„Chek me out sexy hoes oh ho oh ho."

Shena knew exactly were this was coming from: It was Zelo again with his long attractive har and a Boraty thong.

„Zelso were not on the beech were in a house of salvation stop it!"

But he didnt and rymed instead:

„This is the lovly boner thing

chec it out without a ring

but if you like it

put a ring on it."

All women tokk there rings but zelos saw thei were wo samll so he put his clothes back on.


"Sorry.", presea aswerd.

"W-a-i-t. Do we rely need of balooning so soon?" asked genis, ciz he liked seeing presea but also played with his pointy thingy he uses for magic, cuping it up and down and concentrating realy hard.

"Enough we have to go now get ready." kraits said but presea looked ashamed to the sides.

"but I lost my cloths they fell in a hole and are now with mud I cant were them what to do?"

"Come to me", rain sad and put her under her coat, so they could go.

"Where do we go anyway?" asked genis that smartypants wearer.

"We al go the only place were it could be."


"But my ominious liebary is very very big, it will threathen to engulf three hoors to search it", regal said, trying to grab a book with his handcufs, dropping it and then leaning forward to pik it bak up again. Then his trousers ripped open, exosing his but.

"OMG" regal cryied.

Kratos loked at it with astonishment when presea said: "Butt exposure 100%, sensing a varity of feeling from hotness to coldness to yuckyness to astonsihment to sexy thoughts."

"IM NOT FEELING SEXY THOUGTHS NO" sheana, cryed out, placing her hands and both bobs from the side and squezing them lighty, while colett gigled and blushed.

"delicious meat! Who wants som?" loyd said while taking a boul of chicken wings in the room, but not real chicken but monstere cock chicken wings from the giant annoying cocks you always fight against.

"ME" sad sheena and took a bit from the big monstere cock wing.

"FOUND IT", colett screamd.


""the magical fary princes glonell", I always wanted to red that book! Hehehe" colltee said hapily.

"LOK A COCONUT" Loyd said and sudenly there was a coconut from the wind into the rom!

"Oh no, we waked it..." relgl said, tring to get new pants on with hadcufs and riping his tshirt in the process. Now he was completel shirtless!

"we waked... wat?" said shena very slowly like in slow motion with a sexy boob bounce on reglas chest.

"The metal coconut mashine potection gear solid." regl answrd. "It is there for the protechon of important documents, but I put them away, so now its only for mouses and peoples who arer thives.

The metal coconut mashine potection gear solid took a coconut off his chest and threw it. His chest was heavy as a weight with 5 kilo on it and so many cocnuts have thrown.

"Get here! Its saver their!" regal said jumping to the toilt room. But then Gnies stumpled!

"No! Gensil come her!", colete cryed, but genisl said:

"No! Safe yourself! Leaf me alon. Tell my sistr I loved her! Godbye"

Then a coconut hit his had and he went uncousins.

"SACRIFCE", colete screamd and killed the evil metal coconut mashine potection gear solid but also herslef!

"RERECTION!" rain said and so everyone was alive again and genis heeled and Colete not dead and yea!

"WAIT NO I KNOW!" rain said, "the ballooner is not in the regl libary but in the tower of mana!"

"HPMFH!" karots groned, "why didnt you see that earlyer, now we must go bak to the declining world how lame."


"HOW DO I GET BAK TO MY LOVELY CANON?" the very misterious stranger with monster lokks and a turtle coat asked now. He was on bord of the MS TEHTAELA but all people were dad or sleeping or having a sexy time, so he feeled outa place. Then he found a clara mosntere doll and so he culd do funny things with her to (if yu know wha ti mean ;)))))))

Then he culd start thinking of the situashon again.

"I ned to go back to sylverant, but Im not in the grand cardinal club anymore, so icant just tellyport. But I need to find a wayy..."

Sudenly a blue hared stranger approched him from behind and sayed:

"Maybe I can gie you a hand on tis."