This is a collection of cut scenes from Evening Falls, pieces of the Leah/Ren story I had planning to write as a

sequel to my Leah trilogy, and other little Twilight bits that I wrote for no reason at all. Characters that

will be heard from include Elisa, Leah, Gianna, and probably Sebastian as he has an extensive back story

that I don't know will ever make it into Evening Falls but has been tons of fun for me to dream up.

Up first is Jacob and Elisa. I had been toying with having the Cullens stay in Forks for a while longer and

and of course opening that door for the two of them. I went a different way, but here's what could have been.

It is short, choppy and incomplete, but I liked it too much to just delete it.

Also, I am working super hard on the next chapter of Evening Falls and hope to release it within the next ten days or so.

JACOB AND ELISA: What might have been:

Maybe if I just…called…or better yet, I could just send him a card. Let him know I was thinking of him. The ball would be in his court after that.

There was a sudden rush of motion in the room and I looked up, blinking. Alice stood again at the foot of my bed. In her outstretched hand she held a blank postcard, already stamped. In the other, she held a pen.

She smiled tentatively at my expression. "It's really nice to be able to still get some things right."

"Any word from Jacob Black?" Rosalie asked abruptly one day. We were in the kitchen, cleaning up after dinner.

Alice, who'd been filling the dishwasher at the speed of light, straightened up and gave her a furious look.

"No," I swallowed hard. "But maybe, you know, Sam ordered him not to talk to me or…" I stopped as I saw the pity in their faces. "Or nothing." I flopped down on one of the counter stools.

"It's better this way," Rosalie looked torn between sympathy and Itoldyouso-ness. "Now you can move on."

Alice opened her mouth to speak but I shook my head. "No, she's right. At least now I know."

His mouth came down on mine then, and everything I was going to say was lost the instant I felt his mouth against mine.

I hadn't been kissed many times, so I didn't have a lot to compare it to, but this was still lightyears beyond the sloppy, fumbling kisses I had experienced before. His lips were gentle at first, tender, carefully testing me. His big hands caressed my face as if I were something precious, indescribable, and I felt instantly as if I really was. My heart was pounding as I kissed him back.

Jacob groaned softly and then I was up against the wall. His lips were no longer gentle. They moved over mine, demanding, seeking, asking for something I didn't know that I had to give. His body was pressed against mine, his hands gripping my arms. The kiss was something more now…too much…asking for something I wasn't ready to give, overwhelming…

I tried to push him away but at the same time my hands went to his chest, he moved back just slightly, releasing my lips, his eyes still closed. "Bella…" he breathed.

I froze. All the passionate blood that had just been pumping through my veins went cold and ice hard. My heart stopped pounding so abruptly that it added a twinge of physical pain to the emotional pain I was already experiencing.

"Bella?" I whispered. Jacob didn't respond, didn't even open his eyes, still lost in his moronic fantasy. Anger ripped through me, and before I could think it through, I kicked him as hard as I could.

It wasn't as satisfying as kicking a full human. His leg was hard, not the steel of vampire, but like kicking a redwood. The shock reverbated up my toes, through my calf and all the way up my thigh. "OW!" We both said at the same time.

Jacob's eyes were open now. He stared at me in shock. "What? Dammit, Elisa, that actually hurt!"

"Good!" I fumed back, trying to blink away tears.

Alice stroked my hair, carefully cradling my head on her lap. She didn't even wince as my seemingly never ending stream of tears stoked the fragile silk of her dress. "I'm so sorry, Elisa. Maybe I shouldn't have encouraged you to see what could happen. But at least you know now."

Rosalie, who had been pacing back and forth in front of us, turned, her face frustrated. "I don't have to kill him." She mused. "I could just mutilate him a little. I mean, he'll heal, right?"

Esme gave Rosalie a stern look. "You're not helping, Rose."

I could have argued with that. Call me cold hearted, but the idea of Jacob hopping around the forest on one leg trying to put himself back together was rather satisfying at the moment.


Yeah, I know. Wasn't exactly the romance of the century, as Elisa would put it. But still way fun to write.