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Mary sighed as she walked down the flag stone steps. She was on her own again. Colin was away on business and Dickon well God knows were he was. He went of on one of his long rides again. He'd go of for weeks sometimes even months on the back of his horse and just ride through the country.

Mary was bored; she was left alone in Misselthwaite Manor. She walked down to her aunt's garden and unlocked the door with the key and slipped in. she carried the key everywhere with her not wanting anyone to enter the garden unless she was there.

She Colin and Dickon had worked so hard on making it a beautiful place that they did want it spoiled by anyone.

She walked through the cobbled path that was lined with pure white daisies and tulips to the fountain that they had made.

Sitting on the edge she ran her hand through the cool water and looked down at her reflection.

She had grown a lot since she first came to the Manor, in both personality and looks.

Mary had grown into a beautiful young lady who was now married to Colin the Master of the Manor.

She smiled at the fond memory of when he had proposed to her.

They had been in the garden planting some lavender when he looked up at her and smiled taking her hands and lead her to the bench near by. They both had muddy hands so Mary was a bit worried that her dress would get ruined but when Colin asked that life-changing question she didn't know what to say. For once she was speechless.

She quickly came to hr senses and accepted the offer and Colin put the ring that used to belong to his mother on Mary's finger.

"I finally achieved my dream." He said.

Mary laughed and hugged him.

The ceremony was held in the Manor grounds and her dress had been so delicate looking. The arms were lace all the way down to her wrists and the top bit was corseted with an embroidered floral design on it. It then it flowed out and down with sequins down the back. Her shoes were flat white with a strap that was a single silver gem as the buckle.

Dickons crow had found this buckle and he through it would be a nice touch.

Mrs Medlock had walked her down the isle and was so proud of her.

Sadly the day had also been the last day that Mrs Medlock was to see Mary. That night she suffered a heart attack and died in the night.

Mary and Colin decided to not go on their honeymoon and instead stay and help with the funeral Mrs Medlock had done so much for her that Mary felt she needed to pay her back.

Back in the present Mary was now crying at the sad memory. Her tiers dropping into the water fragmenting her reflection.

When she felt arms on her shoulders she gasped but the recognised the voice that whispered in hr ear and turned crying into her husbands chest.

"Your thinking about her again aren't you?" Colin asked gently sitting with her and hugged Mary close.

Mary nodded and Colin sat there hugging her letting her cry as much as she wanted.

"I'm sorry you must be really tired from your trip this week and now you have to deal with this." She said wiping her eyes with a hankie.

"it's fine darling it's my job to take care of you. Lets go inside and get something hot to drink." He said taking her hand and lead back up to the Manor.

That night he made a big fuss over Mary and made sure that she got the best food and a lovely hot bath before they retired to bed snuggling together.

Neither Mary nor Colin knew that as a result of their 'snuggling' that something was already starting to grow inside of Mary that would bring them both years of joy and poor Dickon years of worry for it safety.