A/N: This fic is a "what- if...?" scenario. In this case, what if Barnabas had arrived too late to stop Gerard from killing Julia? This fic is based on the song "My Last Breath" by Evenescence. Enjoy. :)

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Warning: Character death.

Part 1

"B-Barnabas, c-can y-you hear me? I c-can't st-stay l-long. I w-wanted to tell you I-I'm not af-afraid," He turns his head away, but not before a tear slips down his cheek. She raises her head a little. "I kn-know you c-can hear me. P-Please l-listen."

Her breath comes faster and becomes harder to catch. She knows that she will die soon and she won't see the people she had come to love as her family again. She feels the pain start to surge. Not yet. Just a little more time. Please, she silently begs.

The pain shoots through her body, causing her to inhale sharply. "I-Its almost t-time. " She sees the expression on Barnabas's face and manages a slight smile, trying to comfort him. "B-Barnabas, I
re-remember wh-when we first m-met. I re-remember h-how h-happy you w-were when y-you were first cu-cured," a tear escapes from the corner of her eye. She's happy that he doesn't see it. "I re-remember m-my hopes f-for the future." She unleashes what was supposed to be an ironic chuckle, but comes out as a gurgling sound. Blood trickles out of the corner of her mouth as she coughs weakly to clear her throat of the blood. "I s-see the f-future n-now a-and kn-know if you d-don't ch-change the p-past, I and the oth-others w-will h-have d-died for n-nothing. D-don't be af-afraid of s-stopping th-this on your ow-own."

She slowly closes her eyes and manages a deep breath to say, "G-Good- b-bye. I l-love you, B-Barnabas."

She releases her last breath. The final thing she hears is Barnabas calling her name.

End of Part 1

A/N: I have a bit more to add to this and I'm not sure it would make a full chapter, but I'll still add it. Eventually. :p I hope you enjoyed. :)