In the beginning...

Through the formless Void there came,

Far beyond the grey stars' flight;

His face of flame, His eyes of Light

A ring of embers, burning bright.


Before our lesser world began

His shining fingers grasped the quill,

And wrote across the empty span

The burning Song of His great will.


And from His endless mind there came

The Ainur, His great work begun,

In their bright eyes there burned the Flame

That rests within Eru - the One.


The Song unfurled in harmony

'Til Melkor's theme, in pride conceived,

Fell through shame to sorcery,

An Evil none had as yet dreamed.


The Song rings still, through countless years,

In hidden chords, the old Refrain;

Eru remembers all the fears

His children feel, and all their pain.

Wow. Please don't ask where this came from, because I'm not exactly sure. I know, I know, it's REALLY weird - but when I was writing this, especially the second and last stanzas, God came to mind. No, I DON'T mean that Eru is somehow God, but it just reminded me of creation, and of how much God cares about us. I am a Christian, id you are wondering. Please excuse my authoress ramblings. :)

~RandomCelt, the non-Tolkien