Sticker Wounds

He was the Congregation's vagrant

With an unrequited love.

When your passion's exultation,

Then finding refuge is not enough.

"So what now?"

Souma's voice rang between them, in a rare moment where it was actually silent. Satou let out an indifferent 'hn' and carried on, ignoring the bluenette. The other waited for a response, knowing that it'll come sonner or later, while he leaned at the counter.

And it did. With just three words that took him by surprise.

"I'm giving up."

It caught him off-guard, making him open his eyes, looking at the blonde with the smile off of his face. "Wait, what?"

"You heard me."

For the first time, he was hesitant to ask why. He just... he don't know anymore.

"She can't see me," Satou said, once again succeeding in surprising Souma. "or rather, she chose not to see me."

He stared for a moment, just stared at him, really, taking his appearance in. He looks tired, like sleepless nights have repeatedly assaulted him.

He inwardly sighed.

Now, he's a manipulative bastard. Yes, he admits upon that accusation. But if there's anything he wanted to happen, it's this guy getting the girl. He deserves it, dammit. He listened through her stories, built up and hid that pain, and trying his hard to be happy even though he is being torn apart.

But after for a while, he let himself smile again. Hey, at least he would stop hurting.


"Is that so? Would you want me to set up a date for you?" Souma said, that smug smile gluing itself into his face, as always.

Satou's left eye twitched, resisting the urge to hit the other. "No."

"But it'll be fun. Besides," Souma said crossing his arms, "it'll make you forget."

And he's honestly trying to be helpful.

Yes. He, Souma Hiroomi, that bluenette that uses everyone else's secret against them to make them work for him, is trying to help this absolutely loveless, and utterly hopeless lad, the 'stoic' Jun Satou, who just declared that he is finally giving up on the love of his fucking life, Yachiyo Todoroki , because she doesn't see him. Or rather, she chose not to see him.

And he is helping by suggesting to set him up on /blind/ dates.

Wow, how fucked up is this?

The moment after he said that, Yachiyo entered the kitched handing a piece of paper to both of them. "Can you please cook this for table four?"

A moment of silence, and a stone cold feeling settled upon the three of them. Yachiyo's smiled stayed intact, while Souma inwardly sweat-dropped. So he was serious, huh?

The blunette, getting the feeling that Satou won't get the paper and finally giving in, reached forward and smiled back to the girl. "No problem, Todoroki-san." The said girl bowed and ushered out of the kitchen with her ever present smile, hurrying off to the floor.

The silence went back between them, and Souma resisted the urge to smirk, knowing what will come next.

It came a few seconds later.

"Fine," came the gruff response. "I'll do it."

His smirk stretched as wide as it can get.

So, I recently finished Working! Season 1, and I absolutely adore Satou/Yachiyo, and I'm also aboslutely disappointed to find out that there's just a few fanfics in here. So I just got to contribute other than drawing fanarts!

~ Yes, it'll be Satou/Yachiyo. I'm actually thinking of a little Satou/Souma, haha. I got to confess, I love them.~