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If he'd been asked to describe the week he'd just experienced, Tim McGee would have to describe it as harrowing and rougher than usual. In fact, he hadn't had a week this bad since his first year on the job some six years ago, when he'd still been a very green newbie; A.K.A. – Tony's Probie. From first thing Monday morning until now, almost eight Friday night, the days had really beaten him down. Every hour seemed to torment him that little bit. Not only had there been no fresh case, but Tony had been goofing off all week while they were stuck sloughing through cold cases. Sure, it was typical for the Senior Field Agent because that was always the mood he was in, but this week he had gotten away with it while snarking at Tim every chance he got for no reason whatsoever. Tony himself had admitted to that at least twice in the last four days alone.

And to top off the already stressful environment of boredom and staleness that working cold cases caused after a prolonged period created, had Gibbs' in a constant ill temper. Apparently it had been cultivated by the very same trigger of monotony. The boss had been more irritable and snappy these last five days than he'd been in a very long time, barking orders all day long. Most of the time they were at Tim, leaving the youngest member of the team feeling as though he had grown some sort of target on his forehead that the former sniper couldn't possibly miss.

To make matters worse, every time Gibbs barked at Tim, Tony grinned like a Cheshire cat, almost as if this was some kind of game to him. Needless to say, Tim's blood had started boiling on about Wednesday afternoon and was now at the point of nearly exploding, putting him in a place where he was in no mood for anything else from either of them. He'd done his job all week from start to finish, kept his nose to the cold cases he'd been assigned and spent no time whatsoever goofing around. Heck, he'd barely taken the time to eat anything with Gibbs literally breathing down his neck. On second thought; this week had been worse than any on his first two years on this team because there was no rhyme or reason for it.

While weeks similar to this were nothing new after all these years on the MCRT, the lack of a genuine reason for Gibbs' bad mood was fairly uncommon. His barking at Tim for no apparent reason, even more so. Tim didn't know what he'd done to set the man off, but he was glad the work week was almost over. If he had to spend another hour watching Tony grin at the boss like they were in cahoots over something while Gibbs took his mood out on Tim, the younger man seriously believed he'd need to go hit the punching bag at the gym. With a sigh of tired frustration, he packed up his work station, intent on heading out for the weekend they thankfully had off.

The building was nearly empty, with only Gibbs' team left as the very thin late night crew shuffled in and disappeared to their perspective work areas on different floors. Tim set his back pack down, glanced over at Ziva's already empty desk and smiled. He was glad she was on vacation for the week, even if that was the reason Tony had been so full of himself and so full of ways to dole the crap out to Tim all week. It had been a relatively easy five days in regard to the workload and she'd earned the rest. Picking up his coffee cup, he headed to the break room, suddenly desperate for the caffeine boost for the ride home.


Tony grinned as he stood with his back pinned to the wall, his arms held over his head by the iron grip, in hands roughened by life, yet softened with tenderness, currently holding him hostage, his mouth being met and captured in a soul searing kiss that stole his breath away. Finally, needing to breathe, he ripped his mouth away with sheer brute force, his head hitting the wall with a thud, his breathing harsh and unsteady. "God, Gibbs! This my reward for keeping you entertained by giving Probie hell all week?"

"Keeping me entertained? Or yourself?" Gibbs smirked as he tweaked Tony's nipples almost painfully while teasing his mouth with nibbles and nips.

"Ow! Yeah, you know, while you've been bored out of your mind with cold cases while Ziva's been gone time all week?"

"Hmm." Gibbs murmured. "That's what you were doin'. I thought you were just baiting McGee like you always do. That's why I didn't say anything." His mouth found Tony's again, plundering it fast and hard, taking no prisoner as his hands roved, tweaked and twisted the younger man's skin in places he knew would evoke sensitive reaction.

Tony pulled away, desperate for air. "You keep this up and I'm gonna cum right here!" he moaned as his eyes closed in a moment of sheer pleasure

"That right?" Gibbs growled seductively as he ghosted his hand down Tony's groin. "Just because we're alone, doesn't mean you get to cum. What I tell you when we first coupled up, Anthony?"

"God, You know how it turns me on when you say my name like that!" The Italian moaned. "Say it again, please."

"Not until you answer the question." The older man replied sternly.

"Gibbs that was three months ago! You think I remember, AAGGH!" Tony's words morphed into a loud exclamation as Gibbs hand squeezed him, already aching and hard; through his now uncomfortably tight pants, causing the younger man to squirm in order to gain the friction he now needed desperately. His eyes snapped open and speared the older man with a glare.

"You lookin' for some punishment, Tony?" Gibbs smirked as his hand slid up the younger man's body to his nipple and pinched it harshly.

"OW! Oh, God, Gibbs!" Tony yelped as some of his ardor cooled quickly and his eyes closed again, this time in discomfort.

"Tell me how much you've forgotten?" The older man ordered sternly.

"Nothing. I'm sorry, I fibbed." Tony whined as his nipples suffered in turn through the light mistreatment.

"Is that right?" Came the gravelly voice that always sent a shiver of pure lust through the younger man. Gibbs smirked again as he slid his free hand back down Tony's body and once again applied squeezing pressure to the younger man's groin; this time framing the rapidly swelling member and gently massaging it before letting it go to slide the zipper down on the slacks currently in the way of skin to skin contact even as Tony's eyes remained glued to his, their mutual rising lust fueling each other's fire.

"Ooh, Gibbs." Tony moaned in rising ecstasy as his head began moving from side to side in restlessness.

Hearing the zipper being undone quickened Tony's breathing and set the adrenaline racing though his veins; his vision beginning to blur with the erotic feel to this moment, causing the younger man's eyes to slide closed with pleasure once more. Breathing heavy, Tony fought to think straight as Gibbs shifted against him in order to attack the younger man's neck, nipping and sucking at the juncture of his shoulder while his one hand continued to hold Tony's arms over his head and his other hand began to reach inside younger man's pants.

As his lover's hand wrapped itself around his engorged throbbing muscle, the younger man panted, "Ooh! Good...Ah! Thing…Gibbs! everyb'y's ….gone …ooh! Gonna cum! GIBBS!" Tony's eyes snapped open with the need to ground himself in Gibbs' cobalt blue oceans of lust and need while he fought the onslaught of his surging release.

"That's it. Cum for me, Tony." Gibbs ordered in that same tone, this time giving his lover permission to let go before returning to suck and nibble on Tony's neck.

"NNGGGHHH!" Tony cried out as he spilled forth his release, at the same time his eyes caught a blur of movement that told him he and his lover weren't alone after all.

"Oh, CRAP!" The Senior Field Agent's quiet words were filled with genuine regret as his eyes remained frozen in place over the Team Leader's shoulder.

Turning his head, Gibbs felt his heart drop.