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Katniss POV

"Cato, why in hell would you want to do that, we're in the middle of the damn arena!" I yelled at the sexy and most definitely dangerous tribute from District 2

"Well Girl on Fire you're going to die anyway so why not, besides I always satisfy the women I take to my bed" Cato said with that smirk that God knows why always makes me go weak at the knees

"You may satisfy all the women that you seduce, but we are in the middle of the damn arena and there are cameras everywhere and not to mention that the Capitol is watching and everyone in the Districts is as well so I think that sex is not the best idea" I yelled at him.

I grew even more frustrated as he only smiled, I turned away from him and started to walk away when he suddenly grabbed my arm and shoved me against a tree. He placed his muscular arms on either side of my head and growled at me "No one and I mean no one ever walks away from me especially District 12 trash" I gulped as I could only guess what was going to happen next. What actually happened next surprised me and I'm sure shocked the rest of the Capitol, Cato gently grabbed my chin and in an almost gentlemanly manner kissed me on my lips

The kiss soon grew more passionate, his tongue eagerly sought out mine and to my surprise instead of pulling away I enjoyed it and surprising myself again I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself closer to him and wrapped my legs around his waist

Cato huskily whispered in my ear "You are enjoying yourself aren't you Girl on Fire" I replied back "Damn well I'm enjoying myself" He started to trail delicate kisses down my jaw to my collarbone and back up again

Cato backed up from the tree and gently laid me on the ground and started to take off my shirt and then stopped "Cato why…." He shushed me before I could continue "Katniss I heard someone, I'll be right back" he ran off into the bushes. I heard a struggle and the boom of cannons "Cato!" I screamed I looked into the sky and instead of Cato like I expected I saw the tributes from 10 both of them, guy and the girl

Cato came back looking just as sexy as ever "I'm back did you miss me" I looked at him like he was crazy "Are you serious of course I missed you, I thought you died, you need to…" He cut me off with a passionate kiss and his hands started to massage my boobs through my bra and I could feel myself getting wetter and Cato could sense it as well "Well, well I can see that you are enjoying yourself, didn't I promise that you would" I could only nod in agreement

Then without any warning he pulled down my pants and underwear. My mind was spinning with all the feeling that was coursing through my body. Cato had already removed his pants and I gasped at the size and I wondered if he would fit. He must have heard my gasp and he said "Don't worry Katniss I am going to be gentle" and then he kneeled and put one leg on either side of me and slowly bit by bit he lowered himself into me

I gasped and grunted at the feeling of him filling me up. Cato heard me and said between gasps of pleasure "I told….that I always….satisfy….whoever I take….to bed" I didn't even have enough energy to reply. He started to move faster but I managed to tell him "Cato slow the hell down, lets make this last" He obliged and slowed down as I wrapped my legs around his muscular waist and closed my eyes as I focused on the feeling of him moving in and out of me

The pace started to speed up as he inevitably moved toward climax, I could feel myself moving closer and closer toward that sweet release. I could feel the beginnings of an orgasm, he grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him "Oh…Cato don't stop…faster faster… that feels so good…oh oh … oh my god!" I nearly passed out from the waves of electric pleasure that coursed through my body. I had another mini orgasm when Cato came

We just layed there catching our breath and enjoyed the feeling of each other. Cato was the first to speak "Katniss no matter what happens I will never regret doing this with you" he moved to wipe a tear that had began to fall "What did I do did I say something wrong" he asked in a worried tone. I gave a weak chuckle and answered "No, Cato you did nothing wrong in fact you did everything right, I'm crying because that was the most touching thing anyone has said to me in a long time"

Cato smiled and said "I'm glad you think that, you must be tired, sleep I'll make sure no one tries to kill you while you sleep" I could feel my eyes getting heavier and heavier as sleep began to overtake me and the last thing I heard before sleep did over take me was Cato whispering "Sleep my Girl on Fire, I will always be yours, my heart belongs to no one but you, it is yours always and forever"

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