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Chronicles of the Chosen One: Pokemon Master

Chapter 22: Falkner

"Heracross use megahorn," Ash commanded his Heracross.

"Cross!" His Pokemon replied.

"Dodge it with dig Eevee then use shadow ball!" An unnamed trainer countered. His eevee went underground then shot a Shadow ball out just as Heracross passed over it. Heracross fell to the ground knocked out.

"Ha!" The trainer said grinning, "I told you I'd beat you!"

"Heracross return," Ash spoke smiling, "Yes you did. Congratulations. I'll be on my way now."

Ash had been challenged ten times on his journey since the capture of his Stantler herd. Out of all those times, Ash has only succeeded in winning three. Now many would think that was preposterous due to Ash's title as a League Tournament Champion. But Ash has been doing nothing but training his local Johto population of Pokemon in the majority of his time as he travels. The reason being was that he wanted to get them all trained up at least half the level of experience as his other Pokemon. His many Heracross and one Furret had met his expectations so far. Now it was all about his Stantler. There were five that he was training to be exact as his others were too scared and didn't want to train. There were various other reasons for the latter, but each individual Pokemon was its own. Ash left it at that. He didn't pressure his Pokemon into training.

Ash had found himself on the road to Cherry Grove City. Along the way, he came across a Chikorita who immediately challenged him. Usually, Ash was the one challenging wild Pokemon. This time, it was the other way around.

"Chicoh!" The little Pokemon had uttered in confidence.

"A Chikorita?" Ash wondered out loud.

The Chikorita went to tackle Ash to which Pikachu immediately knocked it away with an Iron tail. The Chikorita was strong as it was able to get up after Pikachu's Iron Tail. It huffed gritting its teeth before unleashing a vinewhip. "Pikachu," Ash spoke, "Stop her short now."

"Pi," His companion spoke before jumping up and grabbing ahold of the Chikorita's vines and slinging it into a nearby tree. The Chikorita got back up and unleashed a razor leaf before running alongside them and going in for a tackle.

"Stand your ground," Ash spoke, "Then use slam." Both Razor leaf hit Pikachu, which he just stood there, and then Chikorita made contact with Pikachu only to hit something akin to an onyx's skin. Pikachu's endurance was pretty good, anything bigger than Pikachu could easily topple him over due to gravity and sheer size. But Chikorita was around the same size. Ash's confidence on Pikachu being able to stand his ground was in a good place, not that he was worried to begin with. Chikorita looked at Pikachu with obvious shock. "You can't win Chikorita," Ash spoke, "Pikachu is stronger than you are."

Chikorita stubbornly started to headbutt Pikachu who just stood there taking the hits. Chikorita's weak attacks weren't doing anything to hurt Pikachu. All Pikachu did was take the headbutt head on with his forehead. Nothing stopped. Chikorita, after ten minutes of nonstop attacking, just collapsed in pure exhaustion.

"The will to fight on no matter what," Ash said walking over and getting on one knee, "That's what I like about Pokemon." Chikorita looked up at him, "You're strong willed Chikorita. What you lack in strength is substituted in the drive to never give up until you can't go anymore." Ash could tell by the emotions radiating off of the little grass Pokemon, that this was a female. "If you desire to be stronger, and want to be something like Pikachu, then come along with me. You can be stronger. All it takes is being trained by me." The chikorita gritted her teeth in determination.

"Chikoh!" She uttered shaking her head.

"Fine then," Ash said getting up and using his own twisted version of reverse psychology, "Good luck getting stronger then." Pikachu jumped up on his trainer's shoulder just as Ash continued down the path to Cherry Grove City. He could feel something in Chikorita spark. It was akin to something similar to heartbreak. He smirked. She gave in.

"Chikoh!" He heard her say before running along behind him.

"What is it?" He asked turning around.

"Chikoh Chik-Oh!" She uttered jumping up and down. She stopped and used her vines to grab something off of Ash's belt. A pokeball.

"All that energy expended and you are still bouncing around like a happy Growlithe," Ash deadpanned, "I guess you reconsidered my offer." The Chikorita nodded. "Very well then." He grabbed the Pokeball from Chikorita. "Welcome to the team." With that, he captured her.


Soon, Ash had found Cherry Grove city. He arrived just in time for the Blue Moon festival. It involved a lot of pokemon known as Quagsire. Sadly, he wasn't allowed to catch one due to restrictions involving Quagsire preservation. He enjoyed the festival immensely though, even if he was worried about the G.S Ball not being returned.

After Ash had rested up and stocked up on essential traveling supplies, he left Cherrygrove City behind only to come across a trainer with some very interesting Pokemon called Ledyba. He learned how the trainer Arielle used a whistle to command the swarm. Ash found this pretty handy, which gave him a few ideas if he ever settled down on New island. He wound up on another adventure involving a klutz for a Blissey who was aspiring to be a nurse Pokemon. Ash ended up more injured than he would with years of walking all by himself in a forest. But it was worth it to see the Blissey finally overcome her klutziness after Ash had been covered in scratches from the Blissey in the first place.

The Fan Club of Ash Ketchum had been really busy. It all started up when Ash revealed Mew and Mewtwo to the world at the Indigo League conference. Ash was mildly interested in it. He just wanted to see what people had to say. He signed in on as anonymous. There was a list of Pokemon Ash had accumulated so far, though only what people have seen him with. There was a speculation page about his acquired species. Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres were at the top of that list along with several other Kanto regional Pokemon which was false. It seems that the fanclub was nothing but a web of spies to Ash. It may have sounded harsh, even if they were fans, but it was the truth. Outside of being in the wilderness, he was always watched by fans. The only reason he failed to notice, was that he didn't care. He never got a request for autographs, which he was thankful for. He just minded his own business. He closed his PokeGear and looked at his two Dratini.

The two had grown immensely stronger compared to their younger days. Ash trained them well in attacks that all of his Pokemon would eventually learn. But he also put an emphasis on Ice based attacks such as Ice Beam. The pair had really grown compared to their adolescent days. At the moment, they were sparring against one another which mostly meant clashing attacks. They never got one up on the other. Ash liked that. Dragon Pokemon were very hard to train, and Ash was figuring out why. They relied on durability and power compared to speed and agility. They had a few more training sessions and a few more battles to go before either of them evolved.

"Alright you two," Ash said, "Take a break." The two Dratini made sputtering sounds in annoyance. "Too much training is a bad thing. If you keep this up, you'll wear yourselves out before you can evolve and get stronger. The two gave a wide eyed look to their trainer in shock. "Thought so." And just like that, the two Dratini wrapped up with each other and began drifting off. Ash looked over at his Chikorita who was in a friendly sparring session with Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur was teaching Chikorita how to make its razor leaf attack faster and more accurate. One thing Ash liked about his Pokemon was that the ones with more experience always mentored the ones with less experience. If one was analyzing how things worked with Ash and his Pokemon, they'd realize that Ash, being the owner of the Pokemon and their trainer, was in charge. Mewtwo and Pikachu were pretty much second in command, due to Pikachu had the most experience being in Ash's care, and Mewtwo being able to read Ash's thoughts and be able to break the language barrier.

He got up. The training had been going on for a couple of hours. It was time to get moving once more. "Alright everyone," He spoke, "Return." He called them each back to their pokeballs, then continued through the forest with his Pikachu. After spending a large amount of time walking through the forest, Ash found out that he would not always be the first to attack a Pokemon. Something shot out of the canopy of leaves above him. Pikachu heard it and warned him. He jumped back just as he saw thick silk attach to the ground.

"Stringshot?" Ash questioned before looking up. Another came at him. He dodged again. "Hey what's the big idea?" Then a little green arachnid-like Pokemon jumped down and started sputtering at the trainer. It looked angry. "A Spinarak?"

"Spinarak!" The arachnid pokemon uttered before firing a poison sting at Ash.

Pikachu was already on the offensive, without Ash commanding him to be. Pikachu sent out a small jolt of electricity that redirected the poison sting. "Looks like this little guy has some spunk," Ash said to his Pikachu.


"Let's add him to our team."

"Chu!" Pikachu spoke before unleashing a thundershock from Ash's shoulder. Ash felt a little tingling sensation but nothing else from this. Pikachu had learned how to control his powerful electrical shocks to the point of not harming anyone he was in contact with if he chose not to. With Spinarak caught and in his arsenal, Ash continued further.

Violet City was a colorful place due to the colors of the flora being stuck in mid fall year round. Ash ended up near a Pokemon Training school for younger kids. As a result, some of them noticed he was the Conference Champion of the Indigo League. The kids were slightly rowdy, wanting to see all of Ash's Pokemon. Ash refused of course, but he did let them see three of the ones he had on hand which was a diverse group. One was obviously Pikachu, the other was his male Dratini, and the last was his Heracross. Ash ended up teaching the kids about status problems such as paralysis, poisoning, frozen, and burning. He told them that each of his Pokemon knows at least one attack that is capable of damaging with a status changing attack.

After he taught them all of that, he accompanied them on a field trip to the Sprout Tower. The pillars sway like a Bellsprout's body, something Ash thought was pretty cool considering the architectural design of the place. With a little history of house the Tower was built under his belt, Ash left and made his way towards the Violet City Gym.

The gym was pretty cool looking being a large circular tower with a stadium atop it. A while back, Ash had done his research on Johto gyms and their leaders. It was a smart move on his part. Like he did in Kanto, he only went after the toughest Gyms in the region. It just so happened that Violet City was the first of the Eight toughest gyms while the last being the one in Blackthorn City. He saw Falkner hang-gliding, and it just so happened that he landed atop his gym. Ash proceeded inside. The interior of the tower had a lot of perches with no real floor other than stairs. Falkner was supposed to be the king of flying types in the Johto Region. I guess this proved it due to all the pidgey, spearow, hoothoot, Pidgeotto, Fearow, and Doduo there were.

"Well hello there," Ash heard from above him. Up on a balcony-like area at the top of the tower was Falkner.

"Hello," Ash replied, "I'm here to challenge your gym Falkner."

"Ash Ketchum I presume?" Falkner spoke, "The kid who owns Mew and Mewtwo and won the Indigo Conference and the Orange League Challenge. I was wondering when you'd show up."

"Today at this moment in time," Ash replied coolly.

"I hope you don't expect an easy win here," Falkner spoke.

"Not with the Pokemon I assembled for this challenge," Ash replied, "Are we going to battle or exchange pleasantries all day?"

"Straight to the point," Falkner said, "You are indeed a no nonsense trainer. Very well, come on up."

Ash obeyed, walking up to the arena. "As the expert in flying types, I will only use Flying type Pokemon," Falkner spoke, "this gym battle will be a three on three battle, I am not allowed substitutions."

"Then I won't either," Ash spoke up.

"As you wish," Falkner spoke, "I choose Hoothoot as my first Pokemon for this battle." He threw out his Pokeball revealing his Hoothoot.

"Very well," Ash spoke, "I counter with Chikorita."

"A Chikorita?" Falkner spoke, "You realize that it has a type disadvantage right?"

"Don't underestimate my Pokemon," Ash retorted.

"Understood," Falkner spoke, "You get the first move."

"Chikorita?" Ash spoke, "Do your thing. Tackle."

"Fly," Falkner spoke, "then peck."

"Vine whip." The little skirmish ended up with Chikorita using vinewhip to latch ahold of Hoothoots wings and slam it to the ground. "Follow up with headbutt."

"Hoothoot use wing attack!"

The two attacks collided, but Chikorita's will was stronger and broke through. "Excellent Chikorita," Ash said, "Now Razor Leaf and tackle." Chikorita obeyed sending a flurry of razor leaves at Hoothoot, smothering it and hampering its ability to fly. Then, a tackle from Chikorita ended the round for Hoothoot.

"Impressive," Falkner spoke returning his Pokemon, "That's the first time Hoothoot has been taken down by a Grass type." He called out another, "Well then, let's see how you like this one! Fearow go!"

"Begin," The referee announced.

"Fearow use wing attack now!"

"Protect," Ash said, "Then use Razor Leaf."

"Fearow Gust." A powerful gust blew back the razor leaves, which it along with high winds hit Chikorita. Suffering damage, she flew back. A second later, she huffed getting up. "Now use Peck!"

"Chikorita," Ash spoke, "prepare yourself." Chikorita looked up at the Fearow that was diving at her. "Use your vinewhip on his right wing now! Then give it a good tug." Chikorita obeyed and pulled as hard as she could. The Fearow flipped over and landed on the ground on its back skidding. "Now headbutt!" She obeyed running at the Fearow.

"Wing attack!" Falkner yelled.

Fearow obeyed, swatting Chikorita away like a ragdoll with its powerful wing. Even when it couldn't fly at the moment, it was still powerful. Chikorita fell unconscious due to a combination of inferior battle experience and taking a beat down from a pokemon with the advantage over her. Still though, Ash was proud of his little Chikorita for putting up such a fight.

"Chikorita is unable to battle," The referee spoke, "This round goes to Fearow."

"Return Chikorita," Ash spoke proudly, "You didn't disappoint."

"I must say," Falkner spoke as his Fearow returned to upright position, "You have a habit of surprising your opponents. That Chikorita of yours is resilient."

"Thanks," Ash nodded, "But you're going to need a lot than wing power to defeat my next Pokemon. Come on out, Stantler!"

The first fully grown male Stantler of the herd Ash had captured, came out. Ash had been training this one relentlessly as he was the only one who wanted to battle.

"Begin!" The referee announced.

"Fearow gust!" Falkner ordered. Fearow obeyed creating a powerful gust.

"Stantler," Ash spoke, "Hold your ground." Stantler obeyed ready for the gust. "Now. Hypnosis." Stantler's antlers emitted a strong wave of psychic energy that Fearow got a full dosage of. Fearow dropped to the ground immediately. "Thunder." Stantler obeyed, immediately incapacitating the large Bird Pokemon. Falkner looked at Ash in shock. Ash read the expression easily. "Element of surprise," Ash shrugged.

Falkner merely nodded, looking sort of mad about the fact before returning his Fearow. "Come on out Pidgeot!"

"Stantler be ready," Ash said knowing that this Pidgeot was trained pretty well. He had two of his own and they were some of the strongest Pidgeot alive.

"Pidgeot Wing attack!"

"Protect," Ash spoke, "Then use thunderbolt."

Stantler obeyed protecting himself then shocking Pidgeot. Pidgeot shrugged it off.

"Pidgeot use gust!"

"Stantler use stomp into the gym floor then Shadow Ball!" Ash ordered.

Stantler, thanks to Ash's quick thinking stood his ground before launching a Shadow ball. Pidgeot was hit again. Falkner seemed to be losing his patience. "Pidgeot use quick attack now and combine it with steel wing!"

"Stantler!" Ash said for once in fear for his Pokemon in this battle. Stantler was smacked to the side as if it had taken on a rampaging Tauros. Stantler fell unconscious.

"Stantler is unable to battle," The referee spoke, "Pidgeot wins this round!"

"Return Stantler," Ash spoke returning his beloved pokemon. "Let's see how you like this one then Falkner. Kabutops, come on out!" Ash was royally aggravated. His Stantler was one of his gentler pokemon. It now saw how gentle wasn't always the brightest way to go in battles. Time for revenge….

"A Kabutops?" Falkner said surprised, "I thought those things were supposed to be extinct."

"Not all are," Ash spoke, "I've seen an entire colony of Kabuto before. He was a part of that colony."

"Begin!" the referee spoke.

"Pidgeot use quick attack and steel wing again!" Falkner spoke.

"Kabutops block it with Rockslide!" Ash yelled, "Then use Rock tomb!"

Kabutops obeyed deflecting the massive bird with a rockslide before encasing it with more rocks. Pidgeot broke free, but was heavily damaged.

"Aqua Jet!" Ash spoke, "Then encase yourself with Ice beam!" The combination of attacks hit Pidgeot like a bullet. "Now finish it with Night Slash!"

Pidgeot plummeted to the ground immediately falling unconscious before impact. Kabutops landed gracefully before swiping his scythes together.

"Pidgeot is unable to battle," The referee announced, "Victory goes to Kabutops and the Challenger Ash Ketchum."

Falkner looked stunned. His cool demeanor had slowly been diminishing since the battle began. He didn't understand how Ash could obtain powerful Pokemon and train them to counter a gym leader's moves so quickly. Ash hadn't had that Kabutops in the Indigo league or the Orange League had he? No, Falkner had watched both Leagues. He shook his head returning his Pidgeot.

"Well then," Falkner said bewildered, "Congratulations Ash. You've managed to annihilate my pokemon and win a badge. I had a feeling that your last Pokemon would be something I wouldn't be expecting. But then again, the way you handled them in their clear disadvantages, I wasn't expecting that either."

"Yeah," Ash said simply as he returned his Kabutops, "I have a habit of doing that."

Falkner walked up and gave Ash his badge. "The Zephyr Badge," Falkner spoke, "It's yours."

"Thank you," Ash replied nodding and taking it, "I must say, your Pidgeot is strong, but my two are stronger. You train it up a little more and I'd love to have one of my two go talon to talon with yours."

Falkner looked a little put off but he nodded. He knew Ash was right. Ash's two Pidgeot were very powerful and he knew he wouldn't stand a chance against him if he used any of his previous League pokemon. He watched as Ash walked out of his gym, an intense passion burning through him now. As infuriating as Ash was over his casual challenge. He would train his Pokemon harder now, and maybe one day challenge Ash to another battle.


Ash's Pokemon

Indigo League Arc-

Natural Born-

Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Pidgeot, Squirtle, Charizard, Muk, Kingler, Tauros(30), Gengar, Primape.


Raichu, Ivysaur, Pidgeot, Wartortle, Meowth, Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Gyarados, Vaporeon, Wigglytuff, Vileplume, Rhydon, Rapidash, Ninetails(1M1F), Psyduck, Golduck, Scyther, Hitmonlee, Seadra, Nidoqueen, Tentacruel, Sandslash, Dewgong.


Mew, Mewtwo

Orange Islands Arc-

Spearow (F), Fearow(M), Lapras(F), Butterfree-Butterfree(P), Crystal Onix, Kabutops (x2), Snorlax, Nidoking(S), Kangaskhan (x43), Paras (x2), Parasect, Venomoth, Beedrill (x2), Scyther (F), Pinsir, Dratini x2, Eevee x2, Vaporeon (F), Flareon x2, Jolteon x2, Espeon x2, Umbreon x2, Leafeon x2, Glaceon x2, Cubone x2, Aerodactyl x4, Lapras x27, Arcanine(M)


Articuno(F), Zapdos(M), Moltres(F), Lugia(F)

Johto Journey's Arc-

Furret(F), Heracross (2M2F), Stantler(7M, 15F), Chikorita(F), Spinerak(M)