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Chronicles of the Chosen One: Pokemon Master

Chapter 24: The Scizor Challenge


Giovanni sat behind his desk as usual with his Persian in his lap. Around him were high valued Team Rocket Agents and members. Giovanni had recently undergone a psychoanalysis and had most of him memory restored. He now knew why, after watching the Indigo Conference, that the newly discovered and catalogued Mewtwo looked so familiar. Team Rocket had created the Genetic Pokemon. He remembered Mewtwo wiping the memories of himself from anyone involved in the Cloning Project. But Mewtwo could never psychically erase information on Team Rocket's Computerized Servers. The files were hidden by Giovanni during the project as a failsafe. He was determined to exact revenge on Mewtwo for its betrayal. As far as he was concerned, Mewtwo was still Team Rocket property, and someone else was in possession of that property. But he knew that the boy had an assortment of powerful Pokemon at his disposal. He knew that he had two Legendary Pokemon as well. He was not a fool to send agents to their failure and doom. Instead, he and his most trusted assets were devising a way to set up operations in Johto. Each of these agents would have an assignment.

"Ladies and Gentlemen it is good to have you all assembled here," Giovanni said rubbing the head of his Persian. "As you all know, I'm looking to expand our influence from Kanto and the Orange Islands." There were a few nods. "So, I have the perfect solution. Team Rocket will begin our occupation of the Johto Region. I have already discussed this with a few executives whom are all in agreement."

"First off," He said, "Proton will be in command of an operation in Azalea town which has an excess of Slowpoke. Their tails are a high value protein delicacy on the Black Market. Money isn't an issue, but it will help replenish funding. I also want you to look into the acquisition of the local Pokeball making specialist named Kurt or at least obtain information on his skills as a Pokeball manufacturer.

"With pleasure," A green haired, black uniformed man said with a sadistic smile.

"Petrel," Giovanni spoke, "Your assignment is to infiltrate the Goldenrod Radio Station. We'll use the Radio Station to boost our communications and help cull unnecessary funding for it. Your job is also to oversee the acquisition of merchandise from the Goldenrod Department Store."

"Easy as pie." A purple headed, lax looking executive spoke.

"Ariana," Giovanni spoke, "Your assignment is to look into the acquisition of the Legendary Pokemon Lugia. You'll also keep an eye on trade within the Whirl Islands."

"It will be done." A red headed woman spoke nodding.

"Archer," The leader of Team Rocket informed, "Your assignment is to look into the acquisition of the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh. You'll also oversee Professor Sebastian's development on forced evolution."

"Yes sir," A blue haired man said with a professional demeanor.

"Attilla, Hun, Tyson, and Professor Sebastian," Their leader spoke, "You will be assigned to work under Archer. Cassidy, Butch, and Dr. Namba, you'll be assigned to work under Ariana. Annie and Oakley, your skills will be valuable in aiding Petrel's mission. You'll be assigned to him. Pierce, Wendy, you'll be assigned to work under Proton. Both your skills are highly required there."

"What of us then?" A yellow haired woman spoke.

"It has come to my attention that Pokemon don't have to be captured, they can be cloned," Giovanni spoke pulling out a flashdrive. "Dr. Zager and Domino, this is a high priority mission for Team Rocket. Everything you will need to know, it on this flashdrive. Do not lose it. You two are to begin immediately."

"And me?" A massive man said with an iron mask on.

"You my friend are Team Rocket's primary Pokemon Hunter and Poacher," Giovanni said, "Your assignment is the same as always as I cannot think anything better for the Iron Masked Marauder. The acquisition of powerful Pokemon."

"My expertise will not fail you."

Giovanni looked at all of his top Agents with satisfaction. Kanto was doing well on its own. He had his low ranking Agents taking on assignments in secret such as general poaching, thievery, and espionage. Kanto was all dried up save the acquisition of the Legendary Birds, Mew, and Mewtwo. He was still looking into the Birds. Mew and Mewtwo were the only ones out of his grasp…..for now. "Very well Agents, you know your assignments. Begin all operations effectively immediately."

"Yes Sir!" They all announced at once.

"And Matori," Giovanni spoke to his assistant, "One of our spies in the Johto region has informed me that a mere boy has obtained information on Pokemon Trainers that are from the Kanto and Johto. He believes that it also contains information on a new type and new evolution. I want this information."

"Yes sir," His assistant replied.


On one of his travels, Ash came across a grassy field home to many grass type Pokemon that he had seen before such as Oddish, Gloom, and Vileplume. But he noticed an unfamiliar species he looked up known as a Hoppip. It was a Pokemon that was light as a feather. The Pokemon was eventually caught in a Butterfly net by a woman named Mariah who owned this particular Hoppip and five others. He found out that she was a weather forecaster and used all six to help in predicting the weather. She is also somewhat of a researcher trying to discover the unique relationship between the Hoppip's behavior and weather patterns to help Meteorologists make long term predictions. There was a little hiccup involving an Oddish and a storm. Ash spent the better of the day tracking down Hoppip all over the area. After that, he found himself in a fiasco with a Superhero named Gligarman. No further explaining needed on that part. His Pokemon known as a Gligar was kind of interesting though.

Along the way, after a few days of traveling and a few stops for his Pokemon training, he found a Pokemon he had seen before known as Ledyba. It was a lone Ledyba. Ash caught it with the help of his Spinarak and his String Shot and poison sting. It was really a hit and catch kind of situation and the battle lasted less than thirty seconds. After he caught the bug Pokemon, he continued towards Azalea town.

Once again, he was educating himself on Pokemon, particularly two species. His Spinarak and Ledyba were those two species. He learned that both usually lived in swarms, Spinarak and its evolved form creating a hollow of spider webs up in their canopy while Ledyba and its evolved form taking to the skies in grassy fields. Ledyba pollenates fruit bearing plants of the world and their nests are always in nearby forests and they group together to keep warm. Spinarak are patient hunters, waiting for days for something to be trapped in its thin but strong web. They have the ability to sense what kind of prey is in their webbing due to vibration and small energy like pulses; even if they are several meters away. Ash already knew that Spinarak was a Bug/Poison type, and his newest Pokemon Ledyba was a Bug/Flying type. While having them do their own training, aside from his research via Pokedex, he was attempting to come up with battle strategies for both of them when using them. At the moment, he had Spinarak jumping from one string shot to another with training weights. He devised a special diet for Spinarak to make his webs and string shot stronger. One string could now withstand seventy pounds of pressure compared to its original thirty pounds of pressure. Ledyba had the potential for using a couple punching based moves such as Comet Punch, Mach Punch, and Mega Punch. She was currently working with Ash's primary fighting instructor Primeape on those moves.

He looked up from his Pokedex watching Primeape instruct the little Bug Type Pokemon. He noted that he didn't have many fighting type Pokemon, only having Primeape, Heracross, and Hitmonlee. To rectify this he immediately typed in information on his Pokedex to look up Fighting Type Pokemon native to Kanto and Johto regions that he didn't have. There were Hitmonchan, Machop, Machoke, Machamp, Poliwrath, Tyrogue, and Hitmontop. He put them in a High Priority Catch List. After doing so, he found himself doing his workouts. He had been lax on anything but Cardio lately and he felt the soreness in his muscles during his little workouts.

Continuing his journey, Ash ended up in a situation with a drove of Mareep and their shepherds Mary and Ellen. They used their Mareep in the local Mareep Festival. They herded Mareep every couple weeks during lightning storms up to the mountains and allowed their Mareep to absorb the electricity to make their wool grow. He witnessed it all learning a lot about the Wool Pokemon. When it was all said and over with, Mary was finally allowed to train her Mareep known as Fluffy for the next Festival. Using his newfound knowledge of the Pokemon, he began searching for a wild Mareep in the many fields around the area. So how did he draw a Mareep? He used his Zapdos' ability to call in a temporary lightning storm. But what came out was more than just one Mareep, it was five Mareep and a Pokemon Ash didn't recognize. It was vaguely similar to the Mareep only it stood on its hind legs, had less wool which was creamy, and had dark pink skin. Ash scanned them both getting an overview.

"Mareep, The Wool Pokemon. Mareep can store Electricity in its wool and use for attacks. Mareep are commonly used by humans for their wool in clothing."

"Flaaffy, The Wool Pokemon and the evolved form of Mareep. Flaaffy has a tendency to store too much electricity in its wool which causes it to lose most of it."

Ash immediately came up with an idea. He would capture all of them. Flaaffy would be put into training, and he'd give his mother the rest. He might keep two Mareep around for New Island. Catching them wasn't hard as the Mareep were all low leveled. The Flaaffy however was a challenge for Ash's Spinarak. All were captured. He contacted both his mother and Professor Oak about the three Mareep for his Mom. She loved the idea of using Mareep for their wool. She could use it for one of her favorite things, sewing.

There were a group of random Trainers that wanted to battle Ash as he traveled Route 32. The last trainer was named John. It was a one on one battle against the boy's Sentret with Ash's Spinarak. It was at the end of the match. Where Spinarak had been taking a lot of damage while also having worn out the Sentret.

"Sentret use tackle!"

"Spinarak stringshot now." Spinarak aimed its stringshot at the Sentret which hit dead on. "Now tug and poison sting." Sentret was yanked towards Spinarak and then hit with Poison Sting ending the match for it."

"Aw man!" John said, "I was sure that at least one of us could beat your Spinarak!"

"I've been training Spinarak for a couple weeks now," Ash spoke, "His training has paid…" He stopped Spinarak started to glow. His body expanded to become larger with a red body and yellow limbs.

"Aria!" He uttered with vigor.

"It's about time," Ash said smiling, "Return Ariados." His Ariados accepted turning into red energy as it went back inside his pokeball.

"Whoa!" John said. All the trainers looked visibly surprised at the evolution.

"Thank you all for your time," Ash spoke ignoring their stupor and continuing his journey.

Ash was walking through the forest. It was nothing unusual until a red flash came out of nowhere. Ash sensed the mischief before he saw the Pokemon. He jumped back just as the claw hit the ground. "What's your deal?" Ash asked casually not even worried. The Pokemon was red, with two pincer-like claws as hands. It had short bug-like wings, a slightly humanoid body, and yellow eyes.

"Scizzzor," The Pokemon uttered. It went for Ash again who stood there with his hands in his pockets. Pikachu intercepted with an Iron Tail swatting the bug pokemon away like a butterfree.

"Masamune!" An older man yelled, "I told you to stop attacking random people!"

"Scizor," The red pokemon said taking a kneel to its trainer.

"I'm terribly sorry about that," The older man said, "We were training and Scizor thought you were a challenger."

"It's okay," Ash replied shrugging, "A Scizor huh?" He pulled out his Pokedex scanning it.

"Scizor, the Pincer Pokemon and the evolved form of Scyther. It's incredible attack speed and it's large scissor-like claws make it a formidable opponent. It loses its ability of powered flight in exchange for swift movement on the ground."

"It evolves from Scyther?" Ash spoke impressed, "I've got to see about evolving two certain Mantis pokemon."

"Wait a minute," The man said, "I know who you are. You're Ash Ketchum, the champion of the Indigo Conference and Orange League."

"Yep," Ash said as if it was no big deal as he put his Pokedex away. "That's me, So what's this about a challenger?"

"I've been searching for a challenger," The man said, "My name is Maramasa and I lead a dojo of Pokemon Trainers."

"Pleased to meet you," Ash commented.

"One of my students has a Scizor that is stronger and faster than even my own," Maramasa spoke, "He's beaten everyone in the dojo and has since fallen back on using a computer to tell him match potential and predict outcomes of battles. He won't battle anyone if the computer says that he is stronger or weaker than his opponent."

Ash gave him a look. "Huh?"

"That's just the way he is," Maramasa replied.

"What kind of….." Ash said trying to wrap his head around this, "How can you…..a computer….what….Is he a special kind of stupid?"

Maramasa grimaced. "It's more complicated than that," He spoke, "He uses it as research material to gain the upper hand on his future ambitions as a trainer."

"Relying solely on a computer is not the way," Ash deadpanned.

"Then maybe you can talk some sense into him."

So that's what Ash did. Ash went to the Dojo and demanded a match from the boy named Shingo after he witnessed him denying a rematch to a fellow student because he already beat him twice and said the computer said that statistically, he wouldn't be able to win against Shingo again. He watched all of this out of sight.

"Statistics aren't everything you know," Ash spoke from behind Shingo as he walked up.

"Yeah well it hasn't lied to me yet," Shingo retorted, "Who're you anyways?" He turned around and looked at Ash. "You're him! Ash Ketchum! Oh man I know I can't beat you! My computer told me that your battle strategies are next to elite level." Just listening to the boy rant about him was infuriating, not flattering. "I'm pleased to meet someone like you! You can smoke anyone here in a battle! Your battle style is giving your opponent a false—"

"Are you even listening to yourself," Ash interrupted.

"W-what?" Shingo asked put off.

"You're taking advice from a computer."

"Yeah because it only states the facts," Shingo replied.

"And you believe that it will do you no wrong?"

"It won't," Shingo said, "Every time it says that someone is weaker than my Scizor, I always win both by the programming and in real life."

"Then how about this," Ash said, "I challenge you to a match."

"I don't accept," Shingo replied, "You'll win."

"What if I used my weakest Pokemon?"

"I still don't accept," He retorted, "Obviously you train your Pokemon to the bone. I don't think I could beat any of your pokemon."

"Then do yourself a favor," Ash spoke retorting to cold tactics, "Quit being a Pokemon Trainer. You obviously don't have the requirements for it." Everyone looked stunned, even Shingo who visibly deflated at the harsh words of a Conference Champion. "Pokemon Training is a lot more than just statistics and data. You can't hope to become successful if you don't try to battle someone who's stronger than you. A loss teaches you that you have room for improvement. A win teaches you nothing except that your hard work has paid off. If you win multiple times, then it shows that you are probably battling inexperienced trainers to beat them just to make yourself feel good. Your computer….is nothing but trash. I wouldn't even look at it if it would help me win against an Elite Four Member, because I like to experience things in real life, not based on a program that has no real value than to give egos to incompetent trainers." Ash turned his back. "You're not worth it. I'd rather battle the one's that lose to you all the time instead." He walked away, leaving the students stunned. Their teacher was standing inside the door. He looked conflicted.

"Don't you think that was a bit harsh?"

"No," Ash said indifferently, "He needs to either put one hundred percent of his blood, sweat, tears, and heart in it, or none at all."

"I can't argue with you there."

Ash closed the door looking through the blinds. "If he had any passion for Pokemon Training, he will do an immediate about face. He may be slightly older than I am, but at least I know what I'm doing." Ash let Shingo think on his words for the rest of the day, opting to leave the dojo and train with his Pokemon a couple meters away from the Dojo. He was training his Ledyba, Flaaffy, and Stantler. His Ledyba was working on maneuverability and general agility dodging Hitmonlee and Primeape as they tried to punch and kick her. Flaaffy was currently working on her prowess in general strength and electric attacks. A buck Stantler was busy carrying around weights to help its strength. Ash however was more intrigued over the Pokemon species Scizor. He wanted to know when his Scyther would show signs of evolving. Just by looking at the data and observations of Scizor, he was already devising many training methods and battle strategies. Scizor, to put it bluntly, was one badass looking Pokemon. Then he found the answer. He took in the information with vigor as he recited it. "Metal Coat is used to evolve Scyther and Onix into Scizor and Steelix during training."

"Now where would I get one of those?" He asked himself. He would ask Marumasa about it.

The next morning he woke up to sleeping against the fur of a large red and cream colored dog. It was his Arcanine. When he was in the woods, he and his Pokemon often slept somewhat like this. Pikachu was sleeping on Arcanine as well, though using Ash's head as flooring. Arcanine yawned. That's what woke his trainer up. The reverberations off of the big dog's insides as he did so also aided this. When Ash opened his eyes, his Stantler was sleeping at his feet, while Flaaffy was sprawled out in a comical fashion next to her trainer. Ledyba was sleeping in a large leaf that was hanging by a silk created by Ariados who was sleeping above them on a Spider web. Most people would believe Ash's sleeping methods were either wild-like or childish. But Ash saw it as bonding time and just another every day thing he did with his Pokemon. He remembered New Island. Every single one of his Pokemon slept in one large condensed group with him right in the middle.

He walked back to the Dojo after returning his Pokemon. He found that Shingo was waiting for him with a determination in his eyes. His laptop sitting closed on a table. That was what Ash wanted to see. "I thought about what you said," He said, "And coming from someone like you, it was an eye opener. From now on, that laptop is obsolete."

"Good," Ash said, "So what happens now?"

"We battle," he spoke, "One of your Pokemon verses my Scizor."

"Deal," Ash said smirking.

The two found themselves in the dojo's outdoor arena surrounded by other students and Marumasa who was referring. "This will be a one on one battle between Shingo and Ash. Choose your Pokemon."

"I choose my Scizor obviously," Shingo spoke.

"Heracross," Ash spoke, "I need your assistance."

"Hera!" His fighting and bug type uttered.

"Ready?" Marumasa spoke, "Begin."

"Blade use quick attack!"

"Heracross Megahorn." The two attacks collided, Shingo looking shocked. "Now, Mega Punch."

"Metal Claw Blade!" The Scizor managed to strike first, "Now use Fury Cutter!"

"Dodge it," Ash spoke.

"Keep trying to hit that Heracross, Blade!" Shingo ordered, "Move all around it!"

"Keep dodging," Ash spoke collectively. Heracross obeyed, putting its training with Primeape to good use. He was able to keep up with Scizor as it was slower at throwing swings than Primeape. Ash saw an opening. "Aerial Ace." Heracross obeyed knocking Scizor away. "Brick Break."

"Blade Cross Scissor now!" Shingo ordered, "Gain some speed with agility." Heracross was actually hit by this but he readied himself as per training. "Metal Claw!"

"Endure it and wait for my signal for it," Ash spoke. Shingo just kept having his Scizor attack not really thinking what Ash could be up to. "Reversal." A blue energy shot out of Heracross in a spinning motion before hitting the Scizor with such an impact that it threw it back into the arena wall. Scizor got up ready to continue.

"Blade use double team and agility!" Shingo said, "Then get in close with X-Scissor!"

"Heracross," Ash spoke softly, "Bide." Giga Impact hit knocking Heracross back.

"Now finish it with our strongest move Giga Impact!" Shingo said believing he had won it.

"Heracross," Ash said, "Dig deep bud, I need you to endure this." Heracross nodded bracing himself.

Giga Impact hit Heracross like a train hitting a Meowth, but Ash believed that his Heracross could withstand it. And he was right, Heracross got right back up after some struggling.

"What!?" Shingo announced visibly surprised. All the students were impressed as well. They though Shingo had Ash.

"Now," Ash said, "Heracross unleash all that hard work and energy now!"

"Blade get out of the way!" Shingo yelled frightened. The Scizor tried, only to recoil in pain. "What!?" Heracross turned red and then unleashed a massive amount of energy that hit the Scizor with twice the force his previous attacks did combined. The Scizor was knocked back at its trainer's feet clearly unconscious and unable to battle.

"I declare Ash and his Heracross the winner of this match," Marumasa announced.

"Good job Heracross," Ash said returning his Heracross, "Take a nice long rest."

"Return Blade," Shingo recalled his Pokemon, "You did great."

"Yes it did," Ash congratulated, "Now, what did you learn from this?"

"That battling is a lot more fun that just statistics," Shingo said, "I honestly thought I had you there."

"That's how it goes," Ash said indifferently, "A single move can turn the tide of a battle. Using a Pokemon's willpower and attacks to counter moves is something that no computer will ever teach you. Your computer tells you what attacks to use on a singular basis. Battling is more than just taking hits from a single move. You have to use combinations if you want to stay ahead of the game."

"I see," Shingo replied, "Using that laptop for battles is definitely behind me now. Speaking of which, where did it go? I sat it down on this table…."

"Do you need help finding it?" Ash asked.

Shingo looked around before sighing and shrugging. "Nah," He said, "I don't need it anymore. I was probably imagining things when I put it there." Ash wasn't so sure. He clearly saw it on the table. "Oh I'm sorry," One of the older students said, "here it is." He was holding the laptop and slipped something in his pocket. Ash didn't question it as he figured it was just a pokeball or something. "The battle got close to the table so I moved it. I knew how much it means to you."

"Thanks Chen," Shingo spoke taking the Laptop back.

"No problem," The student said, "Sensai, do you mind if I go into town? My brother said he was there. I'd like to visit him."

"Go right ahead," Marumasa replied nodding.

"Thank you," Chen replied before walking out the Dojo courtyard.

About an hour later, Ash was about to leave the Dojo. He was about to bid farewell to Marumasa while his students trained in the courtyard. "I want to thank you again Ash," He had told the Conference Champion, "for not only teaching Shingo a lesson, but all my other students as well."

"No problem," Ash spoke.

"If there's anything I can do for you let me know," Marumasa replied.

"Actually there is one thing," Ash replied.

"Name it."

"I was highly impressed with the Pokemon species Scizor," Ash answered, "I have two Scyther myself and a Crystal Onix. I don't know if the Metal coat will work on my Onix, but I want to evolve my Scyther. They've reached a point in their training where they can learn only so much before they reach their potential. Evolving them will give them much more breathing and training room for improvement."

"I believe I can help you Ash," Marusmasa spoke, "I happen to have an entire supply of the Metal Coats. Come with me." The two of them walked through the Dojo and towards a supply closet. There were about twenty of them. "That's strange."

"What?" Ash asked.

"I had thirty of them," Marumasa spoke, "Someone's been in here and taken them."

"As in stolen?"

"It would seem so," Marumasa replied before taking three out and giving them to Ash, "I don't know. Maybe one of the students have them. I'll have to reprimand them. Don't worry about it Ash, I'll take care of it."

"You sure you don't need any help?"

"Yes," Marumasa replied, "You've helped enough."

"Well okay then," Ash gave in, "Thank you for the Metal Coats. And here." He handed the man three hundred Pokedollars. "This is compensation."

"I can't accept this," Marumasa spoke, "All that does is unbalance our debt."

"Think of it as a gift then," Ash replied, "You are not in debt to me understood?"

Marumasa nodded, knowing there was no point arguing with the trainer. Ash was known to be headstrong and a highly capable Pokemon Trainer. You just didn't say no to someone like him who gives you no choice. So with that, Ash had continued his journey, him feeling accomplished that he could change so many lives with just one lesson. He jokingly told himself that maybe he should be a teacher.

Two days later

Giovanni was in his trademark position filling out Paperwork. His assistant, Matori came in through the front door. "Giovanni," She said holding a suitcase and yet another Flashdrive.

"Yes," He spoke, "What is it?"

"Agent Chen has acquired the information you wanted," Matori replied, "And a little extra. He asked me to ask you for forgiveness for not acquiring the laptop as a whole. Ash Ketchum happened to come across the Dojo. He wouldn't have had time to sneak out with it without drawing too much attention. Instead, he downloaded the information on this flashdrive and compensated his failure for acquiring evolution inducing items known as Metal Coats." She opened the suitcase revealing ten assorted Metal Coats."

"What pokemon do these things evolve?" Giovanni questioned.

"They evolve Scyther into Scizor," Matori replied pulling up specs on Giovanni's large computer screen, "and Onix into Steelix. Scizor are naturally agile and fast while Steelix are powerhouses."

"I see," Giovanni said with a smirk, "Inform Agent Chen I'm pleased with his progress. He shows exactly what a model agent of Team Rocket should be. Is there anything else?"

"Commander Proton and his Platoon have informed us that their operations are proceeding as planned," Matori replied, "They have already rounded up many Slowpoke and are currently working on acquiring the schematics for Specialized Pokeball creation."

"And the others?"

"No information at this time," Matori spoke tonelessly.

"Very well," Giovanni replied, "Keep me updated."

"Yes sir."

Things were going according to plan now. However, he was not expecting Ketchum to be there intervening with Agent Chen's assignment. No matter, Agent Chen delivered the information plus more. That's all he expected. He hoped that Ketchum would not become a hindrance in Team Rocket's Johto Operations as he knew that until Dr Zager finished his research and applied it, they were nearly utterly helpless against the Trainer.


Ash's Pokemon-

Johto Journey's Arc-

Furret(F), Heracross (2M2F), Stantler(7M, 15F), Chikorita(F), Quagsire (F), Charizard(Charlene, Charlotte)(1F, 1SF), Sunkern(M), Ledyba(F), Mareep (1F,1M), Flaaffy(F), Ariados(M)

Evolved from Previous Arcs-