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I'm brought out of my memories when a tear nearly hits the piece of paper in my hands. Of course, it's much more than a piece of paper. It's my birth certificate, but there's more to it. Golden bordering in a weaved pattern show that this is no ordinary birth certificate. The golden, loopy cursive spells out its importance: "Royal Birth Certificate". However, beyond that and the fact that the word "Prince" is in front of my name, it looks like any ordinary birth certificate. My name, my parent's names, my hand and feet prints, and, obviously, my birth date.

I look up, inconspicuously wiping tears from my eyes. We're sitting in a hospital room covered with get-well flowers and Dot's drawings. Dot, still recovering from her surgery three days ago, bounces up and down on her bed chanting "I'm a princess! I'm a princess!" It's rather adorable. Wakko's still staring at his, his face so covered in emotions, I can't pick out one.

They're shocked, of course. I never told them. I meant to, but life got in the way. Then, this crazy Wishing Star stuff happened, and here we are.

Life works in funny ways sometimes.

It took some work to get these. Before Dot's surgery, Dr. Scratchnsniff pulled me aside, and asked about her birth certificate. Being orphans, I never had them, and I figured King Salazar must have destroyed them once he sent us off. To be safe, however, I did tell him to have someone check around the castle area. He looked confused, but did so anyway.

Scratchy grabbed me after lunch to tell me they'd been found. When he pulled them out of the envelope, the look of shock on his face told me he hadn't looked at them before getting me. I gave him a sheepish grin.

"Did you know about this?" He finally asked, bewildered.

"Yeah." I said, shrugging. He started to make a move to bow. "Don't." I said quickly slight annoyance crawling into my voice. Throw the word Prince in front of my name, and I'm suddenly a whole different person!

I thanked him, put on my best shocked face, and ran to Dot's room. Once they had gotten over their shock, and worn out the question "Are you sure?", Wakko started his stair of many emotions and Dot had started singing. Once I sat down and looked at it more closely, I found myself reminiscing. Which brings us back to now.

I feel a pair of eyes on me. I look and see that Wakko is looking at me now, and I can clearly tell that he is puzzled. I raise an eyebrow, and his eyes dart away.

"What's up, Wakko?"

"You don't look..." He trails off, trying to find the right words. "Shocked." He finally says.

"Feel free to explain yourself." I urge him on. We've captured Dot's attention; she's stopped singing and listing quietly for Wakko's answer.

"When you brought in the birth certificates, you looked happy, and bit surprised. But, not shocked. Like you expected this or something."

"Now that you mention it, Wakko's right," Dot says, and Wakko looks slightly proud. "You don't seem all that taken aback by the sudden appearance of these." She waves her certificate to make her point.

"Well, ahhhh..." I struggle to put this into words. "I'm not shocked because..."

This day had to come eventually.

"I'm not shocked because I already knew."

Initially, they react with stunned silence, which I expected.

"YOU KNEW?" Dot yelling at me, I did not expect. Maybe it's because she was standing on her bed, and I was sitting in a chair, or maybe it's this short person thing were they seem to get taller when they're mad, but it seemed like Dot was towering over me with rage, the white parts of her face turning red with emotion.

"After all this time, after all these years of poverty, you knew! And you didn't even tell us!" Shock, anger, and hurt all fill her voice. For once, I'm speechless. She, however, isn't done speaking yet.

"I mean, seriously Yakko! We could have been out of poverty ages ago. We could have gotten out of that orphanage, we wouldn't have to worry about food, I wouldn't have gotten sick, and Wakko wouldn't have had to leave! But, no, you had to keep this your little secret, and watch us starve!

"And another thing: We could have gotten rid of Salazar years ago! The only reason he stayed in power is because there was no one to challenge the throne. But, the throne is ours by birthright! If you had just spoken up, we would have never had to deal with that jerk."

"Or, that jerk could have just killed us!" I finally snap back, Dot's words filling me with hurt. My words catch both Dot and Wakko off-guard; Wakko's eyes get wide, and Dot sits down in utter shock. I realize that my words brought me to my feet, so I sit down too. We breathe deeply for a few minutes, trying to get out tempers under control.

"Okay, will you let me explain?" I ask when I feel like we're both calm. Dot nods.

"Believe me, there were many times I wanted to tell you guys. I was going to tell you guys two years ago, but the orphanage shut down. Our primary focus became staying alive. Then, you got sick, and Wakko had to leave." I see Dot and Wakko nod, letting me know that they're following me.

"Once I realized that Dot's illness was serious, I made a promise to myself. I promised I would tell you two about this once one of two things occurred. The first was that, if, Wakko, you had been unsuccessful, and we...lost you, Dot, I'd tell you two before you..." I trailed off. Even though Dot's better now, I still can't imagine her dying. "The other one being if Wakko was successful, I'd tell you two after Dot was healthy. And, thankfully, option two won, and here we are."

"So, what did you mean earlier?" Dot asks.

"I'm getting there," I say, then pause. This involves me going back into those unpleasant memories, into the most unpleasant parts.

"A few years ago, when Salazar and his men invaded that castle, I ran into Mom on last time. Quick reminder, Dad had died nearly a month ago at that point. She told us all that she loved us and," My voice broke, but I kept going. I needed to get this out.

"I promised her that I would always take care of you guys. Sence then, everything I've done is to keep you both safe.

"There were times when I thought about revealing to the whole country that we were the heirs to the throne and getting rid of Salazar. But, every time I even thought about it, this little voice in my head told me "He'd just kill you, and your siblings." For a while, I thought I was just being paranoid, but I listened to that little voice anyway.

"Remember when we first got to the Wishing Star, and Salazar's men were already there? Remember how quickly and mercilessly he ordered our execution? At first, I thought he'd never kill kids. But, when it almost happened, when they took us into that cave, I was blindfolded, remember? When that guard tied that blindfold over my eyes, I knew then that my paranoia was justified. I was also scared out of my wits, and upset, because I thought that I had failed my promise to Mom to keep you guys safe.

"Of course, you pulled threw in the end," I said, poking Dot in the stomach to make her giggle, because I noticed that all three of us were on the verge of tears.

"And there was that great trick we pulled in front of the Wishing Star itself." Wakko said.

"Though, we never would have gotten that wish if you hadn't found the Wishing Star," Dot says, making Wakko blush lightly at her praise.

"So, do you guys forgive me?" I ask. Wakko nods immediately.

"Maybe..." Dot says, but the gleam in her eyes tells me that she's joking. I tickle her in revenge.

"Stop, stop! I'm supposed to be recovering, Yakko!" She yells, but she's kidding again.

"You seem all better to me! Besides, you're getting out tomorrow."

"Speaking of that," Wakko speaks up. "Where are we going to live?"

"Yeah, I don't think that the old, rundown water tower's a good place for the heirs of Warnerstock's throne to live in anymore." Dot says.

"You're right, and the kings approval ratings are at an all-time low sence the Wishing Star incident," I say, a grin spreading across my face. Wakko and Dot can tell I'm planning something, and wait egarly for my responce.

"Why don't we pay Salad Bar a visit tomorrow? It's been a long time sence we've been back home, after all."

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