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Summary: Percy needs to tell Annabeth something that may change both their lives. Annabeth has no idea. Percabeth.

Percy's Awkward Conffesion.

Annabeths POV.

I was walking to Percy's cabin. It was almost curfew, but he told me to meet him. He said it was importent.
I knocked on his door. He shouted come in. I sighed. It was just like Percy to make me be out after curfew and then, not even answer the door like a gentlemen. Oh well.
I walked in, and was imdietly shocked by the sight.
Percy had set up candles all around the cabin. There were rose petals on the floor. Percy, himself was standing in the middle of the cabin, in jeans and his Vans. He had on a light blue dress shirt.
"Hello Beautiful." He smiled.
It was incredibly cheesy, the music, the roses, but I absolutely loved it.
"Hi..", I replied nervously. Why did he do this? Its not like we are dating or anything... Oh gods. Does Perseus Jackson like me, Annabeth Chase? Could he possibly return the crush I've had on him since we were thriteen?
"What is this?", I asked.
"I ,um, I really needed to tell you something." He stumbled over his words. He really was adorable. Oh my gods, what is wrong with me? Well, he does look really goregous in that shirt... I shook this thought out of my head. Annabeth Chase, where are these thoughts coming from?
Percy was looking at me with a grin on his face. He walked up to me and grabbed my hand pulling me into the middle of the room.
"Percy, what are we doing?", I asked trying to sound annoyed, but it didn't go with the huge smile on my face.
The Perfect Two come on his Ipod. I looked at him, trying to figure out why he was smiling so much.
Then, I noticed he was mouthing the words along with the song.
"Dont know if i could ever be, without you cuz girl you complete me. In time I know that we'll both see, that we're all we need."
I looked at him with wide eyes. He pulled me close and whispered,
"Dance with me."
I nodded. He spun me around, and I laughed.
"Annabeth. I need to tell you something." Percy said softly in my ear.
"Okay... Shoot."
"Annabeth... You are the most amazing person I know. I love the way you always wear your hair in a pony tail. I love you long ranting speaches about architecture." i narrowed my eyes at this, but he must've seen it because he talked faster.
"I love your stratiges. I love you calculating grey eyes. I love how you're always in you Camp Half-Blood t-shirt. i could go all night but the point is... Most of all, i love you Annabeth."
I just stood there. Stunned. Then I smiled. A Real Big Goofy Smile. I couldn't help myself. I couldn't believe he just said that. But, i believed it. Percy Jackson, Savior of Olympus, loves ME, Annabeth Chase. ME! I was so happy i couldn't think straight.
"Percy, I...", I could'nt finish the sentence. Geez, it seems like i can't do alot of things today.
"Im sorry. Its okay if you dont feel the same way," As he said this he looked so devesated. i knew it wasn't true. Of course it mattered.
"Im just going to go..." Percy seemed to relize we were in HIS cabin, and I'D have to leave in order to be alone. He blushed a deep red.
"Percy." He looked at me with sad eyes. i couldn't help but smile a little. He was so cute.
"i love you too."
He grinned. "Really?"
"Really, Seaweed Brain."
"Good." He couldn't seem to stop looking at me. He started to lean forward. i relized he was about to kiss me. I closed my eyes.
He gently pressed his lips against mine. It felt like fireworks were exploding behind my eyes.
He pulled back and smiled tentively at me. I grinned in response.
"I should go. Its past curfew after all. My siblings must be wondering where I am."
"Oh. Oh okay. I'll see you tomorrow right?" He looked so eager I just had to laugh.
"Of course Seaweed Brain. You're still my best friend. Plus half of our camp activities are together. It'd be hard to avoid you."
"Okay. Cool. So does this mean... Um so are we...?"
I kissed him again. "Does that answer your question?"
He smiled. "Yes. It sure does."
He kissed my cheek and lead me to the door. "Goodnight Wise Girl. See you tomorrow."
"Goodnight Seaweed Brain. I love you."
"I love you too."
As I walked back to my cabin, wary of the harpies, I was the happiest I've ever been in my life.
I was dating Perseus Jackson. My life couldn't get better.
Oh gods, What am i going to tell my mother?

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