there is no doubt that i'm going to hell, so i'm going to enjoy the trip, in other words I am slowly becoming part of the Lorax fandom, mostly for the Oncest.

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Say It Back -Oncest Drabble-

The Greed-ler was surprised by his innocent half more often than not, perhaps due to innocent not being the correct description to begin with. No, his dear Oncie was determined and defiant, the two things that allowed himself to be in existence. Why even now Once-ler's lovely blue eyes, copies of his, shined with that very defiance even as the corner of the axe's blade pressed into the skin just beneath the Adams apple.

"I'm not sure why everyone says love and lust are the same." Once-ler spoke carefully feeling the blood trickle down to stain the collar of his white shirt.

"And why is that?" Greed-ler replied leaning forward to steal a kiss, nipping at the other's lips harshly drawing blood. He then ran his tongue over those now abused lips lapping up the blood.

"They don't look the same in your eyes." That simple statement caused the Greed-ler to freeze and pull away with a smirk.

"Are you that determined to hear those three words, even though I could end your existence here and now? I know how much you fear me, Oncie," at the hiss of his name, the axe was pressed harder against his throat. "Besides I assure you that you're only seeing lust when you look into these eyes." The Greed-ler turned away but not before throwing the axe carelessly behind him.

"Fear you? I always knew what you were after all we are the same person."

"Is there a point to this? People are in need of Theeds."

"Love can just as easily be mistaken for fear, the two are the same thing, just certain traits more amplified than others."

"Hmhp. No matter how many times you say it to me, I won't say it back."