Bonus chapter: Day in the Life of a Redhead

I woke up and felt something heavy on top of me as I tried to get out of bed. I grunted then sighed when I saw the man who was my husband lay out across the bed and top half was over my mid-section.

"Carlos..." I said.

He continued snoring and kicked slightly which pushed me a little towards the edge of the bed.

"Carlos, get up, you're sleeping on top of me again." I added.

"What?" He asked when he snorted awake.

"Can you get off? I have to make breakfast."

He rolled off enough for me to get out of bed then lay diagonally over the mattress.

"Can I have some breakfast?" He mumbled.

"Only if you get up." I replied as I put on some sweat pants, took off my sleeping gown, and put on a t-shirt.

"Never mind." He said and went back to sleep.

I smiled and combed my long wavy, red, hair with my hand to remove the ones that tangled overnight, as I walked into the bathroom and began to brush my teeth and realized that I was using Carlos' toothbrush and switched to mine.

I stared at the mirror as I did and examined my face. Other than it being pale and full of freckles, I saw some wrinkles, Carlos insisted that it was just my imagination but I could see the beginning of one.

"Aging does that to you." I assured myself and spat the toothpaste into the sink then made use of the stool.

Ten minutes later, I was on my way down the stairs and into the kitchen, my domain. I shared the kitchen, that morning, with Madam, our female tabby cat, who slept on the sink again.

"Madam, get off the sink..." I yawned and slapped the cat lightly on the ear.

She lifted her head and opened her mouth as wide as she could then meowed at me.

"Meow to you too, get out." I said picking the cat up and put her on the floor, where she began to stretch then walk off.

I turned the range on and put a pan on one of the smaller cook spaces and cracked and egg on it.

I yawned again and threw some sausage into the microwave as I heard a howl come from upstairs.

"There goes Sarah's first alarm." I said to nobody.

Madam brushed up against my leg and I looked down at her. She stared up at me and meowed once again.

"You hungry?" I asked.

She replied by staring up at me.

I walked over to the end overhead cabinet and pulled out a box of cat food that was almost out and poured some into her bowl.

I knew for a fact that the box had more last night. I also knew that Kaleb had dared Sarah to eat some yesterday. I also knew that some milk was missing and that a bowl was in the sink so I guess that she went through with it.

"She is half cat." I reminded myself.

Kaleb's alarm went off and rang for about a minute before he shut it off. I heard him wake Leo up then walk into the hall shower.

The twins' alarm went off next in unison, of course. One alarm played a beat while the other was just someone singing. Both alarms were from the same song but they made it so that the music and the singing would sync when their arms went off.

Some Mexican music started as the shower went on, meaning that Carlos was up.

Leo walked down the stairs, his copper hair was a mess and he still had his pj's on.

"Morning." He said.

"Morning, did you take a shower?" I asked him as I put an egg on a plate and placed it in front of Leo.

"Kaleb's in it, plus I took one last night."

"Take a shower after he's out."

"Okay." He said and began to cut the egg.

I continued cooking eggs until Sarah walked down.

Her long chestnut hair was a mess and she wore her sleeping clothes as she dragged her feet into the kitchen. Her sleeping shirt was tangled slightly and some of her mid-section was showing.

"Good morning sunshine." I told her.

She mumbled something and planted herself into the seat. I placed a plate of food in front of her and smiled when she stared at it for a while.

"What time did you go to sleep?" Leo asked her.

"Huh? Three I think... Mom can I have some coffee?" She asked as I placed a cup of coffee by the plate. She mumbled something that sounded like thank you and sipped on the liquid.

Kaleb walked down the stairs while grunting as Lisa and Lana giggled while holding onto his legs.

"Grab him!" One of the twins said.

"I am! You grab him." The other replied.

Kaleb was strong enough to drag them across the house as they held onto him, hell he could probably pick me up and throw me across the street, but he made a show out of it to entertain them. They seemed to have really warmed up to him in the last year.

Kaleb and Sarah are adopted, both are their own siblings. They were separated at birth and we, Carlos and I, ended up with Sarah but we met Kaleb a year ago. Kaleb was independent enough to not need us but he never had a family so he lived with us. To be honest, I didn't trust him to begin with but he's as noble and caring for us as we are for him. He's the complete opposite of Sarah in most aspects. He is polite and hardworking while Sarah...falls asleep in the table.

I slammed my palm on the table and she bolted upright immediately.

"I wasn't asleep." She said.

I love all five of my kids; Kaleb, Sarah, Leo, Lisa, and Lana. They're my family.

Lisa and Lana stood up and fought for a seat. Both girls were getting bigger but still thought they could do the stuff they did a year ago, like share a seat at the table. Lana gave up and went to sit to the adjacent chair. They were hard to tell apart but Lana slouched slightly when sitting.

Leo finished his breakfast and went upstairs to take a shower while Sarah did her best to stay awake.

"Ready for midterms, Sarah?" Kaleb asked.

She groaned and looked at him.

"You stayed up as long as I did, why do you have so much energy?" Sarah asked him.

"Because I didn't stay up studying." He replied and pulled his cell phone out and sent a text message, probably to his girlfriend.

"What were you doing then?" I asked him.

"Texting Maya. She can't handle drama and there's a lot in the facility. She says hi by the way." He replied.

"I like Maya." I said. "She is nice and very helpful, unlike some other girls I know."

Lisa and Lana pretended to not have heard me while Sarah snoring lightly while she sat upright.

"How do I look?" Carlos asked when he reached the bottom of the stairs.

He had shaved and combed his curly hair and even trimmed his mustache and goatee. He also had some new clothing on and wore some perfume.

"Ooh, looking good." I told him.

"I knew you'd like it." He said and walked over to kiss me. "I might or might not have put some of your perfume on by mistake."

"Dad smells like a girl." Lana commented.

"So do you, Thing Number 2." Carlos said and kissed his twin daughters on the forehead. "Morning, Kaleb." He butter Kaleb's fist. "Good morning...zombie Chica."

"I wasn't asleep." She repeated and flinched.

"Where's breakfast?" He asked as he sat down.

I placed a plate of food in front of him and a bottle of Tapatio sauce by the plate.

"Now this is breakfast." He said and dug in.

It was just a typical day. They all were. Boring even.

"Imma go take a shower right quick." Sarah slurred and dragged her way up the stairs.

"What's up with her?" Carlos asked.

"Girly time." Kaleb said.


"No." I corrected him. "It's her midterm and stayed up late studying."

"Wow. Dibs on her leftovers." He said and took the rest of Sarah's food from her abandoned plate.

"Carlos, what time are you coming home?" I asked him.

"Let's see..." He began, "I leave work around the same time but then I have to go visit my other family, they get lonely without me, and then I might come here, why?"

I turned around and stared at him, arms crossed and hip cocked (it had become a natural gesture).

"You used to be fun, Lizzie, remember that? 3:30." He said and continued eating his egg.

"Imma fun your head with my foot, if you don't stop acting like a fool, Hells bells I'm starting to sound like you. I ask because my parents want to come over for dinner."

"Cool, I'll make sure to leave on time." He replied and ate his food.

"How is Uncle Robert?" Lana asked.

"Good, he's back from TJ. He said that he almost got hit by a truck for calling someone a pendejo." Carlos replied.

Lisa and Lana giggled.

"What's a pendejo?" Kaleb asked.

Carlos is Hispanic and showed most of our children Spanish. Kaleb had only been with us for a year so he doesn't know too much. I have been married to him for about 17 years now and I had picked some of it up.

"It's something that shouldn't be said around the kitchen table." I replied as I walked over to take some plates.

"Relax, woman." Carlos said and pulled me onto his lap. "It's not like that's the most explicit thing that has happened on this table.

"Eww!" Lisa and Lana shrieked at the same time then stood up.

"What?" Carlos asked. "You two were made on this table!"

"EWW!" They let out as they covered their ears and ran up the stairs.

"One of you was the other was in the shower!" He yelled up after them.

Kaleb laughed and followed them. "Smooth, dad." He said and butter Carlos' fist on his way out of the kitchen.

"So romantic..." I said sarcastically, feeling myself blush, and began to stand up.

"They call me Señor Romántico." He replied and pulled me back down.

"Alright Señor Romántico, I have to make lunches." I tried getting up again but he pulled me down.

I groaned and kissed him for a few seconds before he let me stand back up. "Some would say you're controlling and- ah!" I began but stopped when he spanked me.

"You know you like it." He interrupted.

"You're going to be late."


"Bye mom!" Lisa and Lana said in unison as they ran off to the middle school entrance doors.

"Have fun you too." I yelled after them, which made Sarah jolt awake.

"I'm up." She announced and yawned.

"You need some rest, Sarah." I said and drove off.

Most morning I would take Sarah, Lisa, and Lana to school while Kaleb would drop off Leo, whose school was about three miles further. I didn't mind doing it but waiting for 3 teenagers and twin pre-teens never moved along as it should.

"Mom, what time is it?" Sarah asked.


"Imma crash for a bit, wake me up when we get there, please."

"You got it."

I drove towards Sarah's collage but pulled into a Dunkin Doughnuts and walked in.

A young man turned to look at me from behind the counter and smiled at me.

"Good morning, Sarah's mom, how are you this morning?" Matt, Sarah's boyfriend, asked me.

"I'm good, Matt. How about you?" I replied.

"Bored! Little to no customers, other than those kids playing that arcade, and Sarah isn't texting me back."

"Yeah, she's not conscious enough to be doing that."


"She stayed up late studying for midterms. She's in the car, asleep. She snores, you know."

"I know."

I turned to look at him and raised an eye brow, or at least tried to.

"I I didn't know." He corrected himself.

"Uh-huh. Can I just have three sugar doughnuts and two large coffees?" I said.

"You got it." He said and pulled out a small bag and got three sugar doughnuts and slid them into the bag.

"Two sugar, caramel creamer, right?"

"You got it."

"How's your husband?"

"Good, he's at work. He was really annoyed the other day, did you beat him in that video game he likes?"

"Prices of War? I played with him and your sons, some campers kept killing him."

"Campers?" I asked him.

"People who wait for you to pass by."

"Oh, how much do you need?"

"Six twenty-seven."

I pulled out the wallet I kept with me and went to pull out my card and remembered that Carlos had used it to buy something from the auto part store and never gave it back. I sighed when I saw that I only had four bucks in cash.

"Carlos has my card." I sighed.

"Don't worry about it, it's on me." Matt said.

"Thanks, Matt, you're a life saver." I said and leaned over the counter, so he could hug me, then began to walk out. "Oh, I almost forgot, Saturday is Lisa's and Lana's birthday. I'm not sure if Sarah's told you."

"No, I haven't really talked to her too much this week, she's been busy studying."

"Good thing you're not the jealous type." I began. "We wouldn't mind if you came."

"I'll be there. Hey, weird question but..."


"Umm... Never mind."

"Okay? Didn't know you to be the shy type, Matt."

"It's just that... Remember that kid I came over with a few weeks ago?"

"The one with the glasses?"


"What about him?"

"Well... He's my cousin and he's in one of your twin daughters' class and...Well he kinda asked me to give him her number."

I stared at him for a second.

"I haven't. Of course, I wanted to ask you guys first."

"Well don't ask Carlos, he'll probably throw you through a wall if you do."

"He almost kicked my butt when I came over while holding Sarah's hand."

"He likes you, but he has a lot of Mexican traditions, or so he says. I just think that he's overprotective."

"He's a little weird sometimes."

I raised my eye brow at him again.

"I mean it like if I'm saying that he's a character, not that he's weird because he's Mexican, I mean I love Mexicans, one of my friends is Mexican."

"You do know that most of his weirdness rubbed off on Sarah right?"

"Yes, I mean no... I mean yes." He sputtered. "Does her dad talk to himself too?"

"All the time. He answers himself too. He swears that he's singing. I just pretend to be asleep most nights and listen to him argue with himself. He's talked about you in his dreams, by the way."

"Really, what does he say?"

"Who knows. Half of what he says in inaudible while some of it is one Spanglish. He has called you 'Sarah's camote' though."

"What's that?"

I shrugged. "Who knows, I'm only starting to understand him."

"So do you mind if know, give my cousin her number." He asked me.

"I don't but both of them are still kids, I don't think that either of them are too interested in dating yet. Which one is he ingested in, stars and skies...I feel like I'm trying to give away a dog or something..." I said.

"I don't know... I'll have to find out."

"Make sure you do. I'll tell Sarah you said hi by the way." I said and began to walk away.

"Thanks Mrs. C." He said as I walked out and two blond girls walked in, both showing more skin that I would.


I drove home after dropping Sarah off at her collage. I noticed Kaleb's bike parked in one of the motorcycle parking spaces and relaxed a little as it meant that he had made it safely.

Sarah had finally awakened by the time I dropped her off.

I headed towards the gym for yoga with Janet Willis, Sarah's friend's mother and Lee-Ann Taylor, the principal in Sarah's high school last year.

People think that yoga is an easy exercise and that it shouldn't be taken seriously but it's intense, especially when you have friends to do it with you.

The session went fine, as always. The three of us would stick to the intermediate classes; there was no way that I was going to be able to do some of the poses that some of the people in the advance class would.

Class ended 90 minutes later and the three of us parted ways. Janet wanted to hang out but Lee-Ann had to get back the high school and I needed to go shopping for groceries.


I spent an hour and a half looking for stuff to buy since I always had to make some variations to the food I made; Carlos loved spicy food, Leo hated onions, Lisa and Lana hated meat while Sarah hated anything with dairy. The only normal one was Kaleb as he would eat anything that I placed in front of him.

A boy ran passed me as his mom ran after him. The woman looked at me then went after her son.

"Weird-o..." I muttered and kept walking.

My phone rang so I fumbled in my purse to pull it out.

"Carlos?" I asked as I motioned my hair out of the way and put the phone up to my ear.

"The one and only. Where are you?" He asked.

"I'm at the store; hey do you think that my parents would like them enchiladas you like?"

"Sure, I mean they like Mexican food right?"

"I think so..."

"Cool, how much money do we have?"

"Enough, why?"

"Because they're having a pop cluck, or whatever you light skins call it, tomorrow and I said that I'd bring some pupusas."

"It's called a pot luck, weird-o and why would you bring those? I can make you some of my potato salad."

"Cual potato salad, there's going to be a million pounds of that already. So we're cool if I buy like three dozen?"

"Yeah we're fine. Are you the only one that is going to bring Mexican food?"

"Pupusas aren't Mexican food, Lizzie, they're Salvadorian food. My old neighbor, at the apartment, made them for me a few times. Messes be awesome!"

"Okay, sorry Mr. Geographical."

"Hey that was my stripped name. Thanks m'ija. Love you."

"Love you, too." I replied and kept the phone up onto my ear until he hung up.

"No, baby, it's not your fault... What are you looking at?" A woman snapped at the end of the aisle, with the meat.

I pushed my cart over and saw a small crowd of people gathered around the side of one of the coolers, next to one of the double doors that led into the back.

"Your kid is a freak lady!" A man laughed out.

"Ehh what's up, doc?" Another man taunted.

"Shut up..." The woman said.

"What's going on?" I asked a woman in the back.

"Don't know. Something about some kid who came running back here." The woman said. "Some of the men have been making fun of him though."

I moved over and saw the mother that ran by hunched over her kid as she covered him.

"Does your kid want a carrot?" Another man laughed out.

The woman made a small sound as the hood that she wore over the boy slipped slightly and revealed the boy. He was a regular sized boy with some blue jeans and a plain blue shirt. Slender figure and jet black hair with...rabbit ears coming out of his head.

Some of the crowd laughed and pointed as the mother struggled to hide the boy again.

I looked around as the store's management just looked over.

"What's going on?" A man said and walked over.

"Just looking at this freak." Another man replied.

"That freak is my son." The man said and tried pushing passed the man.

The crowd made it difficult for him to pass but he finally got through to his wife and son.

The crowd laughed and pointed at the boy with the rabbit ears.

"You assholes need to leave him alone." I heard a voice say.

People turned to look at the new person and to my surprise it was Kaleb with his girlfriend, Maya.

A good portion of the crowd dispersed but four men and a woman stayed behind.

"Kaleb." I said.

"Hi mom." Kaleb replied and let go of Maya's hand but kept his bicycle helmet on the other. He started wearing it because I kept bugging him whenever he went out without one.

"Who the hell are you?" A man asked and walked up to Kaleb, who didn't budge an inch.

"You guys need to leave." Kaleb replied.

"And who's going to make us? You?" He laughed out. "Why are you defending this freak anyway?"

Kaleb sighed and let his cat ears exclude from his head. "Because I'm one of them." He said.

The man flinched then threw a punch at Kaleb who simply moved out of the way and tripped the man by knocking his feet from under him with one foot.

"Maya, can you hold my hermit?" Kaleb said and handed the head gear over.

The man quickly got up and tried to catch Kaleb off guard but he simply shifted sideways, turned and knocked the man off his feet again.

A second man ran up to Kaleb who simply mule kicked him in the chest. The man hit the end wall and gasped loudly as the air was knocked out of him.

Another man began to walk up to me but I simply stuck my hand in my purse and pulled out a can of pepper spray and let the man have it full in the face, I was never a fighter.

The man screamed as the woman tried comforting him. She glared at me and took a step forward but I held the pepper spray out towards her and she stopped.

I heard Maya yelp and we all turned to see the first man holding Maya In a headlock and smiling stupidly.

"Not the best idea, man." Kaleb said. "She isn't in a happy mood today."

"Too bad." The man said and slowly began walking backwards. "I think that we'll have some fun with her. By the alley, what do you say boys?"

Kaleb slowly followed the group out and I walked behind him as they left the store and dragged Maya into a back alley.

"I wouldn't do that." Kaleb warned them.

"You can have her back when we're done with her." The man said and dragged Maya into the shadows as the other three men and the woman followed. One of the men was unbuckling his pants.

"Shouldn't we help her?" I asked Kaleb.

"Nah, we'd just get in the way. Plus she's having her...time...and she wants to kick someone's butt. She has wanted to for days now; she takes a lot of crap in the facility." Kaleb replied.

"She tells you when she's..."


"Wow I didn't tell your father until years after we were married."

"You guys need to tell me about that sometime, but first..." He put his hands on my waist and picked me up and moved me to his other side as one of the men was sent flying passed where I just was.

The other three men and the woman yelled as something snarled. One man ran out of the dark alley while wearing his shirt through one sleeve and his boxers. He didn't get half a dozen steps when a large furry hand reached out and pulled him back in. Some more yelling was heard and the woman ran out and headed towards me in panic so I sprayed her in the face with the pepper spray. She screamed as the furry hand reached out, grabbed her long blond ponytail and dragged her back in. The four yelled as I heard clothes tearing.

Half a minute later, a large dog walked out of the alley and just stood there on all fours.

"Good girl." Kaleb said and patted her on the head. "Who's the good doggy, you are! Yes you are."

The dog blew a raspberry at him then stood up on two feet and tugged on Kaleb's shirt.

"You tore your clothing again didn't you?" He asked.

"Maybe... If I knew that I would be changing into my werewolf form then I would have worn something loose fitting." The dog said in a small growl.

Kaleb took his dress shirt off, but kept his muscle shirt underneath, and helped the werewolf into it. The shirt was tight around the werewolf's fur and barely covered half of the midsection.

The werewolf slowly shifted and shrunk until the fur changed to the pink tone of Maya who now wore a lose fitting shirt. She wasn't very tall to start off with so the shirt passed her hips and almost went down to her knees.

"Hi Mrs. Cera." Maya said when she was fully human again.

"Are you okay, Maya?" I asked her.

"Me? Yeah I'm fine. Better than fine actually. I've been stressed lately and taking my frustration on these jerks had really helped." She replied in that sweet innocent voice that she had.

"Any blood?" Kaleb asked.

"Nope, some pee though. One of them wet themselves."

Kaleb took Maya's hand in his and led her back into the alley as I followed. My eyes took some time to adjust to the gloom as we walked in. Some sobbing and terrified mumbled could be heard from deeper into the alley. We were halfway into the alley when someone cried out.

"You sure got them good." Kaleb said as he stopped in front of the four people who were tied together, in their underwear, on the ground with all of their clothing in one long daisy chain as it held them all back to back.

They all lay in a small puddle of urine as they all trembled at the sight of Maya. All except for the woman who was weeping with swollen eyes.

"You trash deserve what you got. Speaking of which." Kaleb said and walked over and picked the four people up, with only a skill grunt, as Maya lifted the lid of a dumpster as Kaleb tossed them in it over the filth. Maya closed the metal lid loudly and dusted her hands.

"You guys make a great team." I said and began walking away.

"Where you going?" Kaleb asked.

"I left my cart of stuff and I better get back before some kid starts putting it back."

We walked out of the alley and back into the store as one of the employees was asking if my cart belonged to anyone. The parents of the kid with the bunny ears slowly walked out of the family bathroom as I passed by.

"Oh it's you." I stated and stopped my cart.

"Hi." The man began. "I want to thank you for helping my wife."

"It's no problem" I told them. "You don't need to have them jerks messing with you like that."

"Well thank you, and your children for helping us." The woman said.

"Children? Oh yeah, he's my son, she's his girlfriend."


"Cat ears?" Kaleb asked as he and Maya walked over and dropped an assorted number of bags of junk food onto my cart.

"You two are not getting all those." I told him.

"Blame Maya." Kaleb laughed and hid behind his girlfriend.

Maya simply smiled sheepishly at me.

I sighed. "Yes my son has cat ears as well as the appetite of the entire US population."

" do you hide them so well?" The woman asked.

"Practice." Kaleb said. "Why would you want to hide them anyway? Your son's rabbit ears are part of him."

"Well yes...but they're not normal, no offense..." The man said.

"It's true but there's no need to hide them." Kaleb said and let his cat ears out again as Maya followed with her werewolf ears.

People around us stared as they passed by. A woman even walked into a metal post because she was looking at them.

The boy slowly walked out and saw both Kaleb and Maya and quickly ran over and hugged Kaleb's leg.

"Hey buddy. How are you? Good? Those are some cool looking ears you have there, can I touch them?"

The small boy slowly nodded then giggled as Kaleb passed his hands on the boy's ears. Then reached up as Kaleb bent down so the boy could touch his.

"We also have tails but little kids like to pull on them so we don't let them out too often."

"How are you two so comfortable with...your extra parts?"

"Because they're part of us. Kind of like when a person has an extra finger or something. It's different but were not gonna hide it." Kaleb said and held Maya's hand. "Were Darkstalkers. But we're also people."

The couple just looked at them.

"One of my daughters also has cat ears and we never had her hide them... Well we did but we never made her feel bad when she had them around us. We took her to a day care and they helped her with her extra parts."

"I'll be happy to help him in the facility if you guys want. Adding a child to my duties is no big deal, it's when I am given a grown person that it gets weird."

"That would be great Ms..." The woman began.

"Mrs... I mean...oops..." Maya smiled sheepishly at me.

"Mrs.? Wait what?" I asked.

"Great way of ruining the surprise." Kaleb said then sighed and grabbed Maya's hand and held it out to me.

A ring was around Maya's wedding finger. It wasn't anything overly expensive but it was beautiful.

"You guys are getting married?" I let out in a higher voice than I thought I would.

"Surprise..." Maya said weakly. "Oh man, I'm bad at keeping secrets..."

I quickly walked up to both of them and hugged to them to me.

"Congratulations." The woman said to Kaleb and Maya.


I sat on my kitchen table alongside Terry and Zoe Healings a few hours later as we talked. Kaleb and Maya went out to buy some dinner for us as I most likely wouldn't be able to cook anything. Vincent, the small boy with the rabbit ears, lay in the living room floor with Lisa and Lana as they colored and drew.

"This is you!" Lana said as she held up a piece of paper with a crayons drawing of a boy with rabbit ears and the word Vincent H. written on the side.

"Your daughters seem to like Vincent." Terry said.

"Oh yeah, they make friends easily." I replied. "They color a lot too. They have pictures of all their friends in their room. I've been trying to get them off the crayon and onto the pencil but they don't like it."

"You have a very pretty family." The woman said.

"Thank you." I replied.

"I want to thank you once again, Mrs. Cera, for everything but we must go." The man said. "We have to head home. Vincent has homework he has to get done. He is homes schooled."

"Well we're here any time you need us. We're just a phone call away." I replied and stood up as they did.

"Thank you." The woman said. "Come on, Vincent, we have to go.

"Okay." He said and stood. "Thanks for playing with me, Lisa and Lana." He bowed slightly and both girls giggled as his ears bounced slightly.

Vincent ran up to his parents as they reached the door. "Congratulations on your son's marriage." The woman said.

"Thank you." I replied.

They turned and began walking away when the twins ran passed me with pictures on their hands.

"Wait!" They said in unison. "You forgot your pictures."

They handed Vincent the drawings then giggled slightly and each kissed one of his cheeks then ran passed me and up the stairs.

I laughed and held my hand over my mouth as the boy stood there, completely dumbfounded as he touched his cheeks.

"Somebody's got a girlfriend." Terry sang.

"A pair of them it would seem." I said and waved them goodbye.


My parents arrived about an hour after Kaleb got home with some carry out Chinese food. He had dropped Maya off and went to pick Sarah up, as I actually forgot that I needed to get her.

Carlos got home a little after and he actually brought some flowers for my mother.

We all sat down to eat the food and talk. It was nice and relaxing actually. Carlos always got along with my dad, mostly because they were a lot alike. My mother was just happy to know that both her daughters were happily married. Mary, my older sister, lived in Utah with her husband and two kids. We talked on the phone a lot too.

"Kaleb gave me some good news today." I said.

"Really?" Carlos asked.

"Yeah, dad, I asked Maya to marry me." Kaleb said.

Carlos made awe and happy noises but I knew that he was faking them, which meant that he already knew.

"Wait..." I said. "You knew."

"No...Yes...maybe." Carlos replied.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I said and smacked him in the arm a few times.

"Ow." He began. "That kinda hurts. Because then it wouldn't be a surprise, M'ija. Stop hitting me."

I smacked him one more time the pouted. "You're not supposed to keep any secrets from me."

"I know, but he wanted to surprise you. Plus it isn't keeping a secret if one person doesn't know that there is a secret to keep."

"Did anyone else know?"

Sarah looked away and concentrated on her food as Kaleb did the same. Leo didn't look at me but had a suspicious look.

Lisa and Lana looked nervously at me.

"Girls, tell me. Who knew about it?"

"We don't know." They lied. "Seriously, do you know something, Lana?"

"No, Lisa, I don't know anything."

"Want me to tell your dad about Vincent?"

Both girls froze then blurted out. "Leo, Sarah, dad, and Mr. and Mrs. Berra from across the street." Both girls said alternately.

"Good going girls, now we're all in trouble. Wait...who is Vincent?" He asked.

Both girls shrunk into their seats quickly.

Carlos looked at me expectantly. I smiled back and quoted him. "It's not a secret if one person doesn't know that there isn't a secret to keep."

"That's not funny, Lizzy, who's Vincent?"

"I'm happy you're here with us tonight, mom and dad." I said to my parents and didn't pay any attention to Carlos.

"Liz, for real. Who's Vincent? I ain't playing anymore."


Night came around and I tied my hair into a ponytail and brushed my teeth.

"Well that was fun." Carlos said as he took his shoes off and sat on the bed.

"It was." I replied.

"You're not mad at me are you?"

"No. I mean I was but I understand."

"So who is Vincent?"

I smiled.

"That is something that you don't want to know. You know that you don't want to know."

"You're right." He said and removed his shirt and climbed into bed.

I joined him then kissed him before reminding him to brush his teeth. We lay in bed for about ten minutes before Carlos turning over.

"Hey." He said.

I turned around and he kissed me slowly. "I had fun today, with your parents. You should have them over more often."

"I can ask them for breakfast on Saturday if you want." I replied.

"Cool. Goodnight."

He kissed me then rolled over and lay there for a few minutes.

"Seriously, Lizzy, who's Vincent? It's bugging me."

I turned over and looked at him. "Do you promise me that you won't keep any more secrets from me, regardless of how big or small?"

He thought about it for a second. "I promise that I won't hide anything important from you."

I narrowed my eyes then reached down and grabbed his privates with my right hand.

"Ow, ow! What are you doing? Let go." Carlos let out.

"No matter how big or small." I repeated and squeezed.

"Ow, yes, no matter how big or small, damn Lizzy let go."

I let him go them smiled at him. "Thank you." I said and told him about my day and about the Healings and about their rabbit eared son and about how both girls kissed his cheek.

"So how tall is he?" Carlos asked when I was done.

"What? I don't know. Taller than the girls. 4'-8", 4'-9", maybe. Why?"

"Because imma go buy me a coffin that's 4'-9" right now. One with space for rabbit ears." He said and began to get up.

"Calm down. Both of them are at that age where they start to like boys. It had to happen sometime Carlos, come back to bed." I said as he stood in the room in his boxers.

He sighed as he lay back down.

"I know. I just wish that it wouldn't have happen until they were older, you know. If it happened when they were like 34 or 35 then I would accept it. Hell I'd probably be dead then and wouldn't care."

"You're so weird." I replied.

"You know you like it. Goodnight, Lizzy."

"Goodnight, grandpa." I said and smiled when he mumbled something in Spanish.


I woke up at the buzzing alarm. I tried to move my hand to turn it off then stopped when I couldn't feel my hands. As a 170 pound Mexican-American man lay over me.

I sighed then jerked once to get my left hand free. I fettered with it until feeling came back into it and hit the snooze on the alarm.

"Carlos..." I said.

He snored and turned his head so it rested fully on my right breast.

"Carlos, you slept on top of me again..."

The end.


Sorry guys I just had to make a bonus chapter. I felt like I didn't really focus on how random the family could be, especially Carlos. Hell I could probably create a full story on just the weird things he does. Before anyone asks, yes I based Carlos on me. At least some aspects of me. Maybe one day I'll go back and write what inspired each character of my stories, some scenarios have some before thought to. Who knows. Anywho, its 10:43 and I should head to bed. I hope that you've enjoyed my story(ies) as much as I've enjoyed writing them. Please let me know if you want to see more. I've got so many ideas. Now I'm babbling. Thanks for reading,

-Vee, The Aztec Moogle.