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Sokka was going to die.

He made his peace with that; he pulled at his collar nervously. It was his wedding day and he was getting married to Suki in a half-hour. It wasn't that he didn't love her, quite the contrary he was just as nervous as hell. He had a fear that he was going to screw up say the wrong line, lose the wedding rings or that the fire nation was going to attack. Oh wait they dealt with the last one…

Zuko was going to be there with his sister of course, but maybe he will get in a fight with someone. Spirits know Zuko had a shorter fuse than Toph sometimes and that was saying something.

Maybe they'll get married next then probably Toph and Aang, maybe they'll just have a double wedding which will save him from making two trips. Especially, since he and Suki will have a kid by then and it would be hard to travel with a young… Oh shit he's getting married in ten minutes.

It's okay you can do this, you beat the fire nation, helped saved the world and even faced Toph early in the morning, nothing gets past you.

"Hey Sokka almost ready?"

"Gahh" Sokka fainted, Aang poked his friend in the forehead a couple of times then picked up a cup of water that was on the table near him and threw it on Sokka. "Wahh… what happened?"

"You fainted." Aang snickered. Sokka looked in the mirror.

"My hair is wet now, Suki's going to kill me for ruining the wedding and…" At this point Aang took a deep breath and blew. Sokka's hair was now a complete mess but hey it was dry. "Thanks Aang." Sokka ran his hand through it trying to tame it.

"What are friends for? Come on time to get married." Aang pulled his friend out of the room.

"There you guys are come on Katara will kill me if Sokka was late." Zuko commented as he walked towards them, only to turn and walked step in step with Aang who was dragging Sokka behind him.

"Everything is good right, not a flower out of sight, and the tables are ready for the reception, and that band you got Aang is here right?" Sokka was panicking and had a right to Suki had turned into quite a bridezilla these last days before the wedding. He would face the fire nation all over again then ruin Suki's day.

"Everything is good and yes Katara and I found the perfect band for your wedding."

"Good, I'm getting married."

"You better the wedding gift we got is not returnable." Zuko snorted.

The wedding went off without a hitch, thankfully Suki looked beautiful and it was wonderful. The wedding cake was spectacular even Sokka had to admit it was decorated in gold and blue and on top of the cake Sokka was pinned underneath Suki a fan at his throat all while a boomerang was pointed at her head. He laughed at that and Katara claimed she knew it was going to be true love from that moment she found out Suki could whip her brothers butt at combat. His response "Shut up."

Soon after the couple cut the cake the couple made their way to dance floor. Sokka was finally going to see the band that Katara and Aang had insisted on getting. They wouldn't say who though and said it was a surprise and said that it would be perfect.

Two lovers forbidden from one another…

He raised his palm and hit his forehead. He was going to kill his so called friends.

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