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Machine Gun

"Okay… what the hell is going on?" Emily thought when she walked in the bullpen. She looked around – everything was a mess. Thankfully she spotted JJ and Morgan standing beside JJ's office looking down at the main arena. Prentiss joined them. "What's going on?" the brunette asked. "Why's the Army here, again?" she added indignantly.

"Big problems." JJ told her.

"Why are we involved?" Emily questioned.

"To 'predict' when and where the next attack would be." Morgan informed her.

"Attack? I haven't heard anything on the news." As surprised as Prentiss was she was starting to feel that something not so good was about to happen …or was already happening.

"The government isn't allowing the media to know." JJ said.

Hotch walked out of his office, the only not-over-taken-room on the floor, with a high rank member of the American Army. When the guy walked down the steps into the massive crowd of Army and Feds Hotchner raised his voice, "Alright, the BAU in my office."

JJ, Derek and Emily walked to their boss' office and took a seat. Garcia was there and so was Rossi.

"Where's Reid?" Dave asked looking at JJ. She shrugged. In less than a few seconds the man in question walked into the room.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"Sit down and we'll begin." Aaron said.

And so they began. Apparently the Army had found a connection between two murders of colonels, no distinctive MO but the Army needed to be sure.

Morgan was looking at the pictures presented on the board in front of them and didn't seem happy.

"And what's this connection? Except for them both being colonels? 'Cos I don't see anything that screams 'serial' here." He asked.

Hotch didn't do anything for a moment then he looked at Dave and then at everybody, slowly judging everyone's reaction to what was happening.

"These colonels have been a part of a programme called "-.-.-.-.-.-."-" the chief started.

"That's a Russian programme for turning women into brutal killers. Operatives who had a normal life and job until one day they receive a call and somebody tells them they had given them a 'home' and money after the training for killers was completed and now they need to pay off. And paying off generally includes killing and torture." Emily elucidated.

"Russian programme? But they are in the American army?" Rossi stated more than asked.

"Things… are difficult to explain. All we need to know is that we're helping for the greater good." Hotch told them.

"Okay. So what do we do?" Morgan leaned forward and rested his forearms on his knees.

"We make a profile based on the evidence and look for a way to predict this guy's next move." Aaron explained.

"I'm not sure we'd find anything – there are only two murders with no discernible connection – no exact MO and the victimology isn't helping much." Reid said.

"What if-" JJ started but didn't finish. Everybody was looking at her.

"What are you thinking, JJ?" Morgan asked.

"Well you said that these people were involved with that organisation, right? And its purpose is to make women killers?..."

"You're thinking that maybe the unsub's a woman?" Rossi caught up with Jennifer. She nodded.

"Yeah, but look at the crime scenes. This is too disorganised to be a woman's job." Derek said.

"Yes, but look at the scene-" said Rossi and walked to the photos on the board, "It's not a disorganised kill – it's made to look that way."

"Which means she knows what she's doing…" Hotch added.

"Female serial killers are rare. They tend to murder men for material gain, are usually emotionally close to their victims, and generally need to have a relationship with the victim. Victims are not confined to only husbands. The methods they use for murder are covert or low-profile, such as murder by poison which is the preferred choice for killing. They commit killings in specific places, such as their home or a health-care facility, or at different locations within the same city or state. Other methods used by female serial killers include shootings, about 20%, suffocation - 16%, stabbing - 11%, and drowning - 5%. Though most female serial killers murder for money or other such material gain others do it for attention. And if we consider our unsub as female then she does it for nemesis." Reid lectured.

"Well, I don't know about you guys but I just got something." Garcia told them looking up from her laptop, "The ballistics sent me some info on the bullets found in the victims." The whole team looked at Garcia, "The bullets match – they have been fired from the same gun. Makarov 9mm." The tech girl informed.

"No serial number." Emily already knew the answer to that question.

"No such thing – it's untraceable especially if she hasn't bought it in the last month."

"Which she most likely hasn't." Rossi said.

"Makarov is not a very big gun. A trained woman would feel comfortable using it." Reid slipped in.

"We have to take into consideration that she may be a former or an active operative." Hotch theorized.

"How are we supposed to work when the Army's all over the place?" Morgan stood up from his seat.

"I'll talk to the Capitan. There's nothing much they can do here." Hotch announced and walked out of his office.

JJ, Morgan, Garcia and Rossi went to their respective offices. Reid and Emily had to wait until the bullpen was free again but they decided not to waste time and went to help Morgan with the research.

The whole team was working. Garcia was looking for potential suspects. Hotch was constantly on the phone with some people. JJ was helping Reid with the map and the geographical profile.

Unfortunately three murders gave a more accurate profile and so far they had only two.

"The two dead colonels are marked with a black dot. Now the rest of the people involved in … the organization are marked with different colours. I have Garcia printing a sheet of paper that shows which colour represents each rank. I haven't spotted a pattern yet." Reid explained and sat on a desk. The rest of the team took a better look at his map.


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