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As Destiny Strikes

Chapter 1


Working with Alice since our sophomore year of college – heck, having grown up with her – I shouldn't be too overwhelmed anymore. Still, despite knowing how creative she was, and having experienced on more than one occasion the results of that, especially combined with money, she always managed to surprise me with her originality. The last wedding we had worked on – the Crowley-Mallory union – had been decadent and extravagant. The bride had been one of those rich girls; not used to hearing the word 'no' and always flashing daddy's credit card. Unfortunately, she didn't have the class or sense of style to back up her lavish spending. With any other wedding planner, it would have been a tacky affair rivaling the wedding of Stanford Blatch and Anthony Marantino. But, in the capable hands of one Alice Brandon, the wedding had been a most tasteful event, landing a five-page feature in Brides. If Alice hadn't already been the most sought-after wedding planner of Seattle, this would have been a sure way to launch her name.

As much fun as that wedding had been to cover, being Alice's go-to wedding photographer, I was more excited about the one she was currently working on. Victoria Astor-Vanderbilt was one of Alice's sorority sisters. When her long-term boyfriend James Falcon proposed, she had immediately contacted her to plan the wedding, Alice's reputation having preceded her.

The couple shared a penthouse in Seattle, but had decided to get married in Aspen. It was nearing the end of the skiing season and absolutely gorgeous. Working with Alice in this very lucrative business meant I could live comfortably, but the amounts of money involved in some weddings still astounded me. This wedding was no exception.

Alice and I accompanied the couple business class to Colorado, where our suite was paid for, including room service. Two entire floors of the hotel were rented out for the wedding guests who didn't have a cabin or condo at their disposal. Most of the festivities would take place in or around the hotel, with the exception of the bachelor and bachelorette parties, for which the bride's parents and the groom's best man had offered their properties. I was to photograph all events except the bachelor party, and assist Alice with anything else while not handling a camera.

Upon getting settled in our suite, Alice decided to check up on the venue and see if the manager and staff had followed her instructions. Knowing her, she would find a sheer endless list of things that simply 'couldn't do without her expert touch', and it would be best to let her inner control freak take charge over the next few days. It would all be worth it in the end. I tagged along to help out where I could. Luckily for us as well as the hotel staff, most of Alice's instructions had been followed to the letter, and we were back in our suite within the hour.

While I took the opportunity to soak in the large tub and pamper myself with the complementary luxury toiletries, Alice went through her checklist for the next couple of days. After a while, there was a knock on the bathroom door.

'B?' Alice called.

'I'm just about done, Ali!' I answered.

'Want me to order some room service? I thought we could have a movie night.'

'Sure! What did you have in mind?'

'How about the Underworld movies? I could do with some blood and action,' she laughed. 'Anything you want from room service?'

'Whatever you want, as long as there's B&J's Cookie Dough!'

I quickly finished toweling off, tied my hair back into two braids to dry and applied my favorite moisturizer, then joined my best friend in her room. The food and drinks had already arrived and the first movie was cued up. We settled in for a couple of hours of vampires, half-naked werewolf-men and some romance interspersed within the feud.

Few people knew that, as girlie as Alice was most of the time, she loved these kinds of movies, and we would try to have a movie night like this at least once a month. There wasn't a vampire and werewolf movie or show out there that we hadn't watched, and we loved alternating kick-ass Buffy with tragic Louis de Pointe du Lac and sword-wielding Blade. And on the eve of a week filled with romance, flowers and chiffon, a little blood and violence was just what we needed.

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