in the Davy's diner. –"You can't be serious about joining Nikki."

-"Why is that?" –Michael asked slowly. He had shown an unlimited amount of patience with Birkoff today and it was at its lowest right then.

-"Cause it's suicide. You can't-stop-Division." –Birkoff accented each word.-"Percy is an exceptionally nasty ass -no argument there- but what can you do about it? Quit Division?" -He laughed sarcastically and continued-"There is no quitting the job; you know that. You can't just walk away cause you changed your mind. Ten damn years too late! The moment you stepped in that place you signed a contract with the devil. You can't take that back, man."

–"You think I don't know that?" –Michael snapped-"Maybe I can't stop Percy but I will do everything in my power to try. I'm not going to just sit on my hands."

-"And the final and the worst element of the plan is the baby. Seriously, man? What the hell? You two are the last people on planet Earth I would suspect of going soft."

- "Listen, You don't have to approve of what I'm doing, Birkoff. Just keep your mouth shut."

-"Ok. Maybe I won't expose you this time." –He pointed his finger at Michael enjoying the moment of supremacy over him. With this gesture, Birkoff looked like he was trying to show Michael his power but the fact that he was a little bit buzzed made it look like he was drawing something in the air.-"But just to be clear, I'm not helping you. I won't put my own ass on the line. You are on your own with this one."

-"Okay "- Michael frowned, amused with Birkoff's behavior. Buying him the "larger-than-large" beer probably wasn't the best idea.

-"Birkoff knows." –Michael said quietly into Nikita's hair.

They were sitting on the beach enjoying one of the last sunny days this year.

Air was warm and breezy, perfect for an afternoon stroll which in their case quickly turned into another opportunity to rest. Lately Nikita was breathless after going up the stairs not mentioning long-distance stroll on the beach where sand was making it even more exhausting.

After 20 minutes of activity future-mom-to-be was tired. They sat down so she could catch a breath.

Michael was hugging her from behind keeping his hands on her belly, stroking it like it was the most delicate thing in the world. He still couldn't get used to feeling those gentle moves of their daughter. Each time he felt it, he gasped with delight and smiled. At this moment she was extremely active as if she could feel her mother's worry.

For the past two weeks Michael had wondered how to tell her in a way that wouldn't worry her too much. Any big surprises were not recommended in her state. He thought this was the right time. Or at least the best one there could be.

-"What?"- she was confused by his sudden confession.

-"Relax, he will keep his mouth shut."

If Michael thought it would calm her down he was wrong.

If Birkoff figured it out it's just matter of time before someone else will-she thought.

-"How did he find out?"

-"He wrote a program designed specifically to find you. It worked. Fortunately he didn't go to Percy with that."-Michael stroked Nikita's neck seeing she was still very anxious. She moved back a bit and looked at him with worry:

-"Things are getting dangerous for us. What if someone else figures it out Michael? What then? We can't run forever-"

-"No, they won't."-he interrupted her.-" Because nobody is looking for you. They all think you're dead . This was just a terrible coincidence. Nothing more. Everything will be all right."– Michael hugged Nikita tighter to calm her down.

Nikita closed her eyes breathing deeply to soothe her nerves.

-"I love you. You know that right?" –she whispered.

-"Hey…. What is that about?"

-"Nothing. Does there have to be something wrong for me to tell you I love you?

-"Of course not. I love you too." –he gave her a tender kiss on the back of the neck and asked:

-"What do you want to do today?"

-"I don't know… maybe we can watch a movie? You know- "normal life stuff"?"

-"Mmmm" –Michael winced- "Maybe in 20 years, any other ideas?"

-"The other option is to go over to our neighbor's house. She is throwing a barbeque and invited us over." –she looked at him with a cocky smile.

Nikita knew that the only thing Michael hated more than sitting in front of the TV was going to a party and smiling and talking to people he disliked. Although he didn't know Tasha she was certain her constant smiling would creep him out just like her.

-"On second thoughts I think a movie is a wonderful idea." -he answered with fake enthusiasm.

They spend almost an hour fighting over what movie they would watch until finally deciding on "Donnie Brasco".

Despite his best efforts, Michael had already lost interest within the first 5 minutes and was doing everything in his power to distract Nikita. He was kissing her neck tenderly leaving no spot untouched by his lips. Shivers ran down Nikita's spine in response to his caress. She closed her eyes and said:

-"Michael…. We are supposed to be watching the movie remember"?

-"You can stop me anytime"- he murmured between the kisses. When he was finished with her neck, he started to take an interest in Nikita's lips, unbuttoning her blouse at the same time.

It was a dirty game and he knew that. Michael was fully aware that she couldn't resist him and he used that against her.

Nikita tried to play tough but she had to surrender. Feeling his hands on her bare body caused her body temperature rise, her breathing to quicken and her thoughts to go far far away from the flickering TV screen.

She needed him, his kisses and his touch just like she needed air for breathing. She craved them. Nikita wrapped her hands around his neck, pulling him closer. Michael smiled with victory.

He switched off the TV without even looking at it. Nikita buried her hands in his hair inhaling amazing scent of his body. Sweet and warm with the delicate flavor of her vanilla shower gel.

She opened his shirt and started to trail kisses along his chest. Michael moaned with pleasure when he felt Nikita's lips on his skin.

The couch suddenly became too small and uncomfortable. With their lips locked they got up from it and directed their steps to the bedroom.

They didn't waste any time ripping off random pieces of their clothing while tripping over whatever furniture was in their path.

When they finally reached the bed Nikita's hands wend down to Michael's belt and that's when his jeans pocket started to vibrate and ring.

Nikita moaned. - Leave it.

They ignored the phone and kept on kissing and caressing each other.

Whatever national security matter that was, it had to wait.

But apparently someone had no mercy for unquenchable lovers because his phone began ringing again. This time Michael couldn't ignore it.

He broke the kiss and took out the phone. One glance at the display and he knew who had such nasty timing.


Division was everywhere. It found him even in bed. He had a surreal impression that eventually Division would be invading every aspect of his life, even when he was getting a beer. Michael sighed.

-I have to get this. – he kissed her one more time. The phone was still annoyingly ringing.- don't go anywhere.

- Make it quick. –Nikita grinned.

Michael went out on the terrace and closed the door behind him. He trembled from the cold. The first autumn storm was coming and it was already raining.

It better be important. -Michael thought

If he had to stand in the cold and break the perfect moment with Nikita for nothing, Birkoff would heavily regret that call.

Michael pressed the green button and snarled to the phone:


-"Hey man, why are you so angry?"

-"Nothing I'm just busy. What's going on? Does Percy want me back earlier?"

-"Oh… no, it's not about Percy I just thought we could go for a beer, you know. Work is killing me lately. I am so stressed out and-"

Unbelievable. –Michael shook his head in disbelief. He can't be serious about this. He counted to ten in his head to calm his down and said:

-"Maybe next time Birkoff. Like I said I'm busy." –He hung up before the tech had a chance to respond.

Still trembling from the cold Michael went quickly back inside. He stopped for a moment and smiled. All his irritation for Birkoff flew away instantly because this was a moment of true happiness. Trembling from cold and knowing that you are going to a warm bed with someone waiting for you there, was beyond wonderful.

. When he entered bedroom, he couldn't help but smile even more.

Nikita was asleep. Just like that. With her clothes on, blouse half undone and uncovered.

He was out for like 5 minutes and she was sleeping like a rock. Laughing quietly he covered her with the blanket and kissed her forehead.

Michael put on a t-shirt and laid down next to her.

He loved to look at her while she was sleeping. He was observing her calm face, slightly open full lips and dark hair which were scattered on the pillow. She was perfect.

One hand she instinctively kept on her big belly.

Nikita might not be aware of it but she was going to be a wonderful mother. Michael had no doubt about that. She'd been through a lot and yet had more love and empathy in her heart than most people he knew. With that pleasant thought he drifted to sleep as well.

-"I can't believe I fell asleep!" -Nikita said trying to speak and chew toast at the same time.

They were sitting on the terrace eating breakfast which consisted of French toast with blueberry jam and scrambled tofu. Unconventional composition but Michael quitted amazement on her food preferences while ago.

First rule of living with pregnant woman: Never think that you can anticipate her next craving. She will surprise you anyway.

-"Yes you did." – Michael smiled. He couldn't forget Nikita's face when she realized how last evening ended out of his mind. It was something between embarrassment and disbelief. Together with her messy hair and rosy cheeks from sleep it was a really funny combination.

-"Oh God, you will never forget that will you?"

-"Nope."-Michael smirked and took another piece of toast from the plate. – "You know, I didn't know you got that bored. Next time you should just say something…"- he teased her.

-"I'm so sorry "–she apologized for a hundred time today- "I just touched the pillow with my head and drifted away immediately. I don't know how it happened…"

-"I guess I can forgive you this time. But you will make it up to me." – he winked at her.

-"Of course I will. " – she leaned forward toward him and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.-"You have my word on that."

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