A/N: This is my first Pokemon Fanfiction that focus' on Ash. Consider this some AU, but him catching Legendary Pokemon and other Powerful Pokemon along with his own. Review and tell me what you think.

Chronicles of the Chosen One: Pokemon Master


Ash Ketchum was born in Pallet town. Growing up, his grades were good in school, and he was a child prodigy similar to a rival of his, Gary Oak. You'd often see him helping out Professor Oak, a legendary Pokemon Researcher. Something was unique about him and you could tell every time you met up with him. The only thing is, the one time he was excited about getting his Pokemon Trainer's license…..he woke up late by knocking his alarm clock off.

Needless to say, Ash found himself in some strange situations. Despite his unusual tendency to seem dumb, he really was smarter than people gave him credit for. Sometimes it was just another adventure. But let's start from where his first major adventure was just about to end…on New Island.

Two Pokemon where battling in an arena where there were several injured Pokemon on the sidelines. It had been a recent battle between cloned Pokemon and natural bred Pokemon. Things were going to change this day. The two Pokemon powered up their attacks ready to fire at each other. One of the Pokemon was the Legendary Mew, while the other Pokemon was its clone, Mewtwo. The aura was pink for Mew, and blue for Mewtwo. Finally they unleashed a powerful beam of energy that was going to meet in the middle. But their attacks would harm the Pokemon surrounding the area.

Fed up with the fighting, Ash who was fairly banged up from surviving falls and being thrown around, got up and intercepted both attacks. "Stooooooop!"

There was a resulting explosion. "Piiiika!" His little companion yelled. Ash…..stood there but then, he fell to the ground turning to bitter stone.

"Fool!" Mewtwo spoke, "Trying to stop our battle….."

Pikachu ran over to his fallen trainer trying to get his attention. But Ash didn't move. He wasn't Ash anymore. He was a statue. Pikachu had tried various electric attacks to no avail. He just…..broke down.

"This boy…" Mewtwo thought, "He saved…..all the Pokemon, killing himself."

Then something happened. A ghost was standing over Ash. However no one saw it, but the two psychic Pokemon. "Do you see what happens when you quarrel over something so trivial as the revelation of one's birth?" It said, "Life is life, it doesn't matter how you're born different as you two focused on. Maybe if you started focusing on what's the same instead of looking at what's different, you'd find peace."

"Who are you?"

"I'm everything that drives Ash to do what he does," The ghost said, "His soul. You both have a lot of prejudice against humans and Pokemon that were born different from you. I can sense it. If you truly want to be accepted, Ash is the one."

"I won't bow to the whims of a human," Mewtwo growled in his thoughts.

"That pain and anger inside of you can be healed," The spirit said, "Ash will shoulder it and let you learn to live peacefully. You will never know true peace like this my friend, if you continue to seclude yourself. Mew, I sense you feel a sense of indifference within you about harming the boy. You don't mind humans, yet you don't want to be near them as you're scared of being treated like a treasure than a Pokemon. Ash isn't like that. As powerful, and wise as you both are. This boy can teach you things you wouldn't imagine. The choice is yours and yours alone, but remember this. He sacrificed himself not only for the Pokemon, but for you….."

The ghost faded away as the tears of life were coming from every Pokemon around, other than the two Psychic Pokemon. Ash began to glow. His body had regained consciousness. "Pikachu?" He struggled to speak.

"Pikapi!" Pikachu uttered instantly and Ash wrapped his arms around his Pokemon.

"I'm alright."

"Ash." Mewtwo spoke psychically, "I'm…sorry." Suddenly, the only people standing around him were Misty, Brock, the cloned Pokemon, and the Pokemon that were owned by them and Ash.

"Mewtwo…." Ash said getting up looking around.

"You've taught me something that I never even considered," Mewtwo said, "Although I'm not particularly trustworthy of humans. I have this unnatural urge to repay you. I want to learn how to accept my birth. Can you teach me?"

"Teach you what?" Ash asked confused. Two words echoed through Ash's brain.

"Train me."

"Train you?" Ash uttered completely thrown off, "You mean….?"

"Yes," Mewtwo spoke finally.

"Uh-are you sure?" Ash stuttered, "I mean you can do whatever you want."

"Please," Mewtwo said, "Let me repay you."

"Okay…." Ash said gulping as Pikachu took his normal spot on his shoulder, "Mewtwo." He paused looking at the other Pokemon. "What about your clones. They can't just be forgotten about."

"That does produce a problem," Mewtwo spoke, "I'd let them wander around on their own, but in this world, there's not many places for cloned supercharged Pokemon. I can however, permanently block their high levels and let them grow like normal Pokemon."

"They wouldn't survive would they?" Ash asked, "Being clones and all. They wouldn't know how to fend for themselves and find the right food would they?"

"I'm afraid not," Mewtwo said.

Ash bit his lip. "What if...," He started, "Nah that's stupid."

"No…." Mewtwo said, "Your idea is fine with me."

"Ash what idea" Misty asked.

"I'll take care of all the cloned Pokemon," Ash said, "But Mewtwo, are you sure? "

"Positive," Mewtwo said.

"Mewwwwwww," The pink cat like Pokemon uttered.

"Oh one more thing my friend," Mewtwo said, "She wants the same as I do." However everyone flinched when the next words of Ash came out of his mouth.

"OH YOU"VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" Ash yelled in shock.

"Mew?" The New Species Pokemon uttered. It's eyes watered a little as if it was about to cry.

"Ash…." Mewtwo said, "You hurt her feelings."

"Oh no Mew," Ash tried to amend, "I didn't mean to do that, but I've never had a Legendary Pokemon for myself. It's just unbelievable."

Mew nodded and started to laugh in her usual banter. She flew around him excitedly.

"Ash," Brock said in shock, "Are you sure you can handle all of these Pokemon?"

"You never know until you try," Ash said shrugging.

All the Pokemon looked at Ash. That was a lot of a lot of Pokemon he'd have a time with.

"Very well," Mewtwo said, "It's settled then. Where were you going before I sent your invitation?"

"Uh back to Pallet town," Ash said, "I was training for the Pokemon League competitions coming up in a month."

"Alright then," Mewtwo said, "Everyone hold on."

A blinding light flashed all around them and suddenly they appeared in Pallet town. The Pokemon were all sprawled around the place dizzy, as well as Ash and his friends. "Nice one," Ash said lightheaded and lying ontop of his Charizard, "Mewtwo…"


Mew started giggling uncontrollably.