"I'm not that kind of girl anymore..." - speaking
"How did she find out?" - thinking
"Blossom!" - transformation or attack name
"Is that all you got?" she asked. - flashback or something that will happen







Himeko was unconscious. She was shocked by a shocker gun. She was being dragged by Momoko to her basement.

Momoko's dad threw a hammer at her. Momoko somehow managed to dodge it, but she hit her leg in the process. "GAH!" She shouted and grabbed her knee. It was bleeding. "Why you little brat!" her dad shouted. Momoko ran towards her room. As she got in, she locked herself inside. Her dad started kicking and hitting the door "OPEN UP YOU LITTLE BITCH!" Momoko didn't open. Usually she would just jump in bed and start crying, but this time she just stood there looking at the door. Her knee was bleeding and there was a danger of dying of blood loss.

"Dad... why? WHY?" She though as she fell on the ground and started crying. Her dad started drinking and he had been having trouble at work. That's why when he comes back from work he starts drinking and then takes his anger out on Momoko. She hadn't told anyone about that yet. And Kuriko didn't tell anyone either. Probably because dad started liking Kuriko more and more and he hated Momoko more that anything. Momoko suddenly felt hatred towards her parents and her little sister "Damn you!" She shouted in frustration. She shouted so suddenly and angrily that even her dad stopped shouting and punching the door. "DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU! NO CHIKUSHO!"

Her compact started flashing. She opened it and shouted at the screen "THE HECK IS IT?" Ken looked scared when she shouted. "G... Gomena... Sorry Ken, I-i... I-i'm... you surprised me..." "It's okay" Ken said "Just go help Miyako and Kaoru... they're fighting HIM!" "HAI!" Momoko said and stood up. As she closed the compact, she looked at the door. "Damn you... you bastart..." "Hyper Blossom!" She transformed and jumped out of the window. She flew towards the old abandoned haunted house.

"Balloon popper!" "Swinging Sonic!" Bubbles and Buttercup shouted as they attacked HIM. HIM easily dodged their attacks and shot a black laser at them. They dodged, but they were getting very tired. "Crap..." Kaoru said while panting "Where's Blossom?" "I'm sure she'll be here soon..." Miyako said. HIM shot another blast at them. Blossom showed up and blocked the shot with her yo-yo somehow. "WHAT? HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" Kaoru said. Momoko didn't answer, instead she just attacked HIM. "Weird... Why do I get the feeling that this is the last time I'm using my yo-yo?" She thought. "Shooting Caramel Dragon!" she shouted and threw her yo-yo at HIM. HIM got hit. "Nice one, Blossom-chan!" Miyako said. Momoko just smirked.

"Heh, not bad" HIM said. The girls quickly got in to battle position, but HIM only laughed. "What's so funny?" Kaoru asked. HIM just smirked. "Bubbles... Buttercup... AWAY WITH YOU!" HIM shouted and blasted the two of them. "Girls!" Blossom shouted. While Bubbles and Buttercup were trying to stand up, Blossom glared at HIM. "Bastart!" She said. Bubbles and Buttercup looked at her with a surprised look on their faces. They never heard Blossom curse... never... "You should thank me..." HIM said and chuckled "Never mind... you'll thank me later" He said as he shot a black light at Momoko. She didn't dodge, and nobody knew why... She didn't even know why... And she got hit... "Blossom!" Bubbles and Buttercup shouted as she got hit. "AH!" She shouted and fell on the ground.

HIM laughed at Blossom as she was trying to get up. "What... did... you… DO TO ME?" She shouted and got up. "H... how did you...?" HIM said. Momoko didn't answer, she just kicked HIM. "You bastart!" She shouted as HIM fell on the ground. She started kicking HIM. Bubbles and Buttercup looked scared. "What... WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?" Buttercup shouted. Blossom didn't pay attention, she just kept kicking HIM. "Bastart... Idiot... Motherfucker..." She said with every kick "GO TO FUCKING HELL!" She said as she kicked HIM with all her might. HIM smashed to a wall and disappeared. "Damned prick..." Momoko said and walked towards a window. "Blossom-chan!" Miyako said "Don't you think you should go see the Professor and Ken-kun?" "I don't need to..." Momoko said and flew away.

Once she got in her room, she transformed back to her normal self. "Why do I get the feeling that that was the last time I transformed into a super heroine?" She thought as she walked towards the door. "GAH!" She shouted and fell on the ground. She felt a giant headache. "What... WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME?" She shouted. "Quite up there!" Her dad shouted. Momoko suddenly got angry at her parents and her sister. "Damn you..." She said "Damn you all... I'LL KILL YOU...!" She shouted and kicked her door open. She went down the stairs and went to the kitchen. She saw a big knife on the table near a gun. She took both of them.

Once she entered the room, her little sister laughed. "HAHAHA! BIG SIS IS BLEEDING!" "Poor Momo-chan!" Her mom said. She was sitting on the couch. She go up and walked towards Momoko. "Dear, show me where it hurt-" She couldn't finish the sentence, because Momoko stabbed her with the knife. As the woman fell on the ground, Kuriko screamed "SIS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Momoko didn't answer, she just got out her gun and shot Kuriko in the stomach. The little girl fell on the ground dead like her mother. Now only Momoko and her dad were left alive. "You bitch!" He shouted "What's wrong with you?" Momoko laughed. But the laugh wasn't joyful, it was the laugh of a psycho. "You'll dye right here and now you old man!" She shouted and shot her father. Her father fell on the ground, but he was still alive. And Momoko knew that. She looked around the room and saw a baseball bat in the corner. She picked it up and walked towards her dad. "Momoko... please... Don't..." Her dad pleaded for his life. "You... you damned asshole!" Momoko shouted and started beating her dad with the baseball bat "You fucker! You're the one who's been making my life miserable! Dye... DYE... DYE!" She shouted and killed her dad.

She looked at her dead family. "I... I killed them..." She said. She ran towards the kitchen and got a big bag. "I can't leave them here..." She said to herself while she was putting her mother's dead body in the bag. She looked at Kuriko's dead body "Pissed whore..." she thought and she put Kuriko's body inside the bag. She put her father's dead body in the bag and took the bag outside. It was night time, so nobody could see her.

Once she got to the cemetery, she found a shovel and started digging a hole. When the hole was completed, she placed the bag inside and started covering the hole up again. "I... I killed them..." She thought while covering the hole up "I killed them all... I'm a murderer... But it serves them right... they made my life miserable... Mom... I bet you made dad drink in the first place... Kuriko... you bitch... you just laughed at me while I was being punched and kicked by dad... Dad... you asshole... I hate you most of all..." The hole was covered in mud... there was no evidence that that hole even existed.

She looked at a stone with a mirror in it. She just stared at her reflection. She was wearing her black shirt with a pink heart on the chest. Her jeans were covered in blood because of her bleeding knee. She wasn't wearing any shoes. She wasn't wearing her ribbon, so her hair was down. She was still holding her gun. She lifted the gun up to her head. "I wonder if..." She thought and she shot herself in the head...