How to Kill a Mockingjay:

The interviews were horrific to go through. Not only did I have to be cleaned and dressed up by my old prep team who will not stop talking about my apparent baby bump – I have no idea what they're talking about, I haven't noticed any growth at all – Its made all the more horrible by the absence of Cinna. I feel a twinge of guilt when I realise I've been so pre-occupied I've barely thought of him and his death over the past few days. I wish I could have had time to mourn him, the man who turned me into the girl on fire but I simply don't. All my energy is going into worrying about Prim and Peeta and my mother. I gaze down at my stomach and place my hand there gently.

"If you're a boy I'll honour Cinna by giving you his name." I decide. I think he'd like that.

When I'm finally dressed and made up to my prep teams satisfaction, they stand me in front of a full length mirror and wait for my approval. I gaze at myself in shock. My hair is long and lose, tumbling over my front. My dress is a beautiful shade of blue, so similar to the sea in District 4, I think back longingly. But what surprises me is they're right, I do have a baby bump. In the baggy clothes I've been wearing I haven't noticed it but this dress is fitted underneath my breasts which seem larger than before, and is pulled tight over my tummy. You can see a very distinctive baby bump, made to look all the larger by the decorative ribbon wrapped around my waist. It's like my baby is a gift wrapped present – but to who, I don't know. The dress's sleevs come to just below my elbow and the skirt falls to below my knees. Gazing at myself in the mirror I realise that I look very maternal, which is of course exactly what the Capitol wants. They need the Panem to see the evidence that justifies them removing me from the arena and putting my sister in my place.

Ceaser Flickerman is interviewing us but in all honesty I'm so preoccupied with worrying about Prim and Peeta, and my baby bump and thinking about Cinna that I pay very little attention to what's going on. I answer questions as briefly as possible. The questions are hard for both me and my mother to answer, but the one that cuts deepest is when Ceaser asks me who I'm rooting for; my little sister, or the father of my child. It's at this point I can't take it any longer and I stand and leave the room. My mother follows quickly behind me, her arm around my shoulders. I expect to be punished for leaving but the Peacekeepers just return us to our rooms. Later when we watch the interviews on the television I see that they've edited the tape and cut that bit out. Of course they did.

After my mother insists I eat a full meal which, looking down at my bump in guilt for not eating well lately I do, we both return to the television. It's about 9:30pm and my mother and I gaze at the screen in worry as we watch Beetee begin to put his plan together with the help of Finnick and Johanna, Prim and Peeta helping out where they can. Enobaria and Brutus remain unaware of the plan, but they have their own ideas and are working on a strategy.

As my mother and I try to listen carefully to what the Careers are planning, I hear a commotion outside the door and I roll my eyes, wondering what the Peacekeepers want from us now. I'm surprised when the door slams open, making me jump and Haymitch runs in with a few other men I don't recognise. I jump to my feet.

"What's going on?" I demand to know but Haymitch simply shakes his head at me.

"The time for questions is later, Sweetheart." He tells me "Let's go!"

He takes my hand and with one last glace at my sisters young face on the television, I grab my mother's hand and we run. There are peacekeepers outside the door. Unconscious or dead, I don't stop to check. As we were on the top floor it takes us only one flight of stairs to get to the roof and into a waiting hovercraft. The doors close behind us and I hear the hovercraft lift off as I sit down and buckle myself in. My mother follows suit.

I turn to ask Haymitch what's going on but I freeze when I see a familiar face on board.

"What are you doing here?" I ask venomously. The man is Plutarch Heavensbee, head gamemaker. He raises his hands in mock submission as I glare at him. This is the man responsible for controlling the arena.

"Now hold your horses." Haymitch tells me, patting my knee. "He's on our side."

I gaze at him in surprise, not fully convinced until Heavensbee throws something at me. I catch it quickly. It's the watch he showed me last time we met, with the image of the mockingjay engraved onto the front.

I glance up at him.

"What does this mean?" I ask and he leans forward, grinning. Clearly he's enjoying himself.

"It's the symbol of the rebellion." He tells me and between him and Haymitch, they tell me the story.

Ever since the Quell was announced there had been a plan to get the tributes out of the arena. Several of the different tributes had different degrees of knowledge. Beetee for example, was in charge of blowing a hole in the force field.

"How would he do that?" I ask and Haymitch reminds me of how Beetee won his own games – electrocution. Beetee's plan was to use the wire he found – place deliberately by Plutarch – to blow a hole in the force field. The bread the tributes had been receiving was code towards the day – with the district the bread was from indicating the day, and the number of rolls indicating the hour. Day three, hour 24. The hovercraft we were currently in was from District 13 – Bonnie and Twill were right! – and there is currently a hovercraft en route to save the tributes from the arena. My mother and I breath a sigh of relief. Soon I'll see Prim and Peeta again, and I won't have to choose between them any longer. Then we'll be in District 13 and free from the Hunger Games. For now anyway, but I refuse to think about the future. Lets just enjoy this little piece of happiness for now.

"Why didn't Peeta or I know?" I ask them.

"Because as soon as the arena blows, you two would be the first ones the Capitol would try to capture." Haymitch tells me. I feel the blood drain from my face and I hope the plan succeeds.

The journey is long and when we eventually stop we're not in District 13. I'm not entirely sure where we are, but we're not due to be here long. We're only moving onto a larger hovercraft. As the new hovercraft takes off, Haymitch takes me and mother to one side.

"Listen to me." He tells me, his voice urgent. "You have to keep calm. The people we saved from the arena are already on board."

I start to grin but then pause, realising that there's more.

"We didn't save everyone." Haymitch tells me and I feel my legs start to wobble. Where's Prim and Peeta?

"I don't know who we didn't collect." He continues "Just that we don't have everyone. We're going to go find out now. Are you okay?" He asks me.

I want to shake my head. No I'm not okay. Not even in the slightest. He's just told me Prim or Peeta might not be here, might be dead, might be in the Capitol – I don't know. But I know if I say no it'll be longer before I can find out, so I take a deep breath and nod. Haymitch gazes at me as if to say 'You're not fooling anybody sweetheart' but he nods and leads me and my silent mother to the infirmary.

There are several beds laid out, some occupied, some aren't. Beetee is on the first bed and I'm so happy to see him, but I don't stop. Finnick lies on the second bed. He doesn't seem terribly injured, but he's mumbling incoherently about an 'Annie'. Annie again? I wonder who she is.

On the third bed lies Peeta.

"Peeta!" I cry out, running to his bed and taking his hand. He mumbles something and then his eyes open and fix on me immediately.

"Don't cry." He mumbles and I'm surprised to find then tears are rolling down my face. I don't bother wiping them away, I'm just so happy.

"Are you okay?" I ask him and he nods. He doesn't look like he's in pain, and I'm thankful for that. Gazing around I see my mother standing at the foot of the bed gazing around, her face pale.

"Prim?" She asks Haymitch, who looks at her impassively and then shakes his head.

"What?" I ask, leaving Peeta and walking over to my past mentor. "Where is she? Where's my sister?"

Haymitch looks at me in the eye for a second before he breaks, and looks down. My mother stands behind me, white as a sheet, shaking her head and mumbling 'no' over and over again under her breath. I look around wildly for someone who can give me answers and I see Peeta gazing at me, his expression ashamed.

"Peeta." I turn to him, my eyes wide and scared. "Peeta, where is Prim?" He doesn't say anything and it's infuriating.

"Peeta Mellark, you tell me where my daughter is right now!" My mother shouts demandingly, shocking everyone into silence. Peeta gazes at my mother in shock and then his expression turns to defeat as he gazes at me.

"We were going to electrocute the Careers." He says, his voice croaking "The plan was all going well and then they attacked us. It was almost midnight and Brutus knocked Beetee out. Finnick was shouting that he hadn't finished and we had to do something but I didn't understand. Johanna had gone to put the other end of the wire on the beach with...with Prim. The wire suddenly went slack and I realise it had been cut. I ran down towards the beach but there was no sign of either of them, so I went back up. Brutus was on the floor, unconscious. Johanna and Enobaria were fighting nearby and Finnick was standing, holding his trident. The wire was wrapped around the tree and attached to the end of it. And underneath the tree was Prim. She was soaking wet, she looked scared. I called her and she saw me and started to walk forward. That's when Finnick threw his trident into the force field, just as the thunder hit the tree. There was a bright light and it swallowed everyone. It swallowed Prim." He tells me but I can't believe any of it. My mother falls to the floor in a dead faint. Haymich calls the medical team and they rush over. Everything else seems to be happening in slow motion as Peeta gazes at me through tear filled eyes, his hand squeezing mine.

"I'm so sorry Katniss." He croaks "I'm so sorry. Prim is dead."

The End

To Be Continued in Part 2: How To Save a Mockingjay


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