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Chapter Five

I'm Edward Cullen

It's been five weeks since Jarred and Kim's engagement party, the bonfire, my father's and four weeks and six days since that fucked up anniversary party and the night I first kissed Sam Uley.

Sam Uley.

Don't even get me started on that man.

I've never been around such a conundrum of a man before. He burns with such passion that it's evident in everything he does and yet he's distant, detached and acts very frightened at times. Whether it's something silly; like taking the elementary school children on a nature walk or taking time out of his day for the younger boys that always seemed to be lagging around with his group of friends.

Passion. The man is fully of it and everyone around him can see it but him.

Ironic no?

It's in the very floorboards of this apartment, it breathes in the walls. It's in the eyes of his mother, a woman who did her best to raise him despite his absentee father. It's in a little bit of everything on the reservation. Like a finger print. It's just… Sam. It's inspiring, really. To watch him take a task as simple as weeding a garden for his mother and turn into such a display of raw beauty.

Damn, that man has turned me into a poet.

I guess I should listen to Plato, At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet. Yes, it sounds just as sickening to me as it does to you, but some times I find I really can't help myself.

Moving on.

Things have settled really well for me in La Push. All of Jake's friends have been really good to me, helping me out with just about anything I need. Since my landlord, who at the moment shall remain nameless, is pretty much letting me live her for peanuts I was able to get a vehicle pretty fast. Funny enough, I bought my new ride from Billy, an old classic truck with a rebuilt engine worked on by my bestest idiot friend himself. And Sam worked on that, too.

Christ on a cracker, I have it bad.

My truck.

Yes, Bella, back on track.

My truck is a wonderful little piece of antique mechanics. It wouldn't start until the sun rose and refused to budge over fifty-five MPH. I shit you not. My girl was a testy bitch, but it was either that or hoofing it. So we had a definite hate/love relationship.

The apartment was now completely finished on my end, brand new backsplash in the kitchen and all. I really thought I'd have to turn on the doe eyed look a little more for that, but my landlord agreed without a second blink.

Classes have started and I now find myself drowning in pages of ugly yellow leaflets ranging from dissertations topics to Quileute folk lore. Yeah, I dare someone to try and sit down in my living room. Strangely enough, I hadn't made any new friends off the reservation. Weirder was that the college kids in Forks actually shied away from me. I might not be the friendliest person in the whole world, especially in the mornings, but I was far from some kind of fucking leaper. Back in Phoenix, I was actually kind of popular. Or at least people talked to me.

I groaned aloud to myself, probably drawing in the attention of half the lecture hall as suddenly remembering I had to stop at the store on the way home for Allison. Yeah, I have no feelings for Sam Uley what so ever, except the fact that I do and I spend much of my free waking hours with the man's mother, much to his chagrin.

He keeps saying she'll scare me away, but in reality he was doing a pretty good job of that himself.

The morning after the party at Sam's house, I woke up in his bed - not the way you think, perverts, his big ass was asleep on… so okay he was buck-ass naked at the end of the bed and I was topless but I swear nothing happened. Except for the toe licking thing… oh, and Paul's junk. Yeah, my life is so normal.

Mildly hung-over and starvin' like Marvin. He took me to breakfast at the dinner in Forks and to my great despair, Charlie was there with the whole fam-damn-ily. He watched us like a hawk, or should I say he watched Sam like a hawk, weird expression tugging on his brows. It was like he already knew… something and didn't know how to process it yet. Eventually I got so fed up with his staring I decided to be a real mature adult and started shooting spit-balls at Seth. Charlie lasted a whole ten minutes through Seth's whining before he stop up and made an ass of himself when he exclaimed to the entire diner "Bella, stop emasculating your Step-brother."

Sam, Sue and Leah were laughing so hard I thought for sure someone was going to piss themselves.

Since then, I've seen Sam many times, either at the house or in town. I thought I was going crazy at first or I that I had turned into some kind of a subconscious stalker. I mean the man showed up EVERYWHERE. He moved my hall tree into the entryway for me my second day in town and he saw my tits again on the eighth.

Again, not what you're thinking.

No, I was fresh out of the shower, bopping around in the kitchen to the Killers - great band - and I'd had a few glasses of wine. So when I heard a car door slam outside, I went to investigate via my living room window. It took all of two seconds after Sam looked up from his truck window and motioned to me with his finger to turn around to realize I was topless. Yeah, that wasn't embarrassing at all.

I guess it shouldn't have been. It's not like he hasn't seen 'em before.

Jesus, Bella, just stop!

We even tried to go out once. It was never said to be a date, even though it really felt like we were on one, or at least it did to me.

You know the drill; sweaty palms, racing pulse and I spending more than thirty minutes getting ready.

That to me Ladies and Gentleman, is a date.

We never did get around to the date part of it though, as soon as we arrived at the restaurant in Port Angeles, he got some mysterious phone call and ended up speeding us back to the reservation. That was the first time I saw Sam Uley look scared. What about, I didn't ask.

He showed up the next day, of course, flowers in hand and apologizing like he had just condemned my first born to death. Call me stupid, but I found his apology so damn sweet that I kissed him and boy did he kiss me back.

Then, the bastard bolted.

I still see him, my landlord, as I refer to him now-a-days. Sam was only for lustful dreams and cursing his name. I see him almost every day, usually just a glimpse. But today I'd actually spoken with him. It was a strange and awkward meeting.

Late for class, I raced about my bedroom, stubbing toes and cursing everything to the fiery pits of Hades, frantically trying to find car keys.

They had to be around here somewhere.

A knock sounded…

A throat clearing beside me drew my attention to the fact that I was in class and that I was daydreaming about Sam again. Can I say frustrating much. The lecture was about to start and I was still in la-la land when a cool tingle shot up my back like icy fingers and then it did it again.

Confused and curious now, I lifted my head from my notes, straining against the hood that was still pulled up around my cold face and cast an eye about the room and there it was. Two men, two of the most beautiful men I'd ever seen took the final two chairs beside me. Now, when I say beautiful men, I don't mean like Sam's kind of beauty. Sam was rugged, a man's man and oozed raw sex appeal. These men where pretty. Perfect faces, with perfect hair and perfect clothes.

As they sat I couldn't stop myself from staring. There was something… off, about both of them. They looked decidedly pale to me but that might just be because I spent more than ninety percent of my time in a place where everyone was at least four shades darker than me. But then again, these guys were paler than even I.

They were both of average height, maybe a bit taller than the usual but both were fit and lean. One was gorgeously blonde and while blondes aren't usually my thing, or at lest lately they weren't, I couldn't help but appraise the merchandise.

God, he was good looking.

The other had the funniest color hair I'd ever come across. It was the color of a used penny, not quite copper anymore and still not quite brown but it still gleamed in the light like it was shiny and new. As if reading my mind, Penny boys head snapped up and I was met with solid yellow eyes. Not gold or honey like Sam's, these were solid yellow and his blonde friend had an exact matching set. Weird. He smiled at me and hesitantly, I smiled back.

Reaching across the desk, copper penny stuck out a pale hand and exclaimed. "I'm Edward Cullen."

Seeing as this was the first person in Forks who's tried to make friends with me, I lowered the hood of my sweatshirt and smiled. "Bella Swan."

It was like a chain of reaction after that. As soon as my hood went down, those icy cold fingers dancing down my spine were back with a vengeance. Edward pulled his hand back like he were burned and promptly covered his mouth like he might throw up. His blonde companion leaned over whispering something in his ear too low for me to hear. Edward nodded, jumped up and ran from the room, leaving behind this semesters syllabus.

Poor guy, I thought, there was a nasty bug going around campus and I guess of all people, he caught it. I still thought it was strange that he didn't make that face until I lowered my hood but then again, I know I've experienced projectile vomit while watching Gerard Butler in nothing but a skirt, so I didn't think it was me.

Blondie got up a second later, talking into his phone furiously as he passed me and went in the opposite direction of his friend.

I really don't have a reason behind what I did next. I felt pity for the poor model like man and didn't want him to fail this class because he'd either partied to hard the night before or he really genuinely was sick. Either way, I place my own packet of paperwork in my bag, grabbed his off the desk and shot out the door in his direction. I found his a little ways down the hall, butt pressed into the wall, head between his knees and breathing deeply.

Guess he really did get sick.

"Um… excuse me. Edward, right?" His head snapped up with the first um and looked at me like I was crazy. "Uh, yeah, you forgot this when you left. I've never taken anything with Professor Jordus before but… well, I heard he's kind of an asshole." I finished lamely, shifting from foot to foot as I held out the thick bindings of paper.

Edward cocked his head a little and gave me a tightlipped smile. "Thank you." He replied tightly, holding out his hands to receive said papers.

Papers were transferring hands and all was well until I felt a sting and I hissed. "Ouch." I whined, pulling my index finger back to observe the damage. Sure enough a bright bead of blood drew the surface of my finger. "Paper cut."

It had always been fascinating to me how Newtown's relativity law applied to everyday life. For every action there is always a reaction. Yeah, I never thought a single tiny paper cut would flip my world upside down forever.

The next few seconds were a blur, or at least it happened so fast I wasn't even sure what happened. One second I was standing in front of Edward and then my back felt a surge of pain when I met the brick wall behind me. Edward had his forearm braced across my collar bone and he was snapping and snarling just inches from my face.

My heart was thudding loudly in my chest as tears streamed from my eyes. "Please?" I begged, more scared than I'd ever been. I felt like I couldn't breathe, like I was being crushed against the stone wall. I could literally hear the bones in my vertebra popping from the force but Edward didn't stop.

It seemed like he was struggling with something, not that I fucking gave a shit anymore. His eyes jerked up to mine and I gasped when I realized they were black, there was no more pretty cat like yellow visible, only ink. A growl, inhuman and terrifying ripped from his throat as he screamed at me to "stay away from me".

Yeah, really not having a problem with that, buddy.

I felt something warm rushing down my leg and somewhere in the back of my mind, I realized I had just pissed my pants but I still couldn't tear my eyes from his terrifying face. His body was like rock hard marble and I could feel the coolness of his skin seeping through my thick shirt.

Then all the pressure was gone and I fell heavily to the floor. I don't think I laid there very long before I looked up and saw that Edward was gone as well. With tears pouring down my face, I heft myself onto my shaking legs and ran. I didn't stop until I reached the inside of my truck. Still panting and sore, I didn't even removing my shoulder bag as I shoved my keys into the ignition and roared out of the parking lot, driving blindly through my tears until I reached the road that would lead me to La Push.

~ Sam ~

Even with Jared, Paul and Jacob laughing in the seat behind me I still couldn't get my mind off Tink this morning and the feeling of her lips against my skin that I was so sure I'd never feel again.

I had just stopped by to pick up her rent check. With my wolfy senses I could tell she was home, there was music playing in her bedroom above and I could hear her light footfalls and I laughed to myself, imagining her dancing.

Checking the letter box by the front door and finding it empty, I contemplated whether or not to just come back another day or if I should just man the fuck up and knock on the door.

Call me a pussy but I was still slightly afraid she'd be mad at me.

After all, I did run out on her without explanation right after she kissed me, and oh what a kiss. It was soft and sweet but entirely naughty. It was lips, teeth and tongue but no where near the force I desired. I wanted to bruise that beautiful pink mouth. I wanted to lick my way into the precious pout, fuck it and mark it as my own but Jacob it seemed, had a very different idea. His howl went up into the night air like the fucking bat signal and it was a distress call.

Fucking leeches.

Apparently, there were three new scents in the area and those bastards had been ripping people apart left and right all the way from Forks to Tacoma. For some reason, we couldn't catch them… or at least, not all of them. We had cornered and killed the dark skinned one but the blonde and his fire-crotch must have some kind of a gift for evasion. We just couldn't corner them.

The chase had been going on for weeks now. That fucking red-head would tease our borders, taunting us and effectively fucking up our love-lives and then disappears without a trace.

I should have told her something, made up some stupid excuse but really if I had just told her the fucking truth she'd already know where I was running off to at all hours of the night and she'd be marked and naked in my bed when I returned.

Her father had already given his permission. Well… after he threatened to kill me. But still I had his permission to court his daughter, my mate. Even my own mother loved her and spent a lot of her free time in either Tink's loft or I'd find Tink at my mothers; always in the kitchen.

After giving myself a mighty man pep talk, I knocked. A muffled "Who is it?" came from up the stairs and I bellowed back my name.

She told me it was open and I could already tell Tink was in a rush upstairs. She was grumbling to herself, cursing and spluttering as she thudded around. "You can come up!" She wailed which was followed by another string of impressive cursing.

I nearly fell over laughing when I found her hopping around on one foot in her bedroom. She had a sweatshirt halfway pulled over her head while she struggled with her other hand to pull on a boot. "I'm so fucking late!" she told me, practically yelling through her panic.

"Uh… yeah, your check wasn't outside but I can come by and pick up later or you-""Shit!" she swore as she hobbled over to the bed and started rummaging through her bag. "It's all filled out, I just spaced the putting it outside part."

Yanking the slip of paper out of her bag with a triumphant "Ah ha" she all but shoved it into my hands. "Sorry Sam, I'm really late for class. I gotta go." She told me as she finally pulled her other arm through the sleeve.

She looked at me, blushing slightly before she popped up onto her toes and kissed me on the corner of my mouth and started tromping down the stairs. I followed her like a lost puppy to the door. "Can we talk later?" She asked.

I was so stunned, I could only nod like an idiot but even still she smiled at me.

She fucking smiled. At me!

Get a hold of yourself!

"There's some muffins for the guy on the counter…" she called over her shoulder.

Too bad she didn't make me any-

"And I made you some Snicker Doodles too… You can let yourself out right?"

She never even gave me a chance to answer before she was out the door and I heard her truck fire up. I stood there like an idiot holding my cheek in the spot she had kissed me until I couldn't hear the loud engine of her monstrosity anymore.

"Hey," Embry shouted. "Isn't that Bella's truck." My head snapped up at the name and zeroed in on the rusted out orange truck sitting on the side of 110. The engine was cut, I could tell that much as I pulled up and I could also tell that Tink was in it.

But something was wrong.

I could feel it in my fucking bones.

Jerking my wheel to the left, I pulled a jerky U-turn and pulled up behind Bella. She was sitting in the cab of the truck, looking straight ahead through the glass.

What the hell was wrong with her?

With a rapidly beating heart, I exited the truck, not even bothering to shut my door and jogged to Tink's window. Even through the foggy glass I could tell she was as pale as I'd ever seen her and she was shaking.

Lightly rapping on the glass with my knuckles, I called her name. When she didn't respond, I tried the door handle. It gave a heavy groan as I forced the lock and immediately I was jerking my head back into the wind for fresh air. The stale air inside the cab was thick was the salt of her tears and the stink of ammonia. Urine? Even with the loud screeching metal of her door Bella still wouldn't acknowledge me, it was like she didn't even hear me. "Tink?" I called out again.

Slowly, her head turned. Her eyes were wide with fright and her bottom lip was trembling. "I pissed myself." She squeaked.

Behind me I could hear Em and Jake laughing. While in any other situation I would have been laughing right along with them, something was disturbing about her face. She looked so fucking terrified. I threw out a hand to the laughing pups behind me and in my Alpha tenor I barked. "Shut up! Something's wrong."

Jake slung himself out of the truck and jogged to my side, the others following along after him. Taking a calming breath so I wouldn't rip Jacob apart for coming to close to Bella while she was scared. I growled as that first lung full of oxygen hit my lungs.

There was no mistaking it. There was no masking it. The underlying scent of bleach and sugar clung to her.


"Tink." I called again, this time louder. "Bella!"

Her head whipped around, seeming to come alive all at once. "Sam?" She rasped as she flung herself into my arms. As soon as her tiny body hit mine, I wrapped her up and she cried out.

"Bella?" I questioned.

Tears were streaming down her face, but her legs stayed locked around my waist. "What is it, baby?"

She sniffled a little. "My back."

I looked at her confused before asking if I could put her down to look. She shook her head. With a sigh, I motioned for Jacob to have a look.

He did. Gently he lifted her thick sweater from her body. He dropped it instantly, his eyes wide as he backed away. "Jesus!"

"What? What is it?" I asked, frantic and about to explode out of my skin.

God, had she been bit? She didn't smell like she had.

Jake's awe face was quickly replaced with one of pure rage. "Jesus fucking Christ! Sam, her back- Holy fuck!" At this point it was pretty obvious that I wasn't going to get much out of Jacob like this.

"Calm down!" I ordered. "If you phase too close you could hurt her."

Seth approached then, looking as timid as ever. "Sam, would you mind?" He asked, gesturing to Bella's sweatshirt.

I shook my head.

"Bells." Seth crooned softly. "Can you hold your arms up. I need to get this sweater off. Sam's got you, he would never drop you. You know that don't you?"

She nodded, gripping me a little tighter before complying with Seth and lifting her arms over her head. Seth had the sweater off within seconds and Seth much like Jacob, dropped it to the wet pavement before stepping back with wide eyes. "Taha Aki." He whispered.

I was almost afraid to look down myself but I knew I had too.

Peeking over her shoulder and seeing what had shocked everyone so bad made me wish I hadn't looked at all. Her back was a solid fucking bruise. "Bella, what the fuck happened to you?" I asked, my voice trembling with the force of my body shaking.

Her arms were damn near choking me. "There was a man… in class… he got sick." She started.

"A man?" Embry asked.

Bella nodded. "Yeah… he was different… cold but I felt bad when he got sick, so I brought him his syllabus and I cut my finger on the paper. He… he… Oh, god." Everyone of us were growling at this point and I prayed to my ancestors for help. The last thing Bella would need right now was a giant Werewolf exploding out of her best friend's skin.

"It was a leech." I murmured.

"Bells, what was the guys name. Did he say anything to you?" Jake asked.

Again, she nodded. "He introduced himself. Edward Cullen. His skin was so cold, Jake."

A fucking Cullen!

A million things were raging through my mind as I tried to stay collected enough to lead my pack, all the while trying hard not to phase and kill my imprint. The first order of business had to be Bella. I needed to get her to the Rez, I had to make her safe. Then I'd deal with those fucking leeches.

Nodding to myself, I started barking out orders. "Jake, Paul, call Emily and Leah, have them meet us at my place. Embry, drive Bella's truck. Seth you're with me. Jared, you and Paul are running back, if you're followed… kill them."

As soon as I had myself and Bella secured in the passenger seat, I fished my phone from the inner console and dialed my mother.

"Hey baby-boy, I thought you were heading to Port Angels?" She answered brightly.

"Change of plans." I told her gruffly. "Look, can you do me a favor?"

"You know I will. What's wrong, Sam, you sound upset?" Leave it to my mother to sniff me out without even having to see my face.

"I'll explain later. I need you to call Billy Black and get me some clothes from Tink's, make sure they're loose and warm, pack enough for a couple of days. If I need more after that, I can get them later myself."

"Sam, what's going on?" I could tell she was losing her patience. I really didn't have the time or the patience myself to deal with it, but this was my mother and I could tell she was just worried.

Clearing my throat. "Mom, I can't explain right now. Meet me at my house?"

"Of course baby. Is Bella okay?"

I sure hoped she would be.

Leah, Emily and my mother were all on my wrap around porch when Seth squealed into the drive. My mother was completely frantic, Leah looked pissed as usual and Emily was calm and collected. At least one of us was.

As soon as the truck was in park my mother was off the porch like a shot and opening my door. Tears were already shining in her dark eyes. "Oh god, Sam, her back."

I nodded, as I really couldn't say much right now that wouldn't come out snappy or a growl.

"Leah, grab the hot water bottle from under the sink in the master bath. Emily, will you start a warm shower for Bella, please?" My mother barked, fully out panic mode quickly replaced by her over powering need to mother my mate.

I wasn't complaining a bit.

Quickly, we ushered a rain-soaked and urine saturated Tink into my house and into the my bathroom. "Alright, Tink, we gotta get you in the shower now, baby-girl." I told her as I tried to set her down on the countertop. Bella wasn't having it. At all.

Her legs were like steel around my waist as her arms tightened around my neck. She was shaking her head and sobbing all the harder. "Shh," I soothed. "I won't leave if you don't want me too, but baby, you have to let me get you undressed."

She nodded, obviously not ashamed for me to see her so vulnerable. "Alright, baby."

Stripping her wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be after I told her I was staying with her, but getting that little ass in the shower proved difficult. "Come baby, we gotta get you warm." I told her, trying to remain calm, though all I wanted to do was fucking take a big bite out of a sparkling Cullen ass, at this point I didn't even care which one.

"No…no…" She cried, shaking her head and hauling her gloriously naked ass back up into my arms.

It became apparent after a few minutes that she wasn't getting into that shower unless I went with her. Apparently mom agreed with me.

"Samuel Adam Uley, get your ass into that shower with your girl before I come in there and shove your naked ass in there myself!" Mom hollered through the door.

Alrighty then.

Although I sure as hell didn't mind getting buff around my imprint, and my mother obviously didn't mind either, I wasn't so sure how Bella would handle my junk being all up close and personal after such a traumatic day.

Ask her fuck-nut.

"Tink, do you want me to stay with you… in the shower, I mean?" I asked, taking her face in both palms, fuck I had to be sure about this, I didn't need to freak her out anymore than she was already.

She nodded quickly. "Don't leave me!" She squeaked.

Alright, Sam, you can do this. It's only your imprint, buck ass naked in the shower. You can do this.

"Alright, baby-girl, let me take off my shorts, okay?" She nodded again.

I can do this! I can do this! I can do this!

Here goes nothing…