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It was that day. Dick looked into his mother's eyes as she came flying towards him; her arms reaching for her Little Bird. He was ready with his much smaller arms matching that of his mother's. They had been practicing this for quite some time and now was the moment. Just as their hands were about to grasp- the smile on Mary Grayson's vanished. Instead it bore a look of fear. Dick tired to each for her, but she was too low. He stood there paralyzed as Mary and John Grayson fell to the ground: no net, as always to catch them. The edges around his mind started to look hazy. Details became to blur and he heard a voice calling out to him. He couldn't place the sound and started looking around frantically. Soon everything had faded. Dick was now in his bedroom at Wayne Manor. Rain was pelting against the window and a little light was coming into the room from where the door was slightly ajar.

Dick leaned back a little, finding himself against Bruce Wayne- the one who had been calling out to him. Dick began to sob as everything hit him. "Shh Dickie, it's alright. It's all over. You're okay, you're okay," Bruce said softly into his Little Bird's hair.

Dick turned and sobbed into the large man's check; climbing further into his lap. Bruce continued to rub Dick's back and try to calm him. It was coming close to one year since John and Mary Grayson fell, one year since Dick's life changed completely. Bruce understood what Dick was going through. He knew that it was going to get worse before it got better. He knew that the 10 year old in his lap had seen much, much more than most kids his age would ever see. But he also knew that his Little Bird was already getting better. Every once in awhile there were moments where one could forget how much this boy had seen, but there were also these moments. The moments where reality set in, and the world seemingly came crashing down around Dick Grayson.

Bruce came out of his thoughts and looked down at the boy he had grown to love so very much. His Little Bird was snoring softly with a small smile on his lips. Bruce sighed contently, throwing the covers over the both of them and scooting down into a comfortable position. Dick snuggled further into Bruce's chest and Bruce put his arm over the boy. Bruce leaded down and whispered into Dick's ear, "I love you, my Little Bird."

"I love you too, Daddy," came a soft, sleepy voice.

If anyone of you liked this, I do have another story that I am writing about Red Arrow (contains spoilers for the season finale) I will be updating that sometime this week. Also- if anyone is interested in beta-ing for me, let me know!