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Thalia POV-

My plan is genius, no, it's more than genius, it's AWESOME! Definitely Thalia-Style. I just can't wait to actually start it. My thoughts unfortunately got stopped by a very annoying person called Reyna. Well, she isn't that bad, but Reyna is pretty manipulative. She just ticks me off from time to time. Not to mention that she was the reason Piper and Jason broke up. I rolled my eyes, "What do you want Renya."

"I just wanted to apologize to Jason." The stupid girl actually dared to look sorry. She might have been fooling everyone at the table, but ain't foolin' me. The devil of a girl hung her head sadly. "I'm sorry Jason."

Jason looked shocked. I snapped, "Well, Jason doesn't forgive you. Go scurry back to your miserable little table. Ta-ta."

Reyna glared at me, then she batted her eyelashes at Jason, "Bye, Jason." Reyna walked back to her little table.

I clenched my fits, "Why, I outta-"

Annabeth rolled her eyes, "Calm down, Thalia. That is completely unnecessary."

I glared at her. If only looks could kill. "I'll show you what's unnecessary." Annabeth started eating. I kept on glaring at her. No one EVER ignores me. They shouldn't, for their own health. But Annabeth seemed to be purposely ignoring me, AND the little brat even looked smug.

"Guys! Remember, violence is NOT the answer." Juniper commented. Our little eco-friendly hippy friends set their trays down on the table. Grover and Juniper were all for all that 'Save-The-Earth' stuff. Not that I really cared. All I thought when Juniper said that was, 'Why am I even friends with HIPPIES?'

"Because you love us." Grover said. I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion.

I was about to say something when Annabeth said, "You said that thought out loud." Her voice sounded like she was talking to a little kid.

"Humph!" I said, clearly annoyed. I folded my arms and leaned back. Unfortunately, I had failed to remember we were in the cafeteria. Therefore, our seats didn't have backs. I fell to the with a thump. I guess my face must've been priceless, because everyone started laughing. "Stupid cafeteria with stupid chairs with no stupid backs." I muttered and pick myself up. Two injuries in one day? Life just had to get worse.

Leo then decided to make it worse, "hahaha...Thalia...hahaha...fell...haha...on her butt!" And then he snapped picture of me. His phone also beeped, which proved that he had been recording all of this.

I growled and jumped up. "Give...me...the...phone." I said, deadly calm.

Leo's idiotic grin grew wider, "No can do, Thals. Excuse me guys, but I have a date with Youtube."

I narrowed my eyes, ''You wouldn't dare."

The devil's spawn smirked, "Would I? Oh, right, I would." I had had enough. Just then, I lunged toward Leo. He jumped out of the way and ran out of the cafeteria. I followed him.

That little chase turned into a full-fledged cop chase. I would catch up to Leo, but then he would turn corners, which then left me further behind.

Fortunately, Leo made his first mistake. He ran into a dead end.

Leo turned towards me with a nervous smile, "Uh, so.. Thals, fancy meeting you here."

I still had my eerily calm fa├žade on. "Leo...hand...me...the phone."

Leo chuckled nervously, "You see, there's a little problem with that. I don't actually, um, have the phone. I left it with Jason..." He didn't even finish his sentence before I lunged at him.

I dusted my hands off in that fancy manner that says 'I got that job done'. Let's just say that when I was done with Leo, he might be waddling around for the rest of the day.

Then, I headed toward my 7th period. 'Ugh' I thought to myself. My next class was Trig. I HATE math, with a passion. I espeacially hate the teacher. In my defense, I don't think she likes me either. Well, that might be because on the first day of school, I did throw a piece of chalk at her butt. Thati also caused a big chalk war. Best first day of school for me of course. Not so much for .

Anyway, I entered my Trig was up and talking to others. I didn't have any of my friends in this class, so I took this time to think about my big plan. What if Jason and Piper 'accidentally' meet? Nah, Piper would probably ignore Jason. How about a secret date? Nope, worst idea. Jason hates blind dates and I can't just tell him he'd be meeting Piper. Just then, a book wacked me in the head.I Rubbed my head and exclaimed, "WHAT THE PICKLES-"

"No daydreaming!" The Devil from down under , that has a nice ring to it. Wait a second, BAD THALIA! Pay attention. Hold on(again), did she just throw a book at me? I focused my eyes only to see (I'm serious, that is her name) glaring at me.

I looked at her with disbelief, "Did you just throw a book at me?" I said incredulously .

The class erupted into laughter. Mrs.G looked at me smugly. "Yes I did. You should pay attention more."

"Fine! Maybe I should listen more, but that doesn't mean you have to chuck a book at me!" I said, still in shock.

That statement caused me a trip to the principal's office. Of course, this was normal. Me contradicting , Mrs.G getting angry, maybe even a detention sometimes. I walked down the hall. None of the teachers stared. This was the normal routine now.

Skipping through the office door, I plopped down into a chair in front of , the principal. Well, I am a disturbed child after all. "Hey Tod."

chuckled. He never got mad at me, he always said that it were kids like me that made him enjoy his job. "What happened this time Thalia?"

I picked my nails, "Ya know, the usual. I Mrs.G tick off, she gets mad, then I end up here." a silence engulfed us.

Then, suddenly, he started laughing a full blown laugh. "What?" I said. Just what I needed, a wacko as a principal.

"You always surprise me Thalia. Haha..."

I looked at him weirdly, "Okkaayy?"unexpectedly, 's head fell on his desk and I heard snoring. Did I forget to mention that is like 70? Eh, the excitement must've gotten the best of him. I took this as a sign to leave. I only had 15 minutes left until I had to find Nico, so I took the spare skateboard I had stashed behind the cabinet and went to find Nico.

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