"Remind me NEVER to take you guys one an airplane again!" Kagome yelled as she, Inu-Yasha, Miroku, Sango and Shippo got off of a large airplane that had taken them from Japan to the United States.

"It wasn't THAT bad…" said Sango. 

"It wouldn't have been that bad if YOU hadn't asked so many questions!!" Kagome yelled while pointing to Miroku. 

"I was simply curious." Whined Miroku.  "Besides, that wasn't NEARLY as obnoxious as Shippo's little 'yak' fest!"

"You were doing it too!" Shippo yelled.

"Only for a second!" Miroku defended.  "Then I realized that yelling 'yak' through a rolled up piece of paper was not the correct way of traveling while airborne!"

"But the guy on the box thingy with the weird hair was doing it!" Shippo pointed out.

"But he was an IDIOT!!" Inu-Yasha yelled.  "I can't believe I put up with you doing that THE WHOLE WAY HERE!!!"

"Guys, you're making a scene!" Kagome whispered to them.  And SURE ENOUGH, there was a circle of knavish staring people all around them.

"So we are." Observed Miroku.  "Shall we locate our baggage?"

So they all strolled over to the baggage wheel thing and marveled at it's wonderfulness and then they waited for their bags to come around.  They collected all their bags with no trouble and made their way over to the car rental place.

"Excuse me?" asked Kagome.  (She's going to be doing a lot of the talking since she's going to be the one who really knows what she's doing.)

"May I help you?" asked the man as he turned around while holding up a giant puffball-like boa on his shoulder.  He looked remarkably like Sessho-Maru but what the hell would Sessho-Maru be doing in the REAL world?!

"What the hell are you doing in the REAL world?!" Inu-Yasha demanded as he grabbed the collar on Sessho-Maru's little uniform.

"Ah!" Sessho-Maru said contently.  "If it isn't my younger brother!  Sessho."

"What?" asked Inu-Yasha.

"I didn't say anything.  Sessho." Said Sessho-Maru.

Inu-Yasha sighed long and hard.  "Never mind." He said.  "What are you doing here?"

"Just making some extra money on the side.  Sessho." Said Sessho-Maru.  "Don't worry.  I wish not to harm you.  Sessho."

"He didn't used to do that, did he?" asked Sango to Miroku.

"Not to the best of my knowledge." Answered Miroku.

"Here are your keys.  Sessho." Said Sessho-Maru as he handed Kagome a ring with a few keys on it.  "Your car is that green convertible out there.  Sessho."

"Um…thanks…" said Kagome as she took the keys.

"Have a fun trip!  Sessho." Said Sessho-Maru as he wished them God-speed and waved to them merrily while stroking his puff.

"Of all the people to run into half way across the world…in a different time period…" said Kagome to herself.

I bet you're wondering what our lovely friends are doing right now!  Well, they decided that they should take a road trip around the United States!!  They've got the first part down and that was going to the United States, now all they have to do is go around it!!  HUZZAH!!!

"You know what I never thought about?" said Kagome as she stood outside the car.  "I'm too young to drive and I'm sure none of you…"

She interrupted herself because all of those crazy people that she was traveling with didn't know WHAT a car was so they were marveling at it.

"What a fascinating chariot!" said Miroku as he opened the door and sat in the driver's seat.

"Feh." Said Inu-Yasha as he crossed his arms and scoffed.  "I don't trust anything that looks like THIS!"

"What kind of material is this?" Sango asked as she felt the seat cushion.

"SHINY!!!!!" Shippo screeched as he attached himself to the hood of the car like a leech.  Miroku, who had been playing with every single button in the car, pressed the 'hood' button and the hood popped open and launched Shippo into orbit.  And that was the end of Shippo… though not really.

"So is this the contraption we will be traveling around in?" asked Miroku.

"Actually, it might not be." Said Kagome.  "I'm not old enough to drive it.  This trip might have just been a waste of time and money."

"Well, that poses no problem!" said Miroku.  "For I am older than you and could easily pilot this!"

"NO WAY!!" yelled Inu-Yasha.  "I would be MUCH more suitable of controlling this thing!"

"Don't be ridiculous." Miroku scoffed.  "I am older than you.  Kagome said that the oldest had to drive."

"I DIDN'T SAY THAT!!" Kagome yelled.  "I simply said that I wasn't old enough."

"But I am." Miroku assumed.

"I think I'll just drive." Said Kagome.  "I figure that if a policeman pulls us over, you guys can kill him or something…though not really."

"Feh." Said Inu-Yasha as he pulled out his abnormally large sword.  "No human will tell me what to do!"


"But Sango got to bring her boomerang!" Inu-Yasha pointed out.  Kagome turned to Sango.

"Since when did you have that?!" Kagome said.  "I thought I told you to leave that at home!"

"I go nowhere without my stupidly large boomerang." Said Sango.

"Whatever." Said Kagome.  "Just don't…use them or anything."

"RIGHTO!!" said Sango and Inu-Yasha as they gave Kagome the thumbs up.

So Shippo staggered back over, whined about his hunger pains and they all climbed into the car with Kagome in the driver's seat. 

"So where is a good place to eat?" asked Kagome as she scanned the side of the road.  She noticed a WacDnald's on the side of the road and figured that WacDnald's is a good a place as any and pulled up to the drive thru window.

"Hello…" said the voice through the little speaker thingy.  It was very staticy and they couldn't really understand it.  They couldn't really tell what he was saying but they assumed that it was, 'May I take your order?'

So Kagome ordered them all their food.

"So you tell the BOX what you want…" said Miroku as he pointed to the speaker box thing.  "And the person in the window hands you your food?"

"Uh…yeah…" said Kagome, not feeling like explaining.

"Must be some sort of telepathy." Said Miroku.  Then he leaned out the window.  (He was sitting in the back left after all.)  "Greetings sub-life form!"

"Shut up!" Sango yelled, hitting him on the head.  (since she's sitting in the back right)

Kagome drove up to the window and sat there waiting patiently.  They sat there for about three and a half minutes before Shippo started throwing a tantrum about being bored and hungry so he chewed on Inu-Yasha's head who didn't seem to mind/notice/care at all.  Finally, Kagome knocked on the window because she could SEE somebody standing in there but for some reason, they weren't turning around!!  WHAT'S UP WITH THAT!!  So um…she knocked on the window and the person turned around and slid it open.

Everyone in the car gasped.

"Here's your food.  Sessho." Said Sessho-Maru.

"But weren't you just…" started Kagome.

"You can't expect me to live only on ONE job!  Sessho." said Sessho-Maru as if he were offended.  Kagome shrugged and uneasily took the bag of food and drinks and straws and then she asked for ketch-up and Sessho-Maru gave some little packets to her.  She paid him, he shut the window and then they drove off!!  HURRAH!!!

Kagome parked on the side of the road so they could all devour their food.  Kagome was munching on her little hamburger with cheese and bacon and lettuce and secret sauce and a few other things when she randomly decided to turn to Inu-Yasha (since he was sitting in the passenger's seat of course) and ask him how he liked his futuristic food!

"You're supposed to EAT it, not DISSECT it!!" she shrieked when she saw that he was throwing pickles around and wiping the bun covered in mustard on the door handle.  He looked up obliviously as if what he was doing wasn't messy or destructive.

"Kagome, how come I didn't get as much food as everyone else?!" Shippo demanded as he held up a Wappy Meal.

"Well I figured that since you're just a child then you should get a Wappy Meal, for the children." Kagome explained.

"Why isn't my meal oval like a sphere but instead they are these small, bite size semi-spherical globs in this box?" Miroku asked as he shook the box right in Kagome's face as if she would be fascinated by the sound of the chicken nuggets being tossed about.

"I wanted everyone to get a variety!!" she yelled, getting frustrated.

"That must be why mine is so…" Sango started, holding up a salad.  She stopped, at a loss for words.

Kagome groaned and then pulled out a giant map of the United States in attempt to change the subject.  "Where should we go first?"

Everyone leaned over and looked at the map.  "Err…" said no one in particular.

"Let me try and rephrase the question." Said Kagome, clearing her throat.  "What should we do first?"  More blank stares.  "What kind of futuristic activity did you find the most intriguing whenever I talked about it!"

"School!" said Miroku.

"Hot water baths!" Sango said.

"Dates!" Shippo said.

"Feh." Said Inu-Yasha.

Kagome got a retarded little drop as she looked back at the map, realizing that they were in…um…California!!  So she figured that she could take them to Universal Studious or something!!  HURRAY!!

"You guys want to go to Universal Studious?!" she said excitedly because she wanted to go to Universal Studious too.  Everyone raised an eyebrow as Kagome clapped her hands together.  "It's settled then!!  LET'S GOOOOO!!"  Then she slammed her foot down on the gas petal and they started going…YAY!!

After 'going' for a little while, Kagome realized that she was still in her school uniform.  That would look pretty silly to the people in the US, especially since her uniform is a SAILOR OUTFIT!!!  HOW INSANE IS THAT?!

And then…she paused and looked Inu-Yasha up and down.  Then she got another retarded little drop when she stopped to think about Miroku, Sango and Shippo and what THEY were wearing.  Maybe the sailor outfit wouldn't look all THAT silly compared to the pants that were so big that Inu-Yasha could live in them.

"Um…" she started, not really knowing how to start this comment.  "I was just noticing that you guys…um…well…are wearing what you'd wear normally in my world and was just thinking…"

"So?" said Inu-Yasha with a glare.

"Well, I was going to get MYSELF a new outfit so I figured that maybe you guys could come to and maybe, you know…you know, don't you Sango?!" She said as she tried to throw the explanation on someone else.

"You want to get us new clothes?" Sango suggested.

"Oh really?" Kagome said with a laugh.  "Well if you insist and all then it's fine with me!"

Then she stopped at a store that said, 'Shop For Clothes Here Because Gomamon Digivolves to Ikkakumon!!'  So they decided to shop for clothes there because, after all, Gomamon DOES Digivolve into Ikkakumon!!  HAW HAW HAW!!

Upon entering, they went right to the children's section because they decided to get Shippo out of the way first.  So um…Kagome and Sango stayed with Shippo and then Kagome told Inu-Yasha and Miroku to run off and frolic in the men's section.  And that's exactly what…they…did.  Or MEANT to do.

Miroku and Inu-Yasha aren't ones to FROLIC so they just kind of strolled nonchalantly down the isles as if they DIDN'T look weird being in the maternity section…

"I suppose everyone in this world is hideously large." Miroku said, observing a mannequin that should not be exercising.

Just then, just about the oldest woman in the entire world walked over with a nametag on that said 'Mary Bo'.  "What are you looking for?" she asked in her crumbly voice.  Miroku and Inu-Yasha drew back from her and reached for their various ways of protecting themselves from her, thinking that she was some sort of extremely powerful demon or what have you.  Mary Bo didn't wait very long for an answer so she casually walked away.

The two relaxed and gave a heavy sigh of relief.  All of a sudden, Kagome, Sango and Shippo walked over to them.  Shippo was wearing some kind of crazy pair of overalls and sneakers and a hat too.  HURRAH!!

"What are you two doing in the MATERNITY section?!" Kagome yelled a whole lot louder than she needed to in her angry voice as it echoed throughout the entire store.

"We were just LOOKING!!" Inu-Yasha yelled back.

She grabbed them both by the arms and dragged them over to the men's section.  "THIS is where you're supposed to be!" she said, crossing her arms.

"You never see US making fun of YOUR clothes…" mumbled Inu-Yasha as he began to shift through the rack of t-shirts.

"There's hardly anything here in the color of purple that I like." Sighed Miroku.  Then he paused.  "Come to think of it, there's hardly anything in the color purple at all…"

"Well, when men wear purple in THIS time…" started Kagome but then she decided to stop when she noticed that there were some random teenage boys looking at the same rack of t-shirts that Inu-Yasha was looking at and were now directing their attention AWAY from the t-shirts and more at Inu-Yasha who is not the normalest sight because, after all, his clothes alone are more than three times the width of his own body.

And suddenly, they began to whisper to each other.  When Kagome noticed Inu-Yasha's ears begin to twitch and there were various types of angry sounding noises coming from his general direction, she concluded that THIS would be a good time to pull everyone over to the other side of the men's section.  So she did.

After a little while she grabbed t-shirts and pants and shoes and all that kind of stuff for them and shoved them into the men's room.  She told them to try everything on while she and Sango went off to the girl's section to find some clothes for themselves!!  So they said whatever and went into the men's room and chose some stalls and started trying on the clothes.

Shippo stayed with them too so he could give commentary.

And the girls skipped off to the girl's section.  They picked out all kinds of crazy things that they liked and then went to the try-on room and tried stuff on until they found a bunch of things that they liked and then met up with the guys who were standing outside of the changing room in their regular clothes while saying feh as they gave their stuff to the guy behind the counter who would put the stuff back where they belong.

"What's wrong with all the clothes I picked out for you?!" Kagome demanded.

"They were all FAR too small!" Miroku replied, picking up a pair of jeans and laughing heartily.  "I didn't even have to put these on to know that I wouldn't be able to squeeze into them!"

"So you didn't even try them on?" Kagome said, annoyed.

"Why bother?" asked Inu-Yasha.

"This is just getting too ridiculous!!" Kagome yelled, grabbing all the stuff back from the acne infested kid behind the counter and shoving them back into the arms of Miroku and Inu-Yasha.  "Just try them all on and I'LL tell you whether they're too small or not!"  Then she shoved them back into the changing room with an exasperated sigh.

After quite a lot of complaining and waiting and a poor excuse for a fashion show, everyone finally had a few cartfuls of clothes so they went over to the cash register.  Since they were in California and all, all the clothing was all surfer style and gnarely and that kind of stuff.  You know what I mean…

As they were waiting in line, Kagome observed a rack of Takeblah hats of many colors and varieties.  She quickly decided that it would be best to get Inu-Yasha a hat since he has ears on the top of his head and that often looks odd to people because people usually have ears on the SIDES of their head.

"Inu-Yasha…" she started as she held up a hat.  "What would you say to one of these?"

"Feh." Said Inu-Yasha.  "If you want someone to play dress up with, go ask Miroku or Shippo or anyone else but me!"

"I was just suggesting that you should wear this to uh…cover up…"

"What?" Inu-Yasha asked as if he didn't already know the answer.  "The humans in your world can't handle seeing…" But he was interrupted because the lady behind them shrieked and fainted while screaming 'THE EARS!!  THE EARS!!'  Inu-Yasha turned back to Kagome with dot eyes so she picked up one of the Takeblah hat (an off-white one of course) and put it in the cart.

At this point, they got to the front of the line and put all their stuff on the table.  The person behind the table was wearing surfer clothes and a Takeblah hat too and he also had a puffy thing on his shoulder…

"Let me guess, another side job?" said Inu-Yasha with a retarded little vein.

"How did you guess?  Sessho." Sessho-Maru replied, stroking his puff.  Then he started bleeping all the stuff and pressing buttons on the cash register and all that other kind of stuff and then he put all the clothes in a bag and told them how much money it was and then they paid him and then they left as he said fair well to them and wiped a tear from his eye.

"Sessho-Maru is really starting to get on my nerves." Said Inu-Yasha as he hopped in the passenger's seat of the convertible.  Everyone else got into their seats too.  "I think he's just stalking me and waiting for me to let my guard down and then he'll steal the Tetsusaiga."

"You're so paranoid!" said Shippo.

"Now everyone get changed into the brand new clothes I ever so nicely just bought you all with the money I accumulated out of nowhere that I am able to just foolishly squander!" said Kagome as she fished through the bags and tossed a random outfit to everyone.

They all complained a little bit but then Kagome used her ANGRY voice so they obeyed and put their clothes on.

"How come Inu-Yasha gets a hat and I don't?" complained Miroku.

"You can wear it…" Inu-Yasha started as he took off his hat but that same random lady screamed and fainted again.  "You know, I think SHE'S the only one who can't stand seeing my ears."

"Just wear the hat!" Kagome yelled, shoving the hat on his head.

"Why do you get to drive and I have to sit in the back?" Miroku continued to complain as he opened the door and climbed in the backseat.

"Well you're just complaining today, aren't you?" said Sango as if she cared.

"I haven't even BEGUN!" Miroku announced.

"Let's just go now." Said Kagome as she started driving and after a little while and then all of a sudden, they reached Universal Studious!  YAY!!

"Is this some kind of holy ground for demon exorcism and performing ritualistic ceremonies?" asked Miroku as he looked around.

"Um…yes…" said Kagome because she didn't feel like explaining anything because she KNEW that she was going to end up explaining more than she would want to so she might as well avoid explaining as much as possible.

"Oh!" said Miroku.  "I didn't know they had many of these in your world!"

"WHY are we going here?!" Inu-Yasha demanded.  "I know I don't want to go to a demon exorcism place and why do we get to do what Miroku wants to do first?!"

"I don't want to go here either." Said Shippo.  "Because…um…I'm a demon and I don't want to be exorcised."

"Does that mean there will be plenty of demons here?" Sango asked.  "Then I can help exterminate them…wait…you said that there are no demons in your world, Kagome."

"There AREN'T!" Kagome yelled.  "This is a THEME park!  We have fun here!!  We go on rides, we eat stuff that's bad for us, we…"

"Exorcise demons?" Miroku suggested.

"EXTERMINATE demons…" Sango corrected.

"Feh!" Inu-Yasha said louder than he needed to get more attention.

"I want food that's bad for me!" Shippo exclaimed.

Kagome ignored them as she parked in the parking lot.  But since she's an inexperienced driver, she crashed into a few cars on both sides of her before parking horizontally in a vertical space.

The five of them got into the excruciatingly long line so that they could get tickets and stamps so that they could get into the theme park.

"Why can't we just go in over there?" asked Inu-Yasha as he pointed to the exit door that had those little turning cross thingys.

"Because that's the exit." Said Kagome.

"And?" said Inu-Yasha.  "Can't we make it the entrance?"

"NO!!" Kagome yelled.

"So you'd rather wait in this huge line?"

"Lady Kagome." Said Miroku as he pointed to the group of girls standing in front of him.  "I've noticed that the girls in your world don't wear very much clothing."

"Yeah whatever." Said Kagome as they got in line.  The line was horribly long and excruciating.

"May I just decapitate everyone…?" started Inu-Yasha, reaching for his gigantically large weapon.  Kagome decided that at this point to confiscate the sword, magical staff, large boomerang and…um…Shippo's bow because he looked like a girl.  She tossed all the weapons in the trunk and locked it while they were all in a state of stupefaction so they didn't protest until after the matter and since they didn't know how to open the trunk, the stuff was very safe and inaccessible.

After a little while, they reached the front of the line and asked the guy for tickets and…

"You're just appearing in too many places." Said Inu-Yasha as he pressed his face up against the glass and looked at Sessho-Maru.

"Excuse me for trying to make an honest living.  Sessho." Said Sessho-Maru as he stroked his puff as if his puff was insulted.

"Just give us our tickets." Said Kagome.

"Fine, fine!  Sessho." said Sessho-Maru, putting his hands up defensively and then giving them some tickets.  They took the tickets with evil glares and then got their hands stamped and then went in!!  They decided to first go on the tour of Universal Studios.

"And here we have the actual Adams Family House." Said the monotonous guy who was the tour guide.  All the people gasped and took out their cameras and snapped millions of lights and stuff.

"This is boring." Commented Inu-Yasha as he looked as though he would fall asleep any moment with his elbow resting on the window since he had the window seat.

Kagome was sitting next to him as she hit him on the head.  "Pay attention!" she commanded.  "You're being very rude!"

Miroku tapped Kagome on the shoulder since he was sitting next to her.  "I do not believe that Lucy used to live here." He said with wide eyes as he listened to the monotonous announcer guy.  He pointed at her camera.  "May I?"

"Um…sure…" she said, handing him the camera.

He picked it up and pressed the button.  "Fascinating!" he said, observing the camera.  "Would you mind if I kept your amazing light emitting treasure, Lady Kagome?"

"Sure, you can have it." Kagome started.  "It's only a disposable camera… and I've got a thousand other ones."

"Many thanks." Said Miroku, doing the one handed praying thing.

"This is an exceptional chariot." Sango said, bouncing in her seat.  She tapped Miroku on the shoulder since he was sitting next to her.  "Don't you agree, Miroku?"

"Ma," Miroku replied psychopathically.

"I'M BORED!!!" Shippo yelled, chewing on Sango's head since he was sitting next to her.

"If you're going to go to sleep then trade places with me," Kagome instructed to Inu-Yasha.  "I wanted the window seat but I nicely gave it up to you.  Now move!"

"Fine!" said Inu-Yasha as he and Kagome switched.

"Now we approach the lake." Said the guy.  "Oh no, it looks like it's Jaws.  Ahhhhhhhh."

Suddenly, a fake plastic shark came out of the lake.

"EEEEEE!!" said Kagome since she's just a wimpy girl and the shark had surfaced right near her.

"KAGOME!!" yelled Inu-Yasha as he jumped out of the top of the little car thingy and then used his little claws of blood move and blew up the fake shark.

"Err…right." Said the guy.  "Moving on."

Inu-Yasha landed back in the seat expecting Kagome to thank him and start crying but she slapped him on the back of the head.  "Why did you do that?!" she screamed.  "IT WAS FAKE!!"

"What?!" Inu-Yasha said, getting ungry.  "I protected you from that demon and this is how you thank me?!  You ungrateful little…!"

"Oh ho, what an interesting landscape!" said Miroku as he took another picture with fascination.

"Miroku, don't take pictures of the trashcan!" Kagome insisted as she snatched the camera away from him.

"But I thought the point was to flash the light at everything." Said Miroku.  "Like these good people all around us."

"Yeah but the trashcan…" Kagome started.

"It may just be a 'trashcan' to you, Lady Kagome." Said Miroku.  "But we have NOTHING like this in OUR world!"

"Fine, whatever." Said Kagome as she handed the camera back to him.

"I'm hot." Complained Inu-Yasha.

"That's because you've got insanely long hair and we're in southern California." Said Kagome.

"Then let's LEAVE southern California!" said Inu-Yasha as he stood up.

"Why don't you put your hair up or cut it or something?" suggested Kagome.

"Cut my hair?!" Inu-Yasha demanded.  "Us (insert last name of Sessho-Maru and Inu-Yasha here) must have LONG, billowing white hair!!"

"Fine then put it up." Said Kagome.

"Do I look like a female to you?!" Inu-Yasha bellowed all too loudly.  The tour guide guy cleared his throat loudly and then continued with his tour.

"Yeah you do." Said Kagome.  "But if you put your hair up, you'll at least be a little less hot."

"WHAT?!" Inu-Yasha demanded.  "You dare say that I look feminine!  After all I've done for you!"

"Inu-Yasha…" Kagome whispered loudly.  "Sit down and shut up."

Of course since she said 'sit', Inu-Yasha slammed down on the ground with full force.

"WHAT DID I DO TO YOU?!" Inu-Yasha HOLL-ered.

"So bored!" Shippo whined as he floated by as a little balloon thingy.

"ARGH!!" Kagome yelled as she grabbed Shippo, hopefully, before anyone noticed.  "You can't do that while we're in my world!!"

"Do what?" asked Shippo.

"Turn into that balloon thingy." Said Kagome.

"Why?" Shippo asked.

"Because it's not normal." Kagome answered.

"Why?" Shippo asked.

"Because there are no demons in my world."


"Because they're…uh…all in your world."


"I don't know."



"Sango, do you think that 'time traveling contraption' really allows people to go to and from the past and the future?" Miroku asked while pointing to the car from 'Back to the Future'.

"I don't know." Said Sango.  "But there's a lot that I'd want to change in the past."

"Ah yes." Said Miroku.  "Something like that would be quite useful."

"Do you suppose this 'Doc Smith' would allow us to temporarily borrow it?"  Sango asked.

"I'm sure he would once we've explained our reasons for needing it so much." Said Miroku.  "Perhaps that man who is controlling this chariot knows of his location."

Then Miroku stood up and made his way toward the tour guide.

"Excuse me sir, but you must remain seated." Said the tour guide monotonously to Miroku as Miroku walked to the front.  "Must I remind you that any or all injuries that you sustain during this tour are not the fault of the management."

"Yes yes, but I have a very important question to ask of you." Miroku said as he continued his journey to front of the bus/train/thing.  But the guy just made a stupid signal and said that he wouldn't start the tour again until Miroku sat down.  Then all the people started yelling at him to sit down because they wanted to see the rest of the tour.  But Miroku didn't WANT the guy to start the bus back up because then he'd lose sight of the car thing.

"Sit down before I destroy you!" said the tour guide as he pulled out a lightsaber and started swinging it around.  Miroku took a few steps backwards and decided not to argue with the tour guide anymore since he didn't have his staffy thingy.  He sadly made his way back to his seat and sat down.

"Well?" asked Sango.

"He made me sit down." Miroku replied.

After a little while…the tour ended and they all got out and got some French Fries.  We ALL lurve French Fries!!  And it just so happens that the French Fry place was right outside the Back to the Future ride!!

"Oooooh!!" said Kagome knavishly.  "I want to go on the Back to the Future ride!  Do you guys want to go on with me?!"

"Em…sure…" said no one in particular.

So they all got in line and watched the little movie and then the guys took them into a little room and then they watched ANOTHER little movie and then they got in the car.

"GASP!!" yelled Miroku.  "It is the car from before!  Come, Sango!  We must harness its power!"

"Keep your hands inside the car," instructed some random buff worker as he slammed the door shut.

"My, my, well how do you like that?" said Miroku.

Suddenly, the ride started!!  It was very scary and fun!  And um…that's it.  So then they decided that they wanted to go to The Terminator ride.  Actually, KAGOME decided that she wanted to go on the Terminator ride and she just forced the others go on with her.  They got their 3-D glasses and that seemed to please our friends from the past a great deal.  'Oh!  Why is it that everything sticks out so splendidly?'

Finally, they reached the part where they wait in the room and the lady explains stuff to you and says 'super' a lot.

Inu-Yasha leaned over to Kagome who was, of course, standing right next to him.  "I don't trust that woman." He whispered.  "She is far too happy.  And why is everything 'super'?"

"Be quiet!" Kagome hissed back.  The lady took them into the huge place with a thousand seats and a stage in the front.  "Where should we sit?"

And with that, Inu-Yasha slammed down on the ground.  HAW HAW HAW!!

"Now wouldn't that be silly if we sat THERE?" laughed Sango.

"SHUT UP!!" Inu-Yasha as he looked as though he would destroy Sango when suddenly the lady came back and told everyone to take their seats and put on the 3-D glasses so they DID!!

Then it started and you know the whole shpell unless you don't but you can just pretend.  And then comes the part where all the destruction happens.

"No, I must protect all these people!" yelled Miroku, standing up in his seat, grabbing onto his little glove and taking the rosary off.  "PURGE!!!"

You can probably assume what happens here.

Later, everyone got out safely.  "Okay, I think I'll say this ONE MORE TIME," said Kagome as she gathered everyone into a huddle.  "All of these rides are fake.  They're NOT REAL.  Meaning that they CAN'T HURT US!!"

"We've heard this lecture a thousand times already!" complained Shippo.

"I have to keep giving it to you since none of you really seem to get it!" Kagome pointed out.

"I get it!" Sango said defensively.

"Me too!" argued Shippo.

"As do I!" Miroku said.

"Then why, oh why is there no more Terminator ride?" Kagome asked.

"That was a ride?" asked Miroku.  "I thought rides were supposed to move."

"No!" Kagome yelled.  "EVERYTHING is a ride here!"

"I think that the Terminator 'ride' was real though." Said Miroku.  "I mean, it might have started out as a show but someone broke in and was trying to attack all those people."

"I agree with Miroku for once." Said Inu-Yasha.  "If you had not taken away my abnormally large sword, I would have jumped forward FAR quicker than Miroku and destroyed that bastard!"

"For the LAST time!" Kagome said through her teeth.  "EVERYTHING is fake.  If someone tries to sabotage a ride, it's fake.  If a creature attacks, it's fake."

"Well, your world is pretty lame." Said Inu-Yasha.  "What good is a demon that's fake?"

"I'm going to try ONE more ride and if you guys can't handle it and end up destroying it than we're leaving, all right?" Kagome said as she pointed to the Jurassic Park ride.  So they all got in line for it.

"MUST we repeat it again Kagome." Whined Sango.

"Repetition is good for learning." Said Miroku as if he weren't annoyed with Kagome at the moment.

"Yes." Said Kagome.  "Everything that we're going to see…"

"Is fake." Said Inu-Yasha, Sango, Miroku and Shippo.

"If you attack something…"

"We will get in trouble and not be gaining anything."


"And we'll leave."

"Good." Said Kagome.  "I think I've drilled it into your heads enough."

"PONCHOS FOR SALE!!" said some random guy on the side of the line.  Some random three people stepped aside and bought a poncho each.  One had a stupid pigtail, one had a yellow bandanna and one had long hair and large glasses.

"Why are you buying a poncho P-chan?" asked the guy with a pigtail in a REALLY gay sounding voice.

"Shut up Ranma!" said the guy in the bandanna.

"I would like a poncho, thank you very much." Said the guy with glasses.

"What's a poncho Kagome?" asked Shippo.

"It keeps you dry since we're going to get wet on this ride." Explained Kagome.

"I think I'll take this 'poncho' as a souvenir." Said Miroku as he held up his new poncho that he had grabbed.

"Do you really want a poncho?" Kagome asked.

"Yes Lady Kagome." Replied Miroku.  "I really want a poncho."

"Can you not call me Lady Kagome in my world?" Kagome asked.  "Because it may be proper in YOUR world but we just get funny stare in my world."

"So what SHOULD I call you?" Miroku asked.

"Just Kagome?" Kagome suggested.

Miroku pondered long and hard.  "No." he said.  "I just wouldn't feel right."  Then he held up the poncho.  "Now how does this function?"

"See the lady in front of you?" Kagome said while pointing to the lady.  "Do what she's doing."

Miroku leaned over to Kagome.  "She looks ridiculous.  I believe that she must be using it wrong or this device is EXTREMELY primitive."

"What do you USUALLY use to keep dry?" Kagome asked.

"A towel." Miroku answered.

"So this is fake?" Inu-Yasha asked while pointing to the dinosaur statue that decorated the line waiting area.

"I think so." Said Shippo as he pounded on it. 

"Actually, I think it was stuffed or something." Said Sango.  "Like it was ONCE alive but caught by a poacher or something."

"Using demons as decoration?" Inu-Yasha asked as if he were appalled.

"OUR TURN!!" said Kagome since the lines go very quickly in this story.  They all hopped into the little cart and they got their own one since…um…there was a gigantic group behind them that wanted their own cart as well but didn't want to let anyone cut them.

"So…that one's fake?" Miroku asked, pointing at one of the dinosaurs.

"Yup." Kagome replied.

"So it poses no threat to our lives?"


"Is that one fake?"

"Yes.  And so is that one and that one and that one and that entire group of dinosaurs are fake!"

"How about that really tiny one over there?"

"No…no, that one's fake too."

"How do they move then?"

"Um…they're people in costumes."

Miroku gasped.  "There are people in this world who are that tiny?!"

"Yes." Kagome said since she didn't feel like explaining anything.

"Amazing." Miroku commented, pulling out the camera and taking a picture of the tiny dinosaur.

"This ride is fun!!" said Shippo as he started cartwheeling around like a foolish knave.  Kagome forced him into a seat just as the cart went over a sudden drop and plunged down into the water and they all got wet and stuff.

When they got off the ride, Kagome was laughing foolishly, Sango seemed a bit shaken, Shippo wanted to go on it again, Miroku tried not to let any expression be shown and Inu-Yasha just looked downright pissed off.  Kagome insisted on purchasing the picture that the ride people secretly took of you when you go over the edge.

"Look at Inu-Yasha!" shrieked Kagome as she started laughing.  "Great black mail!"

"What?!" Inu-Yasha yelled, looking over her shoulder.  "That's not me!  That's Miroku being next to me!"

"Well then where are YOU?" asked Sango.

"That's me!" Inu-Yasha replied.

"No…that's Miroku being next to you." Shippo said.

"You look absolutely terrified." Miroku observed.

"I do not!" argued Inu-Yasha.  "Look at YOU!  You're all like, 'I'm Miroku and I know everything but not really!'"

"I do NOT act like that!" Miroku yelled.  "Besides, who are you to comment when THIS is you, 'I'm Inu-Yasha and NO ONE can beat me except for a lot of people!  I get MORTALLY wounded ALL the time but I can still fight because it doesn't hurt me at all but it really does and I'm stubborn beyond all reason and lack any rational thought whatsoever!  Furthermore, I have an uncontrollable temper and I NEVER cease to get angry!  I can't help it when…'"

Miroku was silence by the entire group attacking him.

"Well YOU are always…" started Inu-Yasha.

"SIT!!" Kagome yelled and Inu-Yasha was slammed onto the ground.  "I think it's about time we left."

Suddenly, Fred Flintstone walked out while waving.

"OH MY GOD!!" Kagome shrieked.  "We've been here all day and have seen NO famous people yet and to see FRED FLINTSTONE, one of the most FAMOUS movie stars!!  Of course, the Flintstones are a little before my time but he's STILL famous!!"

Remember, they're cartoon characters so to them, a cartoon character is a movie star.  HAW HAW HAW!!!

Kagome ran up to Fred.  "MAY I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?!"

"Why sure!" said Fred Flintstone as he signed Kagome's autograph book.

"So what significance does this random man's penmanship hold?" Miroku asked as Fred signed away.

"He's FRED FLINTSTONE!!" Kagome screeched.

"There you go little lady." Said Fred Flintstone as he handed Kagome back her book o' autographs.  Kagome fainted.

"So in THIS world, it's better to be short, fat and ugly to get girls to love you and eventually get to grant fatherly services to." Miroku wondered while scratching his chin.

"Do you want an autograph?" Fred asked the people that were conscious.

"Feh." Said Inu-Yasha. 

"Um…I suppose…" said Sango.

"Do you want MY autograph?" Shippo asked as he held up a pen.

"And I have to go around asking if people want my autograph?" Miroku wondered.  So when Sango finished getting Fred's autograph, they all dragged Kagome out to the car.  Since she was dead, she couldn't drive so they fought on who should.

"Well, I'M the oldest." Said Miroku.

"Actually, I think I am." Said Inu-Yasha.  "I'm something like…sixty or whatever."

"If you want to get LITERAL…" said Miroku.  "But I've LIVED the longest."

"Well I've been AROUND the longest." Said Inu-Yasha.

"I'm taller!" said Miroku as if that meant anything.

"No you're not!" said Inu-Yasha.

"Actually, I think he is." Said Sango.

"HA!" said Miroku as he climbed into the driver's seat.  Inu-Yasha pouted and climbed into the backseat with Kagome.  "So…how do I get this thing to move?"

"You don't even know how to use it!" Inu-Yasha teased.

"Don't be ridiculous!" said Miroku.  "I was simply stating that to myself.  I've never seen such a contraption and I'm not an expert about how to function it."

"Kagome pressed these down here." Said Shippo as he pointed to the brake and the gas.  Miroku pressed both of his feet down on them both.

"Did she do something else?" Miroku asked.

"She spun this round thing." Said Sango as she pointed to the wheel.  Miroku jerked the wheel around for a minute.

"Perhaps it only works for her." Said Miroku.

"But what about all the other people who are riding around in them." Said Shippo as he pointed to all the other cars in the world.

Suddenly, Sessho-Maru walked by.

"May I help you?  Sessho." He asked.

"Feh." Said Inu-Yasha.

"Well, since you've helped us with pretty much everything else, you might as well." Said Miroku.  "This chariot that you gave us earlier seems to be broken."

Sessho-Maru walked over and picked the keys up from the dashboard and inserted them into the hole thing.  Then he told that the pedal on the right was to go and the pedal on the left was to stop and the wheel told the car which direction which way to go and Miroku insisted that it seemed easy enough and then Inu-Yasha threatened that he would smite Sessho-Maru if he didn't go away so Sessho-Maru left while pouting.

"Shall we go?" Miroku asked.

"I've wanted to go all day!" Inu-Yasha yelled.  Miroku pressed the gas all the way down and they screeched out of the parking lot while crashing into many cars and people and decorations and such.

"I think you're supposed to try NOT to hit things!" said Sango as she reached over to the wheel and steered clear of a group of orphans.  Then she steered away from a group of kids in wheelchairs that they almost hit.

"Sango, I think we should team up on this." Said Miroku.  "I'll press the pedals and you turn the wheel."

"I don't want to have to do this!" Sango yelled.  "Just do a better job!"

"Why is it going so fast?" Shippo demanded as he covered his eyes.

"I have no idea!" said Miroku as he flipped switches and pressed buttons and did all sorts of things until the all the cars lights were on, the windshield wipers were on, the left blinker was on, the top was stuck in between being closed and open and the radio was blaring music.

Miroku suddenly went over a giant speed bump and that woke Kagome up.  At first, she was feeling a little discombobulated but as soon as she realized the danger she was in, she started throwing a fit and demanding for Miroku to pull over.

"I was simply taking over the tedious job of driving while you rested." Miroku tried to explain as he and Kagome switched places.

"From now on, don't bother." Said Kagome as she pulled out her giant map.  "All right…where to next?"