Dib was grinning to himself as the rain poured down. With Gaz trailing behind him, the he marched towards Skool and found himself chuckling at the thought of his alien nemesis trying to leave the house without sizzling in his shoes. Ha! That would teach him to mess with planet Earth! Victory for the human race! It was only a matter of time before Zim screwed up, then the whole world would see! No more being accused of insanity, soon it would be him, Dib, who people would believe! Not some moronic space-boy!

"You're talking to yourself again." Gaz snapped from under her umbrella.

"Oh, well, maybe I was talking to you." Dib pointed out, terrible at lying.

She arched an eyebrow, "Whatever..."

He sighed, maybe his little sister was just too young to appreciate his genius in the paranormal. In fact, he didn't understand why she didn't try and help him out more. She knew what Zim was and what he planned to do. Didn't she care? Didn't she want to protect her own kind? Ah well, it didn't matter, the world would be safe for now, as long as he was around to save it!

As they approached the skool, there was a strange smell in the air. Mixed in with the smell of damp and wet grass was also a hint of smoke and ash. Strange, it was pouring down, how could a fire be burning outdoors? Oh, there was the answer.

Just outside the skool doors, Zim was scrubbing his horribly singed green skin with a towel that he had pulled from his PAK. Dib smirked and sprinted up the steps towards his enemy.

"What's wrong Zim? A little rain dampening your mood?"

Zim span around, his eyes narrowed in hatred, "I don't know how you planned this, Dib-human, but mark my words you will pay!"

Dib almost pitied him, "It's the weather Zim, it changes on it's own, I had nothing to do with this one."


Zim lunged and wrapped his hands around Dibs neck, the pair went tumbling backwards down the steps and into the open past a few other children having a mud-ball fight.. Instantly, Zims kin started smoking. Dib shuddered as he actually felt Zims skin sizzling beneath the slick black gloves. Zim cried out in agony and sprinted back to the shelter by the skool entrance, desperately wiping himself with the towel. Dib jumped to his feet and grinned in triumph.

"Not so tough now, are you space-boy!"

"You wait, Dib, when you least expect it, I'll exterminate you like the little bug you are!"

"Sure, I'd like to see that!"

Zim eyes him warily, "Really?

Dib rolled his eyes "I was being sarcastic, Zim..."

Their argument was interrupted by cried of laughter as the students throwing balls of soaking mud at one another came ever closer. Dib quickly ducked as one came flying his way, narrowly avoiding it. The bell rang from above, demanding everyone to march inside for the first class of the day.

Dib gritted his teeth and started to walk past Zim and enter the building when he remembered that Gaz was supposed to be right behind him. He turned around in time to see his sister strolling casually up the playground path, her umbrella balanced on her shoulder and Game-Slave in hand. She was getting awfully close to those kids throwing mud. Was she even aware? No, she was too involved in her game.

Just then, one of the kids stooped down and scooped a handful of gloopy, dripping mud from a puddle and threw it full force towards his friend. The other child skilfully ducked. The mud was free to fall where it may. And it was heading right for Gaz.

"Gaz!" Dib cried, "Look out!"

She looked up to glare at him, and then noticed why he had been shouting. Her eyes narrowed in anger and she tilted her umbrella forward to shield herself. She braced herself fr the impact, but felt nothing. Everything was deadly quiet.

She propped up her umbrella and peered out from under it. Zim was standing in front of her, one arm thrust towards her defensively and the other pushed out in front of him. In his fist, he was clutching he ball of mud. It dripped through his fingers and ran down his arm. Just then, he noticed what he had done, and how his skin was sizzling in agony. His eyes darted between the mud, Gaz and then at Dib, whose jaw had pretty much hit the floor by this point.

"AGH!" Zim shrieked, both in agony and fear, throwing the mud to the ground and pushing past them to get inside.

Gaz shrugged and went back to her game, making her way towards the skool. As she past Dib, he finally collected himself and followed her inside.

"Gaz, are you oaky?"

"Yeah." she said bluntly, skilfully folding her umbrella with one hand and sliding her game into her pocket with the other, "Now get to class, you're voice is irritating me."

Dib chewed his lip nervously, what had just happened? Did Zim try and protect Gaz? He even ran out into the rain! Hmm... Dib didn't like this, not one bit. What was Zim up to now? He didn't have time to think about it much longer, Ms. Bitters was in an unusually, well, bitter mood that day. So there wasn't much time to think about Zims plans between being reminded about the worlds oncoming doom and having chalk thrown at him for breathing to loudly, or at all.

The day seemed to drag by, but as soon as the final bell rang that afternoon, Dib sprinted outside to wait for his sister. He still couldn't help thinking about what had happened that morning. It didn't make sense, why would Zim put himself in pains way by trying to save Gaz? He didn't like it, not one bit.

Gaz was taking her time. Dib looked around the playground for her, but there was no sign. At least the rain had stopped for now, but dark clouds remained lingering over the skool. Finally, he spotted her leaning against a tree just beyond the skool gates. Her arms were folded in either irritation or boredom, maybe both, and she was talking to -