Hello, everyone! The first chapter of my first public story is complete! here it is!

Chapter One

The Birth of the Twins

Nayla and Hayre stared at their hatchlings in awe. Their children shared the mark of the Omen of Freedom! The girl was a pretty phoneix and their son was a storm hawk. The couple tought for days until they came up with names. The boy would be named Chaska, first son, and the girl would be called Abornazine, or Aborne for short.

Nayla was a smart mother,and taught the children, mostly Aborne, how to be clever. Hayre taught Chaska how to befierce in battle, and taught Aborne some emergency skill. Abornazine and Chaska lived a good life until the humans inhabintants caught their parents telling Chaska and Aborne tales of the legendary Josine and it's former glory. The humans automaticly killed the future savoirs' parents and sent the children off to a faraway place: Coltyre, the home of the third savior and snowy owls.