"I'm not that kind of girl anymore..." - speaking
"How did she find out?" - thinking
"Blossom!" - transformation or attack name
"Is that all you got?" she asked. - something that might happen







"Promise me, Momo-san!" Brick shouted right at her face. Momoko's eyes got angrier "No! I'm not gonna stop! I need to keep going to keep my sanity!" she shouted in frustration. Brick glared at her "That's not you talking, Momoko... When you get yourself under control, come back home" he let go of hand and turned around. Momoko stared at him for a few seconds until her eyes got filled with tears. Though she was still possessed by the black light, she started crying. She saw a pole near her, so she started hitting her head against it. Her forehead started bleeding. Brick quickly turned around and saw what the pink-eyed girl was doing. The people near them stared at her too surprised to say anything. Brick was also too surprised to even try to stop her. Momoko closed her eyes as soon as she took control of herself again, but she didn't stop hitting her head "Brick! You idiot!" she shouted "I can't promise anything anymore…!" she started running away. Brick wanted to stop her, but he decided to leave her alone for awhile…

Momoko slowly opened her eyes. She was in her bed. She sat up and looked at the clock on a table near her bed "9 a.m. …" she read and looked on the ground and saw a sleeping bag near her bed. Then she heard her new 'brothers' talking downstairs and she smelled something cooking. She decided to go downstairs.

When she got downstairs, she saw the RowdyRuff Boys sitting around the table, eating. It took her a while to remember everything that happened. She smiled at them "Hi!" the boys turned to her and suddenly their faced got red. Momoko was confused "What's the matter…?" Boomer started coughing on the ramen he was eating; Butch quickly grabbed a tissue and started rubbing the blood off his nose. Brick was blushing the hardest, he quickly gulped down the ramen and he pointed at Momoko, his hand a bit shaking. "You… you're… paja… m-mas…" Momoko blinked and looked down. She wasn't any pants, only underwear. She wasn't wearing her bra and her T-shirt barely reached her boobs. Momoko screamed "PERVERTS!" and she quickly ran upstairs. Brick smiled and fell off the chair "Brick!" Boomer coughed out. Both the blue one and the green one ran to him and saw that his nose bleeding badly "He really is a pervert…" Butch chuckled. Brick slowly sat up "She has… a wonderful body…" he said.

"Perverts… Fucking perverts…" Momoko kept muttering while putting on her outfit – a red shirt with black sleeves, a pair of blue shorts and her white socks. She grabbed her red hair-brush and started brushing her hair angrily in front of her mirror. She didn't notice that the red RowdyRuff came into her room. He sat down on the bed and stared at Momoko for a wile. She only noticed him when he coughed. She turned to him and quickly turned to the mirror again "I'm sorry…" he muttered "For what…?" she asked. Brick blushed again "You know for what…" Momoko growled "Pervert…" Brick suddenly got angry "I SAID I'M SORRY!" Momoko looked at him with a surprised look on her face. "Gomenasai…" He muttered and got out of the room. "Brick…" Momoko said with a sad look. She sighted and got her red hair-band and used it to make her hair into a pony-tail.

She went to the kitchen again. This time, she sat down near Brick, behind the table. She was angry, and everyone noticed that "Brick, you're screwed" Butch said. Brick glared at him. "What?" Butch asked in an annoyed tone "You know it's true" Boomer nodded and Mojo entered the room with two plates of ramen. He gave one to Momoko and he sat next to Momoko to eat his plate of ramen "Have you looked at the news today, Momoko, Mojo?" the monkey asked. Momoko shook her head "No, why should I watch something as boring as the news?" Mojo then took the remote controller and turned on the news channel. There, a news reporter was talking "From tomorrow, Hero the superhero will be protecting our city" then the show cut to Hero near the town hall. He was smirking "Do not worry, Tokyo city! I, Hero, will protect you all! All of you kids can go to school again, and don't fear that you will go missing like Himeko or her sister Miko! I, along with the PowerPuff Girls Z will protect you!" he pointed to his right. The camera moved there, and the audience saw Rolling Bubbles and Powered Buttercup "Hai, we will protect you all!" Rolling Bubbles said shyly. Buttercup nodded "Yes, even if our leader - Hyper Blossom is… sick…" Momoko chuckled "Yeah… sick with insanity…" Mojo sighted and asked Momoko "Has HIM been dead for a week, Mojo?" Momoko looked at him with a question look on her face "Yeah, why?" "So he's back to life now, Mojo…" Mojo sighted. The RowdyRuff Boys and Momoko's jaws dropped "WHAT?" they shouted. Mojo looked surprised "Well yeah, Mojo. Everyone who has the black light comes back to life after a week if they died"

"So…that means…" Momoko didn't get to finisher sentence, because she was cut off by someone that appeared behind her "I'm alive" HIM said. Momoko quickly turned around and reached for her compact. "No no no! I'm not here to fight!" HIM laughed "I'm only here to congratulate you: you're good at controlling the black light" and disappeared. Momoko blinked and suddenly gasped "What's wrong?" Butch asked. "Himeko and Sakurako… They're alive!" she shouted and ran outside. Her 'family' followed her. The girl kicked the door open and started running down the stairs "Butch, Boomer, you get Sakurako and bring her back to the restaurant, OK?" "Yeah!" Boomer nodded "Got it!" Butch said as he helped his 'sister' and Brick open the big door that lead to the main basement room "Mojo, do you think you can distract the town for a few minutes?" "Of course, Mojo!" he said as he ran outside "I'll get my Robo-Mojo, Mojo!" "Brick, you think you can help me carry Himeko home?" "Yeah…" he muttered. He obviously didn't want to help Himeko. If he could, he would just kill her right there on the spot.

Boomer and Butch were already gone. Brick growled as he helped Momoko pick Himeko up "God she's fat…" he muttered as he ran outside. He was holding Himeko by her legs while Momoko was holding her by the head "She's always been this fat" she chuckled at the red RowdyRuff's comment "I swear if I get kicked in the face by her, I'm gonna rape you tonight…" he said, unable to hide a smirk. He noticed that a slight blush appeared on her face. Brick smirked once more. They were both silent until they reached Himeko's house. The two leaders ran towards the window of the spoiled Himeko's room "OK, careful…" Momoko whispered, lifting Himeko up to the window "Careful my ass…!" Brick thought angrily as he practically THREW Himeko through the window. Brick didn't pay attention to Momoko's glare "C'mon, Momoko! We gotta hurry!" Momoko, though angry, nodded. The two ran towards the forest Momoko murdered Miko in. They didn't stop until they knew they were far enough. They started walking. Momoko felt a bit tired, and so did Brick "This place smells like a rotting corpse…" he said, disgusted. He heard Momoko chuckle "Probably 'cause I killed Miko" "Does she have a black light?" Brick asked. His eyes came across Momoko's body again. He couldn't resist it for much longer. He suddenly remembered what he said while they were carrying Himeko and how Momoko blushed. He smirked again "No" the girl answered, not noticing the boy's expression.

"That's it" Brick thought after a few moments of silence. Before Momoko could get a chance to protest, Brick pinned her to a tree, holding her wrists tight "What the…?" Momoko's face went red "What do you think you're doing?" she shouted, stuttering. Brick chuckled as he leaned in closer "Something I've wanted to do for a long time…" he whispered. Momoko's compact suddenly started flashing "Shit!" she thought "Why now?" she looked at Brick again. He looked a bit disappointed "Don't do that…" he whispered to her ear. Momoko didn't want to, but suddenly she saw Miyako and Kaoru fly towards the city "Damn' it…" the girl muttered and noticed that Brick let her go "Go on, save that monkey…" he muttered angrily "Why did those two bitches have to ruin this moment?" he then turned around and started walking 'home' "Brick…" the girl whispered. She sighted when she realized that he was gone. She transformed and flew off, wanting to save her new 'father'.

"Blossom, this isn't you!" "Snap out of it!" "Please Momoko-san! We know you're in there!" all of the memories of the fight ran through Momoko's head as she was walking home "What's the matter, Mojo?" Mojo asked his 'daughter' "Nothing…" she sighted "I can tell there's something wrong" Boomer said. Momoko shook her head "No, really… I'm fine…" she lied again "What's the matter?" Butch asked. Blossom sighted, knowing she was defeated by her new 'family' "It's… about Brick…" "Ha! I knew it!" Butch laughed. Momoko looked at him "What's so funny?" she asked "I knew you loved him!" "WHAT?" Momoko's face went red "NO I DON'T!" she kept arguing with Butch and Boomer, while Mojo was confused "What am I gonna do with them, Mojo..?" he sighted.