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But, I prestent to you this long chapter as my apology. It's about 6 pages long. Also speacial surprize in this chapter! Just what? Read and see...

Warning, some words (a word really) may be offensive to some readers. Mild violence also. (But not real violence, Monklence, if you will?) The word will have a little star thingy by it so you know.

Micky ran out of the hallway and into the main room of the diner. He was shocked to see three tables flipped over leaving a huge mess on the floor.

"Hey! You're damaging property!" Micky looked up after hearing a familiar voice.

Geroy was being confronted by two big, scruffy kind of, looking men. One wearing a black leather jacket, and one wearing a white button shirt that was missing multiple buttons.

"How many times do we have to tell you, Negro*; that you're trespassing?" said the man in the black jacket.

Geroy gave the man a glare. "And how many times do I have to tell you that my name's under the lease?"

Davy and Peter soon ran up behind Micky, but he didn't notice.

The one in the white shirt rolled his eyes and then started to speak up.

"Look we don't make the rules. We're just following our boss's orders." The man had a weird, squeaky, kind of sounding voice. He was short too, and he wore way too much hair gel. "So shut you're trap." he said giving Geroy a shove.

"Hey! Leave him alone!" Micky commanded stepping in front of Geroy.

"Micky, no. You don't-" Geroy started to say but was cut off.

"Who are you?" asked the short one.

"My name's Micky. Who are you two?" he said trying to make a mean face but it looked more like he was pouting.

The greasy looking one laughed and so did the big one. "What's it to 'ya, Micky Mouse?" he said giving Micky a slight push on the shoulder.

Micky narrowed his eyebrows. "Who you calling mouse?" he grinned, making the short man glare.

Peter's eyes widened. It's the men who keep bothering Geroy!

"Um, ex-excuse m-me, sirs. But I-I, do you think you c-could-?" Peter tried to say.

"Stay out of this, Blondie." the one in the leather jacket told Peter while giving him a glare.

Peter swallowed hard them looked at the ground. "Yes, sir…" he said barely above a whisper.

"Hey, don't talk to him that way!" Davy shouted out, stepping up in front of Peter now.

The man in the leather stepped up to Davy, causing him to look up. "Heh heh, you know, you don't have to… I mean it's completely up to you." Davy said putting his hands up and backing away, hitting Peter in the process, making them both fall down.

The two men laughed and Geroy stared at the two on the ground.

"Way to stick it to him, Davs'." Micky sighed. "Look, why don't you two, 'gentlemen', get lost?" he said putting air quotes around gentlemen and putting his hands on his hips.

Both men glared at Micky getting annoyed. "Looky here, Guss. Looks like we got ourselves a hero." the one in the jacket snickered.

"Cute." the one called Guss scoffed. "Why don't we teach him what we do to heroes, Jay?"

"With pleasure." the one called Jay grinned. He put his fist up in the air and Micky swallowed hard, bracing himself for impact.

Suddenly, flying from across the room, a blob of mashed potatoes hit Jay in the head by the ear, and right after another blob hit Guss in the back of the neck.

"Bull's-eye!" shouted a voice with an accent from across the room.

The two thugs looked over at the shooter in confusion.

Then Micky saw his chance, and pushed the man in front of him to the ground, landing on the small man behind him.

Peter quickly acted and grabbed a soda off the table, pouring it on the ground behind the two men, before they fell.

Davy gave the men a kick and they slid across Peter's soda trap.

They boy who flung the mashed potatoes got up from his seat and opened the door, causing the two men to slide right out of the restaurant.

"Y'all better not come back now, you hear?" he said sounding more country-ish than he usually did.

The civilians who were still in the diner ran to the windows and watched the men slide down the street.

Everyone in the diner started to cheer and clap, gathering around the four boys who caused the trap.

The poor kids looked confused, but soon they started to smile.

Geroy pushed pass the crowd and put his arms around Micky and Davy. "Thank you, boys. Thanks to you four, my diner is now safe for another day." he smiled.

Davy smiled back. "It was nothing. If that other guy hadn't thrown the mashed potatoes, Micky would have taken one to the face." Davy turned looking for the said boy, but he couldn't find him.

He saw him trying to shove his way out of the crowd asking people useless 'Excuse me's.

"Oi! Where are you going?" Davy asked walking up behind him. Peter soon followed.

"Yeah. You deserve these cheers more than anyone." the blond smiled.

The tall, thin young man turned to the others. He was blushing and he rubbed his neck. "I'm not one to boast or brag about anything." he said, tugging on his green wool hat that was sitting upon his dark brown hair.

He had an accent. It sounded like he was from one of the southern states.

Something clicked in Davy mind. "Hey, you're that guy that bumped into me! You stole my wallet!" he shouted at the man, making him back up.

"Pardon?" he asked confused. "Look here, I didn't, nor have I ever, stolen a wallet, or anything else!" he shouted annoyed.

"Davy what are you-?" Micky asked walking over.

"You told me whoever I bumped into took my wallet. Well, I bumped into this bloody giant!" he interrupted.

"Mind your tongue, you darn red coat!" the southerner shouted back.

Micky stepped in pushing the feuding two apart. "Hey hey, there's no need to bring up height, o-or wars, into this fight. Matter of fact, why don't we end it?" he asked confused.

"What's this guy going on about, Mic?" the green hatted man asked.

"Mic? You know this guy?" Now it was Davy's turn to be confused.

"Sure I do. Davy Jones, this is Mike Nesmith. Mike, this is Davy." the light brown hair boy introduced.

The one called Mike simply nodded, crossing his arms.

"I don't understand. How do you know him?" the Brit asked. This American sure knew a lot of people…

"Mike works in the Flower Shop next to the Pet Shop." he informed like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Look Davy, I know what I said to you, but I know Mike better. He wouldn't have stolen your wallet."

"You're darn right I wouldn't." he said giving a nod.

"Did anyone else bump into you?" Micky asked trying to clear his friend's name.

Davy thought for a moment. Suddenly, he remembered and blushed. "Y-yeah. Someone did. Oh gosh, I'm so sorry. It was foolish of me to accuse you so suddenly."

In less than a second, the mean, angry look, on Mike's face disappeared and turned into a smile. "Don't worry about it. We all make mistakes. Sorry I snapped on 'ya. I'm not usually like that." he blushed as he removed his hat.

"Well this is better." Micky said stepping in putting his arms around Davy and Mike. Micky then turned to Mike. "Thanks for that quick thinking with the potatoes, man." he smiled.

Mike put his arm around Micky as well. "No problem, pal. You're just lucky I decided to get some dinner."

Was it really dinner already? Man, Davy's first day in America sure seemed short, but it sure was tiring.

"No way, you only eat out when you're bummed. What happened?" Micky asked.

Mike gave a chuckle. "You know me too well. I stopped by to see Dream-Crusher again today."

Micky laughed. "Really? How many times is it this month now, three?"

Mike simply made a humming sound in return. "Same response too. Find more band members." he sighed.

Once again, something clicked inside of Davy's mind. "If you're a musician, why don't you join us?" he asked, as a spark of hope went off.

"What?" Mike asked.

"Yeah!" Micky turned around to see Peter staring at the ground behind them. He pulled Peter over and brought him into the huddle, making Peter smile. "Me on drums, Peter as the pianist and bassist, and Davy as singer."

Mike looked at the smiling three, and then shot a bright smile back. "I'd like that. Let's shake on it then." he put out his hand and each boy shook it back.

"Well," Davy said putting his arm around Peter, and Peter putting his arm around Micky, and Micky putting his arm around Mike, as they all interlocked shoulders smiling. "Looks like we got ourselves a band." he smiled.

Like my new word I made up? Monklence. Monkee-Violence.

Yeah not really a surprize right? If you couldn't guess it, it was Mike's joining.

I don't really know about the Mike and Micky thing. I knew I wanted Mike to work in a flower shop and I decided the pet shop Micky works in should be next to it and they would be friends...

Also, Mike being accused was the plan all along with Davy loseing his wallet. In one of the previous chapters it was hinted very lightly that some other guy bumped into Davy before Mike did. I think it was "Big Dreams, Small Wallet"?

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