A.N/ Drabble! My attempt at a Robtanna. It isn't much, so don't get your hopes up. Cass and Jason cameo towards the end!

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Robin hesitated before knocking on the steel door.

Zatanna's muffled voice called through. "Come in!" The Boy Wonder could hear scrabbling, and the sound of a nose being blown.

Dick pulled the door open and wandered inside. Since arriving, the sorceress had unpacked her boxes and put a few posters up, pictures of her and her father filling the gaps. The trash can was filled with wadded up tissues, and her eyes looked red despite her normal smile.

He sat down next to her on her bed, smiling. "If you were a guy, the amount of tissues in there would be alarming, you know."

She whacked him with the flat of her hand, a hiccup of laughter escaping. "That wasn't funny, Boy Wonder."

"You still laughed," he replied smugly, eyes twinkling behind his sunglasses. He regained a serious tone as he looked deeper into her face, studying it. "Not feeling the aster?" he asked quietly.

Zatanna shook her head, hair swinging comically. "Nope. Not really feeling the aster right now." She sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "I mean… it's stupid, because I'm trying not to cry right now. I just miss him."

"I know what that feels like." When she shot him a look, the Gothamite elaborated. "Everyone here has been really sincere when they say that they're sorry, but they haven't ever experienced it, having a parent leave you. Seeing a parent leave you."

The girl's head shot up, eyes wide. Robin shrugged, one side of his mouth lifted into a sad smile. "I saw my parents fall to their deaths when I was nine, so believe me when I say that I know how you feel." After a moment, he added, "But don't talk about it, okay? The Team isn't supposed to know about my backstory."

"So why did you tell me?"

"Because you're special, Zee," Robin grinned. "So be as chalant as you like around me, I won't judge. And I know that whenever I was feeling down after… that; I would scarf down Agent A's cookies and try and slide down the Bat Banister."

"There's a Bat-Banister?" Zatanna asked, cracking up despite herself. Damn that boy wonder and his talent to cheer her up.

"Well, that isn't the official name, but seeing as we have the Batcave, the Batcomputer, the Batbunker, the Batarang, the Batmobile and the Bat-taser, we might as well have the Bat Banister, right?"

"That's a cute story," Zatanna smiled. "Thanks for telling me."

"Oh, I'm not just telling you. I'm going to show you. How'd you feel about coming over to my house?"

When Bruce returned from a business meeting, exhausted, he popped into the living room, wanting to make sure that all of the kids were in bed. What he saw was surprising, to say the least.

The menu sequence to the Pirates of the Caribbean dvd was playing on loop. Robin and Zatanna were spread out on the carpet in front of the television, snoozing lightly into a pile of duvets. His son's sunglasses were on the table near the sofa, and a half-finished plate of Alfred's cookies between them.

"What happened here?" he asked the butler, brow furrowed. What had Dick been thinking, bringing Zatara's girl here? He could have at least consulted with him before revealing their identities like that.

"Master Richard was trying to help Mistress Zatanna 'get through' her father's fate, to pardon the pun. They've been like this since early afternoon."

"Jason didn't come and wake them up?" Bruce asked, impressed.

"No. Mistress Cassandra threatened to break his arm if he did so."

Batman laughed and went to turn off the television. How typical of Dick, to want to share his experience with her. And how typical of the rest of the Bats to help him achieve his goal.

Their family wasn't that bad, after all.