Part 1

Mike ducked down to fit in the doorway after the blonde dish washer.

The Texan looked at the small dusty room skeptically. Why are we in a cupboard? was the first thing to pop into Mike's mind. What could they possibly accomplish from being in the room?

Peter took his seat at the piano and prepared himself while the other boys made their way into the room.

"You guys 'gotta come closer!" Peter commanded enthusiastically.

"Okay but- SPIDER-WEB, SPIDER-WEB!" Mike freaked out as he started to step closer, frantically trying to remove the small threads from himself.

Micky started to laugh at Mike's spazzum. "Gee calm down, Mike. It's just a little- SPIDER, SPIDER!" Micky now freaked out as the small creature hung in front of him, he hid himself behind Davy as best as he could.

Peter chuckled a bit as he held out a finger and put the spider down on the top of the piano.

"Gee calm down, Mic. It's just a little old spider." Davy teased.

Micky glared at the small Brit. "Watch it, Jones."

Mike placed his green hat on his head after dusting it off. "What I was trying to say before was, what exactly are you showing us here, Pete?" Mike asked confused.

Peter smiled to himself and said, "A place to rehearse."

"It's a bit too small isn't it?" Davy asked looking around the room.

"So are you, but I don't complain." Micky now teased.

Davy rolled his eyes. "You're quite rude, you know?"

Micky smiled.

"Shhh, guys. I'm trying to concentrate." Peter hushed.

Before anyone asked what he needed to concentrate for, Peter began playing the large instrument in front of him.

The melody was soft at first but then started getting faster and faster and faster.

The room felt like it was shaking from the noise!

Wait a second, the room was shaking!

"Peter, what's going on?" Davy asked in fear.

The blonde didn't reply but kept playing.

"Is it an earthquake?" Micky asked trying to stopped himself from falling over.

"No it can't be. It would have been announced on the news if there was one." Mike logically argued.

Suddenly, the room started creaking and turning.

The front door of the small room slammed shut and soon opened again, revealing the old small room to be empty asides from a lone piano.

It's a short chapter I know. But it's supose to be. I'm hoping on having the next part up very, very soon! =0)

Now on a more serious note;

Sorry for taking so long guys I realling wanted to work on this story a while ago, but I'm sure you've all heard about Hurricane Sandy?

Yes, I live on the East Coast of the U.S. so my town was effected by Sandy, physically and emotionally.

I live in NJ in a place that's realativly close to NYC. My family would always go to the Jersey Shore every summer. But now we can't because it's no longer there.

I know many people whoose Shore Houses were flooded beyond repair.

It's just hard to think that a place my family could go to with ease is ruined.

At home I was effected aswell. My block lost four oak trees that were propablly well over 100 years old, two telephone pole were snapped in half, and transformers exploded causeing the sky to be lit up all night long. An elementry school in my town lost it's roof to it's gym. And I lost power for a couple of days, hense me not being able to write.

Due to this, Halloween in my town was cancelled for the little kids for saftly reasons.

New York also didn't have it any better than us either. I believe it was a factory that exploded, subways were flooded, and the Freedom Tower lost it's crane due to it being snapped in half.

One of the radio stations I listen to posted this beautifully sad video showing the events of the hurricane and the Govener and President talking about what happened, while music is playing in the background.

It gave me chills and left me in tears. You can find it on YouTube by searching "95.5 WPLJ Phillip Phillips Home Hurricane Sandy Mix"

My best of luck to those who were effected by the hurricane as well.

On another completely diffrent note;

I'm thinking of doing a contest of some sorts. It seems I'm almost at 20 reviews. So, the 20th reviewer will get some sort of reward and a shout out. You can have a comeo in the story, supply some ideas, or something else that you would like as long as it's reasonable.

I wasn't sure if I should count the reviews when people said to update but I will this time cause I'm nice. =0)

Every x10 reviewer will get the prize. (20th, 30th, 40th, etc.)

Until next time! ~Katie