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"Jason! Hey man! What's up?" I watched Percy do the weird fist bump to Jason and they started wlking towards me. I turned quickly and joined in a random conversation that was happening near my locker.

"Hey Piper, want to join us at lunch today?" Jason's voice asked. I groaned inwardly.

I smiled with fake sweetness, "No thanks, I have better things to do." Hurt flashed through his eyes but I ignored it. IIn my mind I shut the door to the horrible memory. I will not think about it, I will not- I chanted over and over in my head as I headed to homeroom and to my friends. When I entered 's class, I saw that Annabeth and Thalia were engrossed in a serious argument. having enough sense not to bother them, I glanced around the room for Rachel.

"HEY PIPER! OVER HERE!" Rachel waved frantically. With her fiery red hair and matching outfit, she looked like a burst of fire. I chuckled and walked to her desk, "Hi Piper!" She greeted, brightly. Before I knew it, I was enveloped in a bear hug. Did I mention that Rachel is a hugger? Suddenly feeling so much better, I sat down. Leave it to Rachel Elizebeth Dare to make you feel happier.

"Class, settle down." Mr. Luell entered the classroom and engaged us in a lecture on primates. I wrinkled my nose in disgust, when he got to the mating part. Feeling someones eyes boring holes in the back of my head, I twisted around in my chair. Jason's electric blue eyes were staring at me with intensity. His ewere were filled with hurt and dejection. After what he had done, I felt no remorse.

"Hey, look at Annabeth and Thalia." Rachel nudged my shoulder and pointed at our two other friends. Annabeth and Thalia were glaring at each other and whispering.

"Annabeth, Thalia, would you like to share something with the class?" raised one eyebrow in amusement. Both of the girls turned their heads.

"Errr... No?" Thalia eventually answered. Mr. Luell chuckled and continued his lecture. When Annabeth's head turned to face me, I saw that it was a deep shade of red. Rachel apparently couldn't hold in her giggles and soon burst out laughing. Mr. Luell was about to ask her something, but was cut off by the bell.

I hurried out of the classroom before Jason could catch up.

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