Sonic was zipping through the lush tropical foliage of Seaside Hill, with Cream following him close behind, using her ears like propellers. Sonic zipped upward, heading to the highest point of Seaside Hill as Cream followed. Sonic jumped, spin dashed, and boosted right through several Egg Pawns, Creabmeat, Coconuts, and Buzz Bombers that were in his path. Cream was quick to follow, watching as the flickies inside were freed.

"Mr. Sonic, wait up!" Cream shouted as she landed on the grassy hill, catching her breath. She noticed a shadow looming over her, turning around and screaming, to see an Egg Pawn ready to snatch her up.

Sonic quickly ran back and jumped on the Egg Pawn, picking up Cream. "You gotta be careful! These badniks would love turning an innocent critter like you into one of them!"

Cream giggled as she hugged Sonic tightly, kissing him on the left cheek. "Oh Mr. Sonic, you're so kind and considerate!"

Sonic chuckled as he winked. "I'm way past cool for a reason, sweet ears!" Holding Cream, Sonic dashed upward, heading higher and higher until the two finally reached Seaside Hill's highest point. Placing Cream down, Sonic wrapped his arms around the back of his head. "Get a good look, Cream! Seaside Hill looks great from all sides!"

Cream squealed eagerly in agreement as she looked to the east, then west, the north, and south, doing it for several minutes. "Oh gosh, Mr. Sonic, you're right! Seaside Hill is pretty gorgeous!"