Chapter One-Genie's Big Mistake

"Hiya Al, whatcha got there?" Genie popped up out of his lamp that was sitting on the bedside table. Aladdin was sitting on his bed holding a trinket in his hand. It looked like a locket of some sort, maybe a gift for Jasmine?

"Oh, I found this under a pile of Jasmine's clothes." He studied the locket. It was in the shape of a butterfly, encrusted in blue and pink sapphires with gold plating on a gold chain. The detail in it was exquisite; there were lots of carvings on the body of the butterfly that looked like letters, but he couldn't be sure.

Genie snatched the locket from Al's hand. "Where d'ya think she coulda found this beauty?"

"I have no idea. She is a princess, a rich princess to be exact, maybe she just bought it?"

Suddenly, a screeching bird went flying across the room and stole the necklace from Genie, squawking and carrying on until he hit the dresser drawers. The red feathered parrot fell to the ground, his feathers ruffled and locket in his beak.

"Iago!" Aladdin scolded, "That's not something to play with!" He grabbed the locket from the bird thief's beak and Iago groaned.

"Why is it every time I try to get in on the conversation, you guys just shoo me away?" the parrot complained.

Genie piped up, "Maybe it's because you always STEAL THE CONVERSATION!" He transformed into a drummer with drums and made a 'ba dum tss' sound, followed by turning into a sign that said Ha Ha Ha in neon lights. Iago and Aladdin were both not amused. Genie went back to his original self and shuffled his foot. "Sorry," he apologized.

"Seriously, what is this thing?" Iago flew onto Al's shoulder and inspected the locket. "Whoa, that looks expensive!" Immediately his eyes lit up with greed. Aladdin handed the locket to Genie so that Iago wouldn't be tempted.

"Have you opened this thing, Al?"

"No, not yet. The cover was so mesmerizing that I didn't get a chance to open it." Iago gave him a look. "What?" Aladdin said, "Am I not allowed to admire the expensive object?"

"Hypocrite," the parrot muttered.

Genie grinned. "Let's open this baby up!" He was about to unclasp the charm when Jasmine walked in the room.

"Stop!" she yelled at him. Immediately, Genie threw down the locket and threw his hands up in defeat.

"I didn't do anything!" he defended.

The brown-eyed woman picked the locket back up. "This is not something you just throw around! Where did you find this at anyway?" Her interrogation of Genie was forceful and scared him half to death.

"I found it," Al explained, coming to his friend's rescue. "I found it under a pile of your clothes. Where did you get such a lovely item anyway?"

Jas looked at the ground, shuffling her feet back and forth, unwilling to look her husband in the eye. "Madrea," she replied in a whisper. Her eyes flickered his way to see his reaction: he wasn't fazed. Genie and Iago meanwhile were freaking out.

"You mean, you went to that witch for some voodoo magic stuff, and then you threw that curse under your clothes? And you didn't bother to tell ANYONE? What in the name of Allah were you thinking?" Iago screamed at her. He paced around the room, ripping the feathers from his head in frustration. Genie looked equally disturbed, Al was just confused. Jas kept her head down in shame.

"I've gotta agree with bird thief here," Genie motioned at Iago, "Madrea is not a woman to be trusted by any circumstance. Bad things have happened to anyone that buys her items. She curses them all, with black magic to be exact. What made you want to buy something from her?"

Jasmine shook her head. "I don't know," she said in frustration.

"Wait wait wait," Aladdin piped up, trying to understand, "Back up a bit. What do you mean black magic is in that locket? Who's Madrea?"

Genie explained, "Madrea is an old witch that goes from town to town, selling items of incredible value, but the trick to it is that black magic is in the items. She curses anything she touches. She could be one of the most powerful sorcerers in the world. Most of the time she goes disguised as an old woman to the marketplace to sell the bewitched items, but sometimes she disguises herself as an attractive young woman so she can get a man to be cursed. Madrea is extremely evil and extremely powerful, but she does her bidding on lower levels. She tricks peasants, steals to survive, and ruins the lives of upper class members."

"Is she targeting Jasmine?"

"I don't know Al. But whatever this is, it's bound to be trouble."

Al eyed Jasmine, who was sitting on the bed now, locket in her hand, staring down at the floor. Iago was next to her, looking at the locket.

"Can it be destroyed?" Al asked his blue friend.

He thought for a moment. "I'm sure it can be done. Just take a hammer to it."

"No!" Jas protested, "You're not going to smash the locket. I'm keeping it."

Aladdin looked at his beautiful wife and took her hands. "Jas, we have to destroy it. It could be dangerous, and I don't want it hurting you or anyone else. It's the right thing to do."

"No," she whispered and put the necklace around her neck as a replacement for her usual necklace. She continued to face the ground in sadness. Al looked up at Genie for some help, but he shrugged. Aladdin hated to see her upset; he wasn't quite sure what was so special about this necklace to her. He lifted her chin up and put his hand on the locket, stroking his thumb on the studded butterfly. It was beautiful. It made her look exquisite. He kissed Jasmine's lips softly, but stayed there for a few moments and a tear ran down her cheek.

He pulled away. He looked at his wife lovingly and she smiled, brushing the tears away from her cheek.

"We still have to destroy it," Al told her quietly.

"I can't let you."

"Oh, yes you can!" Genie yelled. Suddenly he shifted his weight forward and transformed into a tiny Genie, one that could float. Al, Jas, and Iago looked bewildered, wondering where he'd gone. They knew where he was when Jas felt a tug on the locket. Genie pulled as hard as he could, trying to get the necklace off the princess's neck. Iago dove in to try to stop him from taking it, Al held onto Jasmine, trying to shoo little Genie away, and Jas was struggling to get her precious locket back. The fighting over the locket continued with elbows in faces, feathers in their hair, and Genie's attempts not working. And then the tiny figure pulled as hard as he could, but did not pull the necklace off...he'd opened the locket instead.

There was a huge flash of yellow light, lighting up everyone's shocked eyes, and sucking all four of them towards the locket. In a matter of seconds, the once-filled room was completely empty.