Sonic and Cream were racing each other across Seaside Hill, going up and down and all around through the checkerboard loops, running around the left and right bends on the wooden bridges that stuck out from the checkerboard mountains, and brushing by the tropical lush foliage of Seaside Hill. Cream stopped as she spotted two orcas jumping out of the pools within the Whale Lagoon, holding her hands together as she squealed with joy.

"Awww! These orcas are so adorable!" She exclaimed, waving to Sonic. "Mr. Sonic, isn't this sight just peachy?"

Sonic rubbed the back of his head nervously as he approached Cream. "I dunno, these killer whales tried to kill me before..."

Cream gasped in shock as she covered her mouth with both of her hands. "Oh my goodness, that must have been nightmare inducing!"

Sonic sighed as he dropped his head and arms. "Tell me about it. Running away from whales doesn't seem fun when you have the threat of drowning looming right over you..."

Cream walked closer to Sonic, hugging him to make the hedgehog feel better. Sonic smiled as he felt Cream's warmness, hugging her back. The two orcas watched in awe, sitting at the edge.