"A full day in here, should make you trustworthy so you can also clean for the Commander," one of the many guards that had surrounded her in the prisoner hold down below.

"I am only going to say this once," Ellie began. "I had no idea I was princess Ellie until my mother – my adoptive mother gave me the blanket I was wrapped in just 24 hours ago." Ellie progressed.

"Let Me go! Let me go!" Ellie ordered as she fought with all her strength to break free from the chains that held her to the wall.

After a few more minutes of protesting the young woman sighed a defeated sigh and hung her head in shame. "I shouldn't have gone to Azula, I knew that the princess Ellie had been banned from the place..." She whispered as a single tear fell down her face.

"You, a peasant friends with Princess Azula, I don't think so," said the guard who was in a charge of her.

A full day passed before the cell door open once more.

The girl that was being held on the wall, fell to the ground. She was very week.

"Were at Boiling Rock, prison. Put these clothes on and we'll be on our way across the lake." The maid guard said handing a red dress with pants that had a number on it, prisoner 802 written on the front and the back of it.

Ellie grabbed the clothes and went into the corner and dressed and also put on the shoes that were provided with the clothes.

"Hands out." The maid said, in her hand were a pair of handcuffs.

She held her out her hands and the cuffs were put on and tightened. She looked down at her feet and her feet were now being handcuffed by the guard that stood behind her.

"I'm not going to run." Ellie said. "My mother said never to run, if I was ever to be a prisoner. It would just do my jail time, much longer. And probably get myself killed." Ellie said. She wasn't scared now did she really care at the moment.

"Get going," said the guard behind her and pushed her onto the gondola. A bunch of others were on the same gondola, along with her. Not saying a word. They were put on the gondola by themselves with no guards.

"You look like my niece," one of the prisoners said. "My brother Kuta is here. I escaped the prison on Fire Nation hill and was arrested once more and came here."

Ellie looked up, and saw straight into her adoptive uncle's face. "Uncle Kure," Ellie examined the man who sat in front of her.

"Cara, what in the world? Where is your mother?" he asked. "Home. You know how I was adopted right?" he nodded. "Well…it turns out I'm actually Princess Ellie. Fire Lord Ozla's youngest and no longer daughter." She spoke softly. "I went to Azula, and she betrayed me she arrested me and I was sent to the Fire Lord,"

As the gondola reached its place at the end, the door was open and everyone got out. They were ordered to line up, women and men on the opposite's side as they were each labeled a number the guards didn't care whether or not they were women or men.

They were all treated like an equal.

"Prisoner 802," one of them said. He smirked. "The warden said he wants to see you the minute you got here." He then signaled for a guard to hold her and bring her up to the Wardens office.

"No, need to push me!" Ellie hissed and started up the stairs. "I will do as I am told. I am still a woman you know. Not to mention even though he doesn't say it. I still have royal blood in me." Ellie said.

They led her into a room where she was forced to sit in a chair and they handcuffed her hands to the arm rests and chained her feet to the ground.

Two more guards came in, in back of the Warden as he took his place at his desk.

"Princess Ellie, or are you now known as Cara?" the warden asked. "This stay for the next – well until you die will grow more and more uncomfortable if you do not answer me. Now, answer."

Ellie looked down at her feet. "Yes, I am more known as Cara and not Ellie so basically I was arrested for nothing." Ellie said glaring.

"No, you still have the blood of your father. He sent you here for a reason. He doesn't send young girls such as yourself to prison if you did not commit a crime. You lived in the Fire Nation for years in peace."

"Yeah I did. Until my mother gave me the blanket I was found in."

"So you went up to see Princess Azula?"

"Yes. He said that I didn't have fire bending in me at the age of five months left me, at a house. Five years later I got into my fire bending – went to see him and he arrested me. He did this without regret."

'Of course, he's the fire lord!"

"He is my birth father. No matter what I have Royal Blood inside me. Not even you can deny that warden."

"Oh yes. The Fire Lord knew you would say that." The warden said motioning two guards to grab ahold of her.

"Put her in her prison cell. The one where it does not unlock when everyone is released into the yard." The warden said.

"Yes, of course." she was handcuffed once more and was pushed out the door.

They led her down about four miles from the warden's office and opened up the door with their finger prints and took the cuffs of the girl and pushed her inside.

Only an uncomfortable mattress was inside the holding cell.

The only light came from the small opening for food, inside and so others can see in, and a window at the top. Nothing else was in that prison cell but a mattress and her.

Ellie sat down onto of the mattress, fighting it being so uncomfortable.