Survival of The Fittest
By I Know Love Hurts 2010

Chapter 1: Warm Welcomes

"Remember who's in charge here, inmate Lockhart." The dick head in charge spat over me. I was on the floor, gasping for air after receiving a superhuman blow to my stomach. I spat out some blood and took a few deep breaths. "You may be a female but you're still a worthless piece of shit like everyone else who enters these walls. Don't forget that bitch." Captain Knauer said.

"No problem sir." I said slowly, trying to breathe again. He doesn't need to remind me that I'm a worthless piece of shit. I'm such a waste of space. The only reason I'm in here is because I nearly killed my sad excuse of a father, the son of a bitch. I had to do it or he would have killed me. I wasn't going to let him kill me. I loved him and he wanted me 6 feet under. What father would want to that to their child? I know he was my stepdad but he loved me for 6 years before Mum died. Then he turned into a completely different person. I wish he was here right now! I'll knock his teeth into his brain! Fucking jackass! Oh just wait till I get out of here in 5 years. If he survives (which I hope he doesn't) I'll finish the job, even if that means I'll end up back in prison for the rest of my pathetic life. It'll be worth it. He kicked my side hard but gently.

"Get up! The warden still needs to see you." He ordered. I got up with a struggle with those dumb ass cuffs on my hands and my feet. Where do they think I'm gonna go?

"Really, sir? What have I done to be given the grace of his presence?" I said cockily, giving him a smirk before I spat on the floor. He laughed then bitch slapped me. I let out a laugh.

"Wow, I've had better slaps off 6 year olds, Captain." I laughed. "Gonna have to do better than that." He growled under his breath, making me smirk with achievement. He turned me around roughly and pushed me in front of him.

"Little bitch." He mumbled under his breath.

"Hey, I happen to be 6'2. Not little at all." I said being my annoying self. Which is what gets me into so much shit, I'm guessing. We got to the door and the woman at the desk tried to talk to me.

"Wow, another lady. How's it going hon?" She asked. I looked at her and gave a menacing stare. She looked away and continued to type on the ancient computer.

"Get in ass wipe." The Captain said, giving me a hard shove. All this pushing was fucking annoying.

"He pushes me again and let's see what happens." I thought, and put on a smirk and strode into the wardens office with cocky confidence.

"Ah, Inmate Scarlet Lockhart. You are one tough little bitch, as your file specifies… you're in Allenville for GBH and Attempted Murder?" I looked to the floor. Well that's a nice way to talk to a lady. You can so tell he doesn't have a wife. Then looked back up.

"Yes Warden." I said plainly.

"So what do you think of this beauty." He said, patting the walls.

"Pleasure to be graced and trapped within its mighty structure." I said plainly.

"Yep, this is one of the best prisons in this part of the state. Also, I wanted to ask you, have you any experience with the game of football."

"Which football? I'm from England so do you mean the game where you use your feet or your girly version of rugby?" I asked, and I found his weak point. Football. American football.

"You better watch your tongue, there. You're in Texas now, and in this glorious state, we take two things very seriously. Prison and football. Now we have a good team, as a matter of fact Captain Knauer is the quarter back. Now we are good, but we could be better. It's been 5 years since our last championship, which is 5 years too long for me to taste the sweet nectar of victory. Now we've been graced with the pleasure of having Paul Crewe, locked up here…"

"How is that a pleasure? And who's Paul Crewe?" I asked, I could tell I was getting on the Wardens nerves.

"Captain?" He asked and turned around. Then Knauer kneed me, hard in my stomach, making me drop to the floor.

"Will you STOP hitting me? I have enough of being hit by ass wipes." I said, breathlessly. Knauer went to help me up but I flinched away. "No! You can go fuck yourself. I can get up on my own." I said and slowly got up.

"Paul Crewe is… used to be a very good, very talented Quarterback in the big league. Anyway, he came in earlier today and refused to help out my football team for some reason." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Well, sorry but I'm better at free-running and basketball than rugby…"

"It's football, inmate Lockhart." He snapped.

"Like I said Warden, better at free running and basketball than football." I lied, I'm actually very familiar with Football, the American version, but I know better than to let him know, but I am good at basketball and free running too.

"What's free-running?" Knauer asked. I ignored him

"So no, can I go to my cell now?" I asked, pulling my hands into fists. I rubbed my tongue over my dry teeth and lips before I spat on the ground.

"Yes, Captain Knauer? Take her back to her cell." He said pointing to the doors. He nodded and shoved me again.

"You're so lucky I have cuffs on my hands." I said, he laughed and gave me another shove before he handed me to another Guard. Before I got out of the door, I stopped and turned round. "Later warden," I said then spat in Knauer's face. I shot him a quick smirk then went out of the door. When Captain was out of ear shot, the guard started to talk to me.

"Nicely done, Inmate Lockhart. Sorry, about him. Knauer's a complete dickhead." He was a tall Negro, with soft friendly eyes and a gentle grip. I smiled, he seemed nice compared to the other dicks.

"It's all good, he's soft compared to others I know." I said, "He slaps like a 6 year old too." I said making him laugh as we walked. He then turned me and searched through his keys.

"I don't get why you have to wear these cuffs in the prison. It's not like you can escape." He said unlocking them. The cuffs on my hands collided with the ground sending a clang echoing down the halls followed by a softer one as he removed the cuffs from my feet. I smiled and rolled my wrists. "I'm Newman."

"Scarlet." I said, "Thanks for getting me out of those things." I said, he smiled as we continued to walk.

"Just so you know I'll keep a good eye on you. Just to make sure nothing happens to you. Your cell is next to the two most unthreatening guys we have here. Your cell has been renovated to suit your needs and to shield you from curious eyes. Most of the inmates haven't seen a female like your-self in years so they may go a little crazy."

"Well thanks for the 41-o on everything and i appreciate you looking out for me, Man." I said sharing a hand shake with him.

"No problem, baby. Lunch will be ready soon, so you just go down the stairs and follow the arrows that say mess hall. See you around."

"Alright, later Newman." I said as I entered my cell. He wasn't kidding about it being renovated this place was sweet. Well it had a closed off toilet in the front, a single bed to the left of the cell along with a hidden bedside table right at the back (which was hidden by the bed), on the back wall was a small window that had a clear view of a football field. On the right it had a small sink, a set of small draws and a lamp. Better than many of the rooms I have had to cope with. I pulled open some draws and found about 4 changes of clothes along with a cool baseball cap and a tonne of hairbands.

I smiled and got changed; which was when I took proper notice of what I was wearing, which was a pure white one piece suit. It was horrible! So I got changed into some plain jean shorts and a white baggy t-shirt, and then put my trainers back on. I looked in the mirror and smiled at my reflection. I had pale white skin, long glossy light brown hair that ended at my waist, big green eyes and a fringe that covered my left eye. I winked and then I tied my hair back leaving my fringe over my left eye and put my baseball cap on.