It came with a Price

As a billionaire and successful business man I am well aware that all things come with a price. Most anything can be bought with a sufficient amount of money, except love, and perhaps the Packers. I was so very certain that I had already paid the price for my powers, that after the debilitating eco-acne receded that I would not have to deal with further repercussions from the abilities inflicted upon me. How ironic, that the very thing that mankind has spent centuries searching for vainly has been thrust upon me, utterly unwanted. How fitting, that I should only realize it now, far too late to prevent the repercussions of this revelation.

Immortality. Viewed in folklore and legend as both desirable and a curse. It is the nature of humanity to grow and change. It is the nature of spirits to remain static until forced to adapt to survive. When they are forced together, human and spirit, you are left with a being that constantly grows in power, but is incapable of aging and dying.

The results of my research are spread before me. It is undeniable. It has been twenty-three years since my accident, and in the last thirteen I have not aged. The red glare that pervades the lab seems accusing. Why did I not notice this sooner? I have spent much of the time since acquiring my powers learning my limits and abilities. Countless tests and immaculate records have insured that I know most everything about mine and Daniel's unique condition. Ah, Daniel my boy, what am I going to tell you? Should I tell you? Will you resent me even more for not warning you? Or will you hate me further for being the bearer of bad news? You are so very attached to your family and friends. It will be your destruction one of these days.

They will wither and die while you and I remain untouched by the test of Time. What will you do when you realize that you will be unable to keep Miss Manson as I am unable to keep my beloved Maddie? They will leave you, whether of their own volition or not, and you shall be as alone as I.

It is a bittersweet revelation; all I have to do to get what I want is to wait. It may be a far longer wait than I was anticipating, but still. Like me, you cannot stand to be alone. I have been alone for the last twenty years due to my powers. If I could change that I would. Humans sense what we are, on some carnal level, and shy away. It's always there, that subtle fear in their eyes, that knowledge that something isn't quite right.

You've seen it too haven't you boy? The way they shiver when you've been pushed to the edge, the way they push you out of the group in a vain attempt to protect themselves. Your peers will never accept you, humanity at large will hunt you, and the government will try to destroy you. Why is it that you cannot accept that I am the only one who can understand what you are and accept you utterly and completely?

I sigh deeply and reach for the phone, "Jack, It's Vlad, I'll be dropping by for a visit soon, there is news that I must share with Daniel."

My first fic, just a little insight into Vlad's mind. Just so you know this isn't typical writing for me. This may or may not become background for the multi-chapter fic I'm in the planning stages for.