Hello reader! I hope you like my first story and thanks for checking it out. And don`t worry this story isn`t just about one Monkee. You`ll get to see the others really soon so just stay tuned. Also I have no record or am I intending that anything you are about to read in this story is true. It`s just how I thought it would happen because the show never really answered how everything happened. So without further ado let me present;

The Monkees: How it All Began

The sun had finally started to come out after a long rain storm in the late afternoon in Bakersfield California. And good thing for the passengers, the train had just pulled into station too. As young David Jones, called Davy by many people, got off the train he could smell wet pavement.

Even though this type of weather would bother most people it didn`t bother this young man. It reminded him of his hometown Manchester England. The young English boy looked barely out of his teens which he was in a way. He had just turned 19. But he was often confused for younger because of his height.

For his birthday his parents had saved up their money to buy him a ticket to America. He would have to buy a train ticket on his own but he appreciated his parent's jester. He didn`t have much money other than a few dollars and cents in his wallet but he was hoping to find work as soon as possible. You see, Davy wanted to be a musician. He could play the guitar a little but his strongest musical talent was his singing voice. Back when he was in school the teacher always picked him for the solo when they did concerts. Singing was how he made most of his money back home too.

Davy frowned. The more he thought of home the less faith he had in himself to go through with his plan. But he thought of how much trouble his parents went through to get him that ticket. And he promised them that he would pay them back. He heard of this music producer who lived in town but had no idea where.

Davy picked up his small duffle bag and looked around. Well now that I`m here what in blazes am I going to do now? he thought to himself. Well he knew he had to find the music producer. All he had was the man`s name. Barney J. Mathews. No address or anything. All he could do was hope that someone in this station knew where his business was. He walked around the station looking for any sign of a friendly face.

"Excuse me could you," Davy started to say to a man in a coat walking by him but the man just kept walking. "Um I`m looking for," he began to say to woman in a fur coat and floppy hat but she walked by him as well.

"Do you mind me asking," Davy started but the other civilian just walked on past him.

Davy sat down on the bench and sighed. "How am I supposed to get to Mr. Mathews if no one will help me!" he cried out.

"Well you can try asking some logical people." Davy jumped up being startled by an unknown voice. He turned around and saw a boy around his age leaning on the lamp post. Davy got up and walked over to the boy.

"It won`t do you any good looking around here for help, Short Stuff." said the young boy with light fluffy brown hair. "Everyone here in this station is like a robot. Must get to train. Must find ticket booth. Must find luggage." he said while making mechanical motions and a funny voice.

"Look I`m just trying to find out how to get to a Mr. Mathews` building." said the brown haired English boy.

"Ah, I see now. You're a performer! Well good luck trying to get him to listen to you."

"Why`s that?"

"Well you see he`s a very busy man, Mr. Mathews. You have to have an appointment." the stranger said in another strange voice. "Plus the guys a jerk." he added.

"Why, you`ve met him before?" asked Davy. Who was this stranger?

"Yes I`ve had the honor." said the local in a sarcastic tone making yet another strange voice and bowing.

"Well that`s great! Could you tell me where I could find him?" asked Davy excitedly.

"Uh, sure. Just make a left at the old parking lot and it`s the third one down street." said the impressionist while pointing in the direction suddenly taking out a map and a hat that said Tour Guide on it.

Finally! I`m getting some answers! Davy thought to himself. He ran down the street taking the directions the stranger gave him. The boy certainly was strange. But he got what he was looking for so he was on his way.

"Just remember, keep an open mind and a closed wallet!" shouted out the fluffy haired boy as Davy ran.

What did he mean by closed wallet? Oh well it didn`t matter in just a few minutes Davy would finally get to do what he came here for!

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