Title: Intro - The Tales of Recline the Berthformer
Fandom: G1-ish (but I imagine them looking like TF Prime mechs because they are so pretty).
Notes: The other morning I was lamenting that my futon mattress slips down my futon in "couch mode", which then led to the creation of a new OC, Recline, who is a berthformer. He is such a sweetspark, and loves his function. Then twitfics happened (as in stories of 140 characters or less). I think I have a new favorite OC. Here are the initial "twitfics", with longer ficlets and oneshots to follow. Minor mention of tentacles this chapter.

"Come to bed," Recline said invitingly.

"Recline are you trying to seduce me?" asked Optimus, not really minding. (twitfic reply by Spacehussy)

Recline just bounced happily, setting himself to extra plush and starting his vibration sequence.

"Sorry, sir," Recline the berthformer said innocently, tightening the restraints, "I'm under orders to make sure you get a full rest cycle."

Ultra Magnus decided he would take this matter up with Rodimus later, never suspecting it was Kup looking after him this time. (twitfic by Merfilly)

Prowl decided the only logical course was to sink his panels further into the soft mesh and enjoy Recline's thorough attentions.

Recline's shifts with Rodimus always sounded like a teenage girls' slumber party, complete with hysterical giggling.

"So," Spike asked the berthformer, looking puzzled, "when you recharge, do you do it on a bed or as a bed?"

When Optimus arrived in his quarters, he did a double take seeing Recline arranged seductively on his side on the berth.

Recline rocked himself gently, making soothing, clicking sounds to the mech curled up in his cables.

"Any special requests tonight?" Recline asked sweetly. "How about ocean waves & tentacles," the sleepy mech mumbled, snuggling in.

Recline put his whole spark into his function. Thankfully, First Aid always kept a visor on when someone needed to tend to berthformer.