Hey everyone! OK so I'm *brand new* to and this is my first entry! It's about two characters from my absolute favourite film, Titanic! So of course it is about star-crossed lovers Jack and Rose. This entry is kind of like a preview to what I'm planning to write so please be kind, I'm completely new to this! Thanks! :)

The two lovers lay bare, intertwined, feeling the warmth from one another's body. There could not have been a more perfect moment created, this is all they ever wanted. To be loved by one another, to be held so closely that you could feel each heartbeat, this was all that was important. This tender, soft moment of divineness, passion, love.

Jack watched Rose as she lay fast asleep. She really is beautiful, he thought to himself. How did he get so lucky? To have found someone so flawless, so perfect, someone that he knew that he couldn't just walk away from. Where had she been all of his life? He stroked her soft cheek, and promised to himself that he would never, ever let her out of his sight. Rose began to stir, her blue eyes slowly opening, focusing on Jack as he watched down on her, smiling.

"Jack, I'm coming off with you when the boat docks." Rose began.

"You're crazy Rose". Jack replied smiling.

"I don't care what Mother or Cal or anyone else for that matter thinks. Jack, can't you see? This isn't stupid or irresponsible what we're doing, we're meant to be together."

"I know my love. Rose, when I'm with you, I feel like there's nothing in this world that I can't do. When I'm with you, you're all that matters – nothing else." Jack whispered, holding Rose closely, lovingly.